Laptop Buying Guide – Top 5 Things to Consider

Laptop Buying Guide

Are you going to buy a new laptop? Are you confused about which one to buy? When it comes to buying a laptop, facing some of the mentioned questions are common. It is because the Indian laptop market has many types of laptops.

There are reputed brands and local ones which are competing to offer you a mix of excellent features.

However, when you have a laptop to buy, more than a brand, you need to check if you are getting some features or not. Yes, the selection of a notebook should rely on some vital aspects such as budget and your needs.

We have clubbed some of those key elements that you need to consider while buying a good laptop.

If you are concerned about the budget part of the laptop, the latter part of this post will also help you know more. It will also help you become aware of the

No Cost EMI for laptops facility. All set to begin? Let’s get started!

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1. Budget

The first thing that you need to focus on even before selecting a laptop is your final budget for one. You should not talk about buying an Intel Core i7 processor machine when your budget is around Rs.25,000-30,000.

Thus, you need to see the best processors that your budget of Rs.30,000 can support. However, if you are a student whose budget is Rs.20,000, then opting for an AMD processor will help you. It will provide you with a fine performance and the best value for money.

2. Processor

If you are aware of how much you can pay for buying a notebook, the next thing to consider is the processor. The processor is the main processing unit of your laptop. Many think that Operating Systems should be given more value, but it is the processor that surely demands first preferences.

You can always go for an upgrade to the OS on your laptop, but it’s not possible to change your processor. The best processor in the market is Intel. Have a look at what you should go for as per your budget:

  • Budget – Rs.20,000-Rs.40,000 – Choice between Core i3 to 5th or 7th gen Intel processors
  • Budget – Rs.40,000-Rs.80,000 – Select between Core i5 to i7 gen Intel processors
  • Budget – beyond Rs.80,000 – Go for i7 gen Intel processors for sure

3. RAM

RAM is another important factor when buying a notebook as it will directly or indirectly affect the speed of your laptop. People think that opting for more RAM means more speed, which is a myth. Opting for DDR3-DDR4 RAM is enough to help you get a lag-free laptop working for you for many years.

4. Your needs

Your needs include what kind of laptop you need. You would need to consider whether you need a notebook for daily needs or a gaming laptop. Based on your priority such as movie watching, internet surfing, and more, you should select a laptop.

If you are unable to buy a laptop as per your needs no matter how good it is, it won’t be of much use to you. If you have some basic needs, go for a laptop with an AMD processor, with less RAM, and it will serve the purpose. People opting for a mid-range laptop should ensure the availability of the Intel Core i3 or Intel Core i5 processor.

5. Your use

How less or more you are going to use a laptop also forms the final consideration that you should make. If you have rough usage, you should go for a notebook with good hardware. If you travel a lot, you would need a notebook that’s lightweight, compact, and thin.

You should opt for a notebook with a higher RAM if you happen to be a video editor or a graphics designer. Also, if you are a programmer or gamer, then you should ensure to have a sound graphics card on your device.

You are now well-versed in what you need to consider while buying a laptop. It is time to let you know the steps to help you go for Cost EMI for laptops.

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