Major reasons you should learn R, Python, and Hadoop

R Programming, Hadoop, Python

As the data continues to grow in the market, there is always the need to process the data and get useful insights from it. Therefore, for any professional who is looking for a high-paying and safe career, the field of Big Data and analytics is a safe option.

If you are also thinking to start your career or getting upgraded in the field of data science and Big Data, we have described the benefits of learning major three programming languages used: R, Python, and Hadoop.

Why go for R programming?

A good data scientist is one who is a passionate coder along with an intelligent statistician and for statistics, there is nothing as good as R. Because of its power of statistics, R is also called the golden child of data science. The data scientists skilled with R are being looked upon by the biggest brands like Facebook, New York Times and Google, etc.

Some of the major reasons why you should learn R are as follows:

  • R is freely available: Unlike other languages like SAS or Matlab, R is free to install and use. You need not buy any premium license to use it.
  • R is an open-source programming language: Using R is free and it is available to update, modify and redistribute as well. You can get your own version of R and resell it in the market.
  • Easily upgradable: R allows for easy upgrades which are essential for any statistical language.
  • Cross-platform compatible: You can run R on any platform including Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc. The data can easily be imported from other components like Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Oracle, etc.
  • Powerful scripting language: R is capable of handling complex and large data sets. It can be perfectly used for heavy simulations. Also, you can use it for high-performance clusters of the computer.
  • Widespread use: R is one of the top programming languages of 2019 and an estimated 2.5 million users use R.
  • R is highly flexible: R is flexible enough to use and most of the new developments in statistics are in R.
  • Publishers like using R: R can be easily integrated with systems like Latex which are used for document preparation.
  • Huge R community: R has a vibrant community with many users who interact on a daily basis.

If you are interested in learning R, Compufield is the recommended institute to take up offline classes in Mumbai.

Why choose Python?

Another best programming language for professionals who want to enter the world of Big Data in Python. It is a high-level programming language and easier than R to learn.

Read more to know why to opt for python:

  • Easy to learn: The syntax of python is very easy to learn and understand.
  • User-friendly language: With less code to write, Python acts as a user-friendly language with features like code readability, ease of implementation, and simple syntax.
  • Easier to debug: With less code, it becomes easier in Python to debug the code. Python-compiled programs are less prone to bugs and errors.
  • Widely used: Python is used in various industries like YouTube, Google, Quora, Reddit, etc. Being skilled in Python, you can get a job in any of them easily.
  • Object-oriented language: You can easily migrate to any other OOP language if you know python well.
  • Open source: Python is open source and can be used for free.
  • High-performance language: The faster web applications are widely built in python.
  • In-built libraries: There are many inbuilt packages and libraries in Python which can be used for complex functionalities.

If you are planning or interested to learn python, one of the best institutes is Peta Bytes, offers Python training in Mumbai and also provides online training all over the world to get the best knowledge on Python.

Why Hadoop?

If you are planning your career in big data, another very important and widely used language in Hadoop. Need to know why have a look below:

  • Open source: Hadoop is open-source the same as python and R. Thus, it has the flexibility of use.
  • Powerful language: A huge amount of data can be easily stored and processed in Hadoop. Its capability of it has impressed users in many organizations. For large enterprises, Hadoop has become a must to have the technology.
  • Many opportunities with Hadoop: Being a skilled professional, you can get many roles with Hadoop including Hadoop administrator, Data scientist, and Hadoop developer, etc.
  • Versatile: Along with warehousing data, it can be used for data discovery, analytics, ETL, etc.
  • Increase in demand: With time, the demand for Hadoop is increasing in top MNCs like Dell, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, etc.

One of the Reputed institutes is Fita for Hadoop course located in Chennai. You can go for online classes to get adequate knowledge.

In this data-driven world, the demand for these skills for R, Python, and Hadoop will keep on growing. You need to make sure that you get upgraded and skilled with these technologies through the online available courses in time to match up with the speed of technology.

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