Marketing 101: How to use Infographics to build your brand

Infographics to build your brand

Since the start of the very first business, marketing has been important. For a business or brand to become well known and promote its business, marketing must take place. In the beginning, businesses spread the word of their company by word of mouth.

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As technology advanced, businesses had even more opportunities to advertise from radio advertisements, billboards, television commercials, and more. With the creation of the internet, marketing potential was greatly advanced.

The internet provides many outlets for marketing potential and businesses should take advantage. From social networks to websites, businesses have many outlets for marketing potential.

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One of the most popular forms of marketing is infographics. If you have never heard of infographics, then it is time to start! Infographics are a simple way that consumers can find out about a business, its products, or its services.

An infographic is a simple image, or image used to explain information. For example, if a company is trying to promote its brand, an infographic would have the company logo and then bullet points about the company. The information provided is simple yet concise, so the reader knows exactly what the company is trying to get across.

A company that creates a well-designed infographic will be able to provide complicated information in a streamlined way. It is important to engage the reader while providing information, even on a subject that is boring or uninteresting.

With an infographic, a company can provide a fun way for the reader to learn about a subject without reading a large quantity of material. Infographics are basically visualizations and there are many ways a company can create such marketing materials.

An infographic can tell a story and use subject matter to educate and inform the reader. An infographic can be used to build awareness of a brand and is more effective than a standard digital marketing campaign.

For example, social media is a perfect outlet for infographics. With social media, users enjoy viewing pictures and videos as well as information. A company should have a social media account on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

It is with these social media outlets that companies can spread information about their brand or products/services. A simple infographic can be created by a company and then “shared” on social network sites. If the infographic is found to be exciting and informative, the user will share the information and the brand will be seen by thousands if not millions of people.

Studies have shown that readers are more apt to read an infographic than a text article. Infographics are more eye-catching and are more likely to be read than text alone. Visual information is also retained at a faster rate than text alone. This means a creative and interesting infographic will stay on the mind of the consumer, making your brand memorable.

The key is to make your infographic go viral. By taking the proper steps in creating an infographic, a company can increase brand awareness as well as see higher conversion rates. The company must first create an interesting topic with a catchy title. Several sources of information and statistics should also be included.

The infographic must also be promoted via social media with sharing capabilities. Allow for easy engagement for readers to your company as well as avoid creating too much text. Work to get more views and shares to bump up traffic to your site.

By following these key steps, the infographic you create will give your company the push it needs to be even more successful with a marketing campaign. Check out Infographic World for details about infographics.

Also, the visual design company Visme has put together an article on how to make an infographic. The post is a complete step-by-step guide on how to create professional and engaging infographics for both print and online use. Includes visual guides for how to choose the right type of infographic, and how to select icons and fonts, among other practical tips.

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