Most Desired Fitness Amenities in New Apartment Communities

Apartment fitness center

Whether you’re in the process of designing a new apartment community or are looking for a new one to call home, amenities are going to be an important part of the decision. In many cases, the fitness center and fitness amenities are a major part of those amenities.

Today’s apartment dweller wants to have the ability to work out at home, and a community fitness center is key to that. In high-demand markets, fitness amenities can make a difference between a community that sells and a community that struggles to book available units.

These are some of the top amenities to consider in new apartment communities.

1. Appearance Is Important

While the equipment is critical, appearance is also important. The best apartment fitness centers need to look appealing. The carpeting and flooring should have a modern look, and mirrors throughout to make the room look larger (and help people check their forms), are important additions. Making the fitness center look great will help it to stand out.

2. Cutting-Edge Equipment

Every apartment fitness center has a treadmill and an exercise bike. The best ones have state-of-the-art equipment. Instead of just an exercise bike, consider a Peloton bike. Instead of just a treadmill, choose one that has video workouts and inclines. The more high-tech the equipment is, the better it will be.

3. Outdoor Fitness

The modern apartment community is taking fitness outside of the building. Walking paths, outdoor pools, and even outdoor fitness equipment encourage residents of the apartment community to enjoy the fresh air with their exercise routine. Outdoor sports courts and tennis facilities are yet another options to add. In climates where enjoying the outdoors is always a possibility, these are increasingly popular options.

4. Saunas and Spas

Adding a sauna or a resident spa elevates the fitness center experience. It provides a place to relax after a heavy workout and provides the feeling of a true luxury gym experience. Saunas do not take up much space, but they do free residents from feeling the need to have a separate fitness center or gym membership.

5. Workout Classes

For apartment communities that want to capture the luxury apartment vibe, fitness instructors offering workout and yoga classes are an excellent benefit. Hiring a trainer to work in the community’s fitness center further elevates the experience, allowing residents to get all of the benefits they would receive at a gym without leaving home.

Staying competitive is critical for today’s apartment communities, and a fitness center is a huge part of that. With the right amenities and features, a fitness center can be an important element to help sell a community to new residents. A little bit of investment into fitness facilities can pay off big with new interested residents and leased apartments.

Image source: Freepik Premium

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