Must read business books: Start with a billion-dollar mindset

Must read business books

Books have always been a great source of source for every top entrepreneur. Whether it is Elon Musk who revolutionized the Space & EV segment, or Jeff Bezos, who transformed the e-commerce business, every entrepreneur suggests reading books.

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So if you too have a fire & desire to be an entrepreneur or business owner, some books are a must-read. I often come across the questions like

“What are the must-read business books for becoming a Businessman?”

“Which are the best-selling business books?”

“What are the best Business books for beginners and much more?

Now there are hundreds of life-changing books out there. But it’s not possible to list them here or read them. So I filtered out 5 top books while preparing this listicle.

Now, before we begin, let me make myself very clear. No book will make you a successful Entrepreneur or businessman overnight.

Similarly, this is not a definitive guide of the best books, & all of them do not necessarily focus on business. Instead, this is the list of books that will help you nurture a mindset of an entrepreneur.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get going.

Top 5 must-read business books

Must read business books
5 Must-read business books

1. How to win friends & influence people by Dale Carnegie

How to win friends influence people book review
How to win friends and influence people’s book reviews.

Oldest on the list, this masterpiece of Dale Carnegie was first published in the year 1936. In 2011, it was #19 in Time Magazine’s list of 100 most influential books!

Imagine, even after so many years of publication, if this book is in the top 20, it must pack a punch!

And it indeed does. In this book, Carnegie focuses on the real-life experience of his students & explains human psychology.

This book helps you in 3 different ways to influence people:

  • Fundamental Technique in Handling People: This section explains how avoiding Criticizing, Condemning & Complaining can help you make people act the way you want them to.
  • Six ways to make people like you: This section suggests tips that make other people like you—e.g., showing genuine interest, remembering their name, becoming a good listener, making others feel important & much more.
  • Twelve Ways to Win People to Our Way of Thinking: This section suggests how you can align others to your thoughts by avoiding arguments, letting others feel the idea is theirs, & becoming sympathetic.

2. Blue Ocean Strategy by Renee Mauborgne & W. Chan Kim

Blue Ocean Strategy book review
Blue Ocean Strategy book review

People often think that creating a product or a service that people need can help them build a successful business. But wait, is it so? Take a look around you.

There are thousands of businesses following the same strategy. How many of them are successful? Not many, right?

Now let’s take the example of Apple. Did the world need an iPod? I don’t think so. But still, they were able to create a demand for the product & look at how successful it was.

The three things that I like the most about this book are:

  • Get a unique business idea: This book helps you understand how you can place a customer at the center of your business model & build a different Business by altering the “Value Innovation” concept.
  • Offers you a different angle: The best thing I like about this book is it gives you a completely new angle on your customer’s problem. This will help you build a unique business model that will be customer-focused.

3. Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller

Building A story Brand book review
Building A Story Brand

This book takes an entirely different approach than the one mentioned above. In this book, Miller focuses on the core issue of any customer, “Finding a Problem & Creating a Solution.”

At some point in our lives, we have opened Google to find a solution to a particular problem. That’s the exact strategy that Miller explains in the book.

Sounds to cliché? Well, it is not.

This book helps you place your potential customer a the center, empathize with their problem & create a journey to solve that problem.

This book benefits you in three simple steps:

  • Getting Message Across: This book is designed to help you understand how to get your message across to the right business audience.
  • Connect with your customer: When your business is emotionally connected with your customer, they will keep coming back to you. This book helps you create such emotional bonding with your customer.
  • Boosts Business Growth: Once you connect with people emotionally, the only thing that remains is to create a story. That easily connects with your Brand. This book is helpful in this particular field, too.

4. Sell like Crazy by Sabri Suby

sell like crazy book review
sell like crazy book review

Digital Marketing is the new norm & every business needs to adapt to it. Our next book focuses on this segment.

This is probably the most controversial yet most loved book in our listicle! This book is different from your regular books written by Sabri Suby, an Australian Entrepreneur who builds Australia’s largest Digital Marketing agency.

It has no inspiring & sweet stories, just sheer tactics & strategies that Sabri Suby’s agency deploys itself.

This book is a perfect choice if you already have started a business but struggling to land good clients. In this book, Sabri Suby describes the transformation of his agency into a multi-million dollar business.

This book includes:

Must read business books
Sell Like Crazy book review
  • Paid ad strategies: This book is full of strategies to write powerful Google ads & Facebook ads that will maximize your revenue, leading to better business growth.
  • Lead Generation Strategies: No Business can survive without a powerful lead generation system in the current market. This book explains methods to get your hands on highly convertible leads & grow your revenue.
  • List of avoidable mistakes: Most businesses fail not because of the right steps they don’t take, but due to the wrong steps they take. This book deals with mistakes that you should avoid while running paid ads, ensuring you have better success chance.

But as I mentioned earlier, this is not your ordinary self-help book! Some readers might feel the tone strongly, so discretion is advised.

Otherwise, this book is a masterpiece.

5. Finding Your Way in the Wild New World by Martha Beck

Finding Your Way in the Wild New World book review
Finding Your Way in the Wild New World book review

Finally, a book that’s not directly related to entrepreneurship or business! Written by Oprah Winfrey’s life coach, Martha Beck, this book now reaches out to your inner entrepreneur.

This book will help you understand what you want & what Business you would like to pursue in search of financial success. It might even feel spiritual & self-help, utterly opposite to the previous entry!

But in my honest opinion, this is a great book that every entrepreneur should read before starting the journey.

Three things I like about this book are:

  • Understanding yourself: Every individual has some flaws & some strong points. This book helps you understand yours, making it easy to take the right step.
  • Unlocking your true potential: Once you understand what drives you, you can channel your whole energy & unlock your true potential. This book helps you do that exactly.
  • Understanding the healing power of one’s self: We as a human possess certain self-healing power that we often ignore. This book will help you find yours & utilize it for self-preservation & growth.

Final thoughts

Books are like manure for every brain. They nurture ideas & help them grow. So for anyone who is planning to start a business, reading books is the first step to take.

I understand reading is not everyone’s forte, but it’s worth your effort.

Some of you might feel the list mentioned above is incomplete & I fully agree with you. There are so many books to read & so much knowledge to gain; this listicle is not enough to mention them all.

It’s a starting point for sure.

I hope the books mentioned above will help you in your quest to build a successful business.


Is “Sell like Crazy” really worth it?

Yes, it’s a great book that explores the practical approach to Digital Marketing. Every business owner should read it.

Do these books show me what business to start?

No, but they give you a clear idea by letting you know what will work best for you.

Is reading these five books enough?

Yes, and No. As I mentioned, there is a lot of knowledge to gain, so this list is not enough. But it’s a starting point.

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