7+ Secrets on How to succeed in business as an introvert in 2022 and beyond

How to succeed in business as an introvert

Introverts often face difficulties while communicating with others & creating a solid network. This is the primary reason why many believe introverts cannot become successful Businessmen.

They argue business is all about building networks, communicating with people & expressing your thoughts.

Agreed, but is it 100% accurate that introverts cannot become businessmen? Let’s take a few examples.

Elon Musk successfully manages multiple Businesses man alive, including Bill Gates: Founded Microsoft, Jeff Bezos: Founded Amazon. And at some point in time, they have accepted that they are introverts!

Now imagine, if they can, why can’t any other introvert? I often come across questions like How to Succeed in Business as an introvert? Can I start my own business, even though I am an introvert? Can introverts be successful Businessmen?

So I have decided to answer all these questions in this blog. If you, too, are an introvert, this is going to be a life-changing read for you.

Let’s begin.

How to become a Successful Businessman as an introvert?

How to succeed in business as an introvert
7+ Secrets on How to succeed in business as an introvert in 2022 and beyond

Embrace who you are

This is the first thing you need to do as an introvert. Stop becoming someone who is not you. Don’t force yourself into conversations, mingling with others & col-calling. This will drain a lot of energy out of you without getting any results.

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. More than 35% of the human population is introverted. Being an introvert is a trait, just like being an extrovert.

Accept your nature, speak self-affirmation sentences loudly if you ever feel nervous.

Choose the suitable business model.

This is where many introverts make mistakes because they don’t follow the first point. Accept your nature & select the Business model that goes with it. Don’t push yourself into something you are not good at.

Let’s say you love creating art & drawings all day on your own. Then find a business model that aligns with this particular strength. You can start a Graphic Design agency, for example.

Putting it simply, play to your strength instead of weakness. You indeed will have some trait that no introvert can match, capitalize on that strength.

Also, make sure your business model demands minimal in-person interaction. Use some marketing tools instead. Reason? Communication is not your strength, then why waste energy on it?

Create your Network Online

Suppose you do not like to meet people at certain events to grow your network. There is no reason to push yourself into such awkward meetings & events. They’ll do more harm than good for your business.

Instead, rely on technology.

You can use multiple B2B social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with prospects. Prepare a schedule where you constantly stay in touch with your connection & keep growing your network.

Find someone exactly opposite

For Introverts, it’s a great idea to have someone strongly extrovert! Let me explain to you why.

When you team up with someone who is an extrovert, whether a partner or an employee, they will manage your connection while you will develop the Business.

This way, you’ll be more focused & get better results. Remember, you need a perfect blend of Introvert & Extrovert to build a successful business.

How to succeed in business as an introvert
7+ Secrets on How to succeed in business as an introvert in 2022 and beyond

Customize your Business Environment

It’s your business, so it needs to be in a way that you feel comfortable. Of course, there will be limitations to such changes; make sure you feel as comfortable as possible. Adopt policies that suit your introverted nature & can bring out the best in you.

E.g., if you do not want to work in a chaotic office, you can set up a complete WFH business environment.

You can also avoid cold-calling & use various inbound marketing tools to grow your business.

Communicate in writing

If you feel uncomfortable speaking in public, the best way is to communicate in writing. But that doesn’t mean you should entirely stop coming forward & talking to your team.

Communication is a lot more than mere words. It’s about tone & body language too. So when you communicate in writing, you need to focus a lot on conveying emotions. Try to focus on keeping things very positive.

Build a network of like-minded people

Let’s say you already have an extrovert partner, but that doesn’t mean you rely entirely on them for your networking.

There will be thousands of introverts in your industry. Find them, connect with them, & build a robust network by yourself.

Explore social media & I am sure you will find many. Again, don’t push yourself by over speaking to others. If you are a good listener, hear what others have to say.

You will quickly bond with other introverts once you start communicating with them.

The best part is, communication with introverts will ensure you are not drained out of your energy.

Recharge yourself

Everyone needs some “me time,” especially if you are an introvert. Regular meeting & talking with people, indulging in a social environment & social overstimulation drains your energy.

So it’s vital that every now & then, you seclude yourself in the solace.

I understand the urge of “pushing through” as an entrepreneur but remember to recharge yourself.

Listen to your body & mind. If it’s telling you you’ve had enough, then take a break, no matter what. People term this as an “Introvert Hangover”! Once you are done with this hangover, you will get back to work with a lot more energy.

Get out of your comfort zone, time & again

This point stands valid for everyone, whether Introvert & extrovert. Getting out of your comfort zone is always good as it places you in front of challenges. This will fill you with more confidence.

Try to speak in public as much as possible. Say what’s on your mind, even though you feel it is difficult. Try to mingle with people in the crowd.

Final thoughts

I understand being a businessman as an introvert is not an easy task. But once you follow all these steps in this how-to be a successful introvert guide, I am sure you can successfully start your own business.

Don’t let the negativity bog you down; get started today & scale your Business effortlessly.


Do I need to have public speaking skills to start a business?

Yes, you need some public speaking skills to start your own business.

Can I start my own business even if I am an introvert?

Yes, of course. Being an introvert is not a negative trait. On the contrary, it can act as a positive trait for you.

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