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Websites for learning a new language

Imagine a scenario where you develop fluency with multiple languages in the shortest possible time. This scenario can be achieved with the help of rich language learning resources available.

For many, language learning is an activity that can only be pursued using traditional methods. However, there are a plethora of websites that learners can register on and explore a wide variety of online language learning courses.

Learning a new language does not only offer cognitive benefits, but it can also help learners develop bilingual skills. Along with personal skills enhancement and a multitude of additional benefits, it can open doors to new career avenues as well.

If you wish to undertake an online language learning, gaze over the below-mentioned list of the best websites for progressive language learning.


Connect-Communicate-Learn. WeYakYak (We Talk & Talk) is a platform using which potential learners can get trained in a language of their choice. The website houses a wide variety of courses to help learners establish a hold on the accent and learn in a fun way.

WeYakYak is indeed a great platform where native teachers can register and start teaching, while learners can also easily connect with the tutors and learn freely as per their convenience.

The objective that WeYakYak thrives on is to teach learners about cultural diversity across the globe via fun online language learning sessions.

Languages you can learn on WeYakYak: English, French, German, Italic, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, American Sign Language, Brazilian portuguese, Vietnamese, Slovac, Ukrainian, and Serbian.


In search of an online language learning companion? Duolingo is here to the rescue! The website hosts interactive features, which makes learning fun and easy.

The lessons are precise and enable learners to develop impeccable language skills in the shortest possible time. Duolingo makes learning a fun task by providing games in every lesson.

The users can challenge themselves and level up on their language learning skills. The language courses on the platform are personalized and created to suit the needs of every learner.

Perish your hunger to learn different languages with this resource-rich website. You can also download the Duolingo app for an on-the-go experience.

Languages you can learn on Duolingo: Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Hindi, Swedish, Greek, Latin, Irish, Polish, Norwegian, Hebrew, High Valyrian, Vietnamese, Hawaiian, Danish, Romanian, Czech, Welsh, Indonesian, Swahili, Hungarian, Klingon, Ukrainian, Scottish Gaelic, Navajo, Esperanto.


Memrise is a platform that curates lessons for online language learning. The lessons are created with precision by their professional team of in-house language trainers. The platform also offers a wide range of video lessons that the students can make use of and get better at learning a specific language.

This website is a great resource as it provides videos recording native speakers so the students can easily get familiar with the true accents, correct word pronunciations, and know about the culture.

Languages you can learn on Memrise: English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Polish, Arabic, and Chinese.


Are you a visual learner? Then FluentU is the perfect online language learning platform for you. The website boasts a wide range of learning resources, including movies, documentaries, news pieces, cartoons, and much more.

As a learner, you also have the option to select the difficulty level of the course. The best part about this website is that the learners can first take a 14-day free trial to understand the course and then continue riding on their journey to become fluent in the language that they choose to learn.

Languages you can learn in FluentU: portuguese, Italian, Korean, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, French, English, and Chinese.


With Busuu, learners can connect with over 100 million learners on the go. The platform supports easy interaction with native teachers and access to over 1000 lessons designed by a dedicated and experienced team of linguists.

The lessons are powered with machine learning technology so the learners can get personalized lessons, speech recognition, and comprehensive study plans as per their needs. Busuu allows learners to get feedback on their progress from native speakers.

This is a collaborative way to know about the right pronunciation of words and get familiar with the accent of the language being learned. Language learners also get the option to download the lessons and learn later.

Languages you can learn in Busuu: Chinese, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, French, Turkish, Polish, German, Italian, and Japanese.


Want to take one-on-one online language learning sessions under the guidance of trained linguists? Consider Rype! With Rype learners can register on the platform and get classes for seven days free.

The website houses proficient language trainers who are available round the clock to provide language assistance to potential learners.

With Rype, language learners can take lessons anytime and anywhere according to their convenience and choice. The lessons on the platform are 100% personalized and created by hand-picked linguists.

The learners also get the option of setting a flexible schedule to make native language learning smooth.

Languages you can learn on Rype: Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, English, Italian, Japanese, Potugese, Russian, and Arabic.


Omniglot is an impressive resource when it comes to learning a language online or learning about the heritage associated with the language. As the tagline goes “the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages” Omniglot justifies this by providing A-Z information on a number of different languages.

Users can also gain information about the alphabet and different types of writing systems. The website also supports a dedicated blog section that covers a wide variety of language-related topics. It makes for an ideal site when it comes to learning a language online from scratch or taking an advanced course.

Languages you can learn on Omniglot: Omniglot is an encyclopedia that houses information about more than 1000 languages and syllables.

Online Language Learning At Its Best!

The internet is full of resources that can help you attain fluency with any language. But to get it right, it is important to register on the right platform and enroll in an online language learning course that meets the requirements.

Best online language learning websites
The World’s Best online Language Learning websites.

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