5 Kinds of experts you should definitely consult if you are planning to lose your weight

Reach Experts to Lose Weight

We all aspire to get that dreamy and celebrity-inspired physique. And the majority of us have tried losing weight at one or the other point in time. But this weight loss journey is not less than any roller coaster ride.

Though the internet is flooded with all the information, shortcuts, and impractical regimens for losing weight, what matters is real and insightful guidance for substantial, sustainable, and healthy weight loss.

Here comes the significant role of various experts who help you in opting for the right approach toward the accomplishment of your weight loss goal.

1. Fitness expert

Any exercise regime, along with a healthy diet, is a more effective way to lose weight rather than mere calorie restriction. It is crucial not only to lose weight but also to gain health and be fit.

Be it exercise or yoga, the poses, and their effectiveness varies among individuals and requires proper guidance as the fitness expert helps in many ways –

They help in setting realistic goals – The experts know the real situation and hence, help in setting easily-achievable and tangible goals.

  • They prevent possible injuries – They can guide you towards the right posture and body forms while you are using any equipment, to avoid potential injuries.
  • They help in establishing healthy habits – Unlike online platforms, they do not just show ‘what to do?’ but help with – ‘how to do?’ with the motivation to make sure that you learn them and practice them every day.
  • Help to overcome plateaus – Throughout the weight loss journey, encounters with the weight plateau are unavoidable. An expert knows new techniques to break the plateau while motivating you to push a little harder.

2. Nutrition experts

It is a well-known fact that diet contributes 80% towards weight loss. A nutrition expert plays a significant role in healthy weight loss as

  • They provide counseling based on an individual’s physical and physiological condition.
  • Unlike the internet, a nutrition expert customizes and designs a diet plan according to one’s optimum calorie requirement, health condition, and convenience.
  • Moreover, they keep track of your daily diet routine as well as regular progress.
  • They hold expertise in advising diet tips according to your schedule and available resources.

You can reach out to a credentialed nutritionist available in healthcare companies, hospitals, or clinics after checking their reviews for trustworthy, honest, and professional service. For example- If you are looking for healthy weight management, you can check Truweight reviews for their service and natural approach.

3. Lifestyle coaches

Apart from genetics, weight gain is majorly the outcome of an unhealthy lifestyle. According to a common saying, ‘old habits die hard,’ the role of life coaches becomes significant. The transformation from an old to a new set of lifestyle habits is not an easy task, and hence, proficient life coaches can help you with their skills and tacts.

  • They provide a realistic Plan of Action for adapting to new moves
  • Make you capable of healthy decision-making to healthify your current lifestyle
  • They provide mentoring on how to include and relearn new changes
  • Motivate you in adapting to a new diet and exercise regime.

4. Medical Practitioners

When excess weight is the resultant of fluctuated parameters like nutrient imbalance, hormonal, or metabolic disorders, medical practitioners play a significant role. These include

  • General practitioners – If you want to shed a few kgs, general physicians can guide you in the field of diet and exercise, keeping in mind your health condition. If the problem seems dangerous, he can refer you to a specialist.
  • Bariatric physicians and bariatric surgeons – They are trained professionals in the field of obesity for healthy weight management.
  • Endocrinologists – They are specialists in the field of hormonal imbalance and its impact on weight gain.
  • Ayurveda doctors – They are trained in healthy weight management while employing a natural approach.

They receive focused training on obesity management, combining diet, exercise, behavioral, and lifestyle modification approaches.

5. Behavioral Therapist

These include experts like psychologists who help with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) while dealing with the client’s weight loss journey. The treatment plan includes

  • Various skills to cope with the changes
  • Focussing on changing old habits and beliefs
  • Self-monitoring behavior
  • Motivating practices for losing weight and maintenance
  • Stress management.

The ultimate goal of the experts is to help an individual for leading a healthy and active life. Make sure that you rely less on false claims and more on natural ways complemented with the experts’ right guidance for weight loss to be sustainable.

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