10 Useful Tips to Control your Anger and Help You to Stay Calm

Anger or Stress Management

We often regret later because of our certain actions caused by anger. Don’t we?

Anger is a natural emotion and reaction to some situation or a person and can take the form of physical violence as well. If you are in anger, you don’t think before speaking harsh things to the other person. Right?

Anger issues are very severe because it badly affects a person’s mental as well as physical health. Not only this, it can hurt relationships too.

Are you one of them who bangs on doors or loudly shouts when in anger? Have you lost contact with your beloved friend because of your anger issues?

If yes, then you are in the right place. I have covered the best 10 ways to control anger for you all. I have personally tried them, and they did work.

Anger Management Tips and Techniques to Stay Calm

Check them out, follow them, and see the change:

Think twice before you speak

Think before you speak
Think before you speak

This is an obvious yet very important thing to keep in mind for controlling yourself from sudden outbursts. We usually don’t have control over our tongue in anger. That is why we end up saying hurtful things.

Next time if you face such a situation ever again, hold on and think about what you are going to speak about. It will help you to stay calm and handle the situation in the best possible ways.

Walk away

If possible, try to walk out of the situation temporarily and avoid thinking or talking about it. Give yourself some time to realize what went wrong. It will help you to stay calm and handle anger issues in a mature way rather than being aggressive.

Talk about it

Anger issues will be resolved quickly if you follow this. It is very unhealthy to hold grudges. So, talk about it with the person involved to clear things up. If not, then talk to your friend or family member and seek help.

Note: Take a break for a few days and then discuss this with the concerned person. In the heat of the moment, it becomes quite difficult to resolve issues.


Workout at gym - fitness training
Workout Clothes to wear at the gym.

Exercise is the best therapy to stay calm and control your temper. Go for a jog, brisk walking, yoga, gymming, stretching, etc., to feel lighter. It will help to reduce anger and make you tension-free. Enjoy any outdoor sports of your choice and take no stress.

Have patience

Patience is the key to managing anger issues. Do not get provoked easily despite the other person’s many efforts to take out your reaction. Always remind yourself that arguing is worthless and it will only harm your health. Take a deep breath and let it go.

Express your anger

This may sound strange, but it works to handle anger issues if you are losing your temper and feeling irritated due to some situation or a person. Take out a piece of paper and write down everything on it. This will help to prevent burden and release negativity from your mind.

Also, you can be as rude as possible about it without hurting anyone’s feelings. Isn’t it a great option?

Speak less listen more

Discussions and Meetings
Discussions and Meetings

We tend to talk a lot during an argument and pay the least attention to the other person’s point. Follow these ways to control anger in such a situation:

  • Try to think about the situation from the other person’s perspective.
  • Analyze what you would have said or done if you were at his/her place.
  • Listen carefully to what they have to say and then respond.
  • If possible, come up with solutions to sort out things.

Eat healthy food

Healthy Eating Habits Of Famous Successful People
Healthy diet or food habits of successful people

It is right good food makes a good mood. According to an Oxford University study, consuming excessively processed and unhealthy junk food increases the chances of aggression, irritability, and even violent tendencies.

The study also found that the lack of essential nutrients required in the body reduces its capability to produce appropriate chemicals and hormones, which causes clear thinking and a healthy mood.

To get rid of the anger issues, add the following things to your everyday diet:

  • Incorporate different veggies and fruits in your diet regularly to fulfill the nutrition requirement of the body.
  • If done properly, juicing could be the best substitute for raw fruits. Avoid packaged juices that are full of chemicals and external preservatives. Consider cold-pressed juices over regular and packaged juices to intake more vitamins and minerals at once.
  • Other than this, drink coconut water to be stress-free and happy.
  • Increase the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids like walnuts or chia seeds which helps to fight off the feeling of depression and cool down your mind.
  • For better sleep eat almonds and walnuts before going to bed.
  • Prefer eating those fruits at night which consist of melatonin like bananas, pineapples, and oranges to sleep well.
  • Eat yogurt to reduce stress. Yogurt consists of vitamin D which is essential in treating anxiety and depression.

Lift your mood naturally by adding the recommended food items to your diet.

Do what you love the most

Get yourself occupied with one thing or other to reduce anxiety and resolve anger issues. Do what you love the most. Go out to have a dance party, watch your favorite series on Netflix or enjoy a road trip. Relax and do not remain upset.

Take medical advice

Healthcare, medical and technology - doctor
on healthcare, medicine, and technology – a doctor showing something to the patient on tablet pc

It is advised to take medical help if you are unable to fix your anger issues. For some people, it is a challenge to control anger, and despite numerous efforts, they failed to do so. If you are one of them, then do visit a counselor or psychologist.

Final thoughts:

You can use any of your self-made ways to control anger too. Always accept your mistakes and think about coming up with different strategies to sort out everything. If possible, keep track of the things and reactions that make you angry. Jot them down and think about how to resolve them later.

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