How to become PMP Certified?

Project Management

What is the PMP Certification?

Project Management Professional.

Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification is an internationally recognized certification for project managers. The certification is relevant to professionals who seek career advancement by completing the certification exam based on the Project Management Institute (PMI).

A project manager’s primary goal is ensuring project completion is on time, within the budget, meets the project requirements, as well as to keeps the team and customers happy at all times.

The PMP will equip you with the skills you need as per the project requirements while ensuring that you are able to undertake highly demanding projects. You will get both practical and theory sessions in a conclusive manner.

Through doing all this, you will be equipped with knowledge and competence in the techniques of project management, and you will establish your technical ability to handle challenging projects with utmost confidence.

Requirements to attain PMP Certification

You need to hold a secondary degree (associate’s degree, high school diploma, or global equivalent) to qualify for a PMP certification. In doing this, you need to have 5 years minimum experience in project management, with 7,500 hours directing and leading projects as well as 35 hours of education in project management.

Alternatively, you need to have a 4 years bachelor’s degree or its equivalent with a minimum experience of 3 years in project management with at least 4,500 hours in directing and leading projects as well as 35 hours’ experience in project management education.

8 areas that PMP covers

1. Terminologies and concepts

You will need to understand and apply various concepts and terminologies in project management in Pune while learning the PMP.

2. Problem-solving

In PMP, problem-solving is instrumental as one needs to learn how to give the best solution to the clients. In so doing, you will have to ensure compliance, provide solutions to clients whenever it is required to reduce risk factors as well as save costs and time.

3. Becoming a good leader

Leadership is not optional. In PMP, one should embrace good leadership where you have to motivate and lead the team in better performance.

4. Project management practices

You will learn how to apply global standards for project management from the PMI that you will incorporate in real-world situations for better results.

5. Clear communication

You will learn how to communicate openly between the team members and the stakeholders within the organization. Clear communication ensures that the message is conveyed in a precise manner and every team player understood it conveniently.

6. Masterly of PMBOK

The professional will take you through the ten knowledge areas in PMP, the 5 process groups as well as social responsibility, and areas of professional that any PMP professional needs to follow.

7. Maintain schedules and budget

The project management professional will ensure that it stays within the scheduled timeframes and costs.

8. Prep for exam

You will attempt the first time certification exam of project management professional of PMI.

Who should attend the PMP Certification?

  • Project analysts
  • Project leaders
  • Project managers
  • Team leaders
  • Program managers
  • Project coordinators
  • Associate project managers
  • Project sponsors
  • Product managers
  • IT project managers
  • Senior project managers

PMP Certification Process in Pune

You need to meet the criteria for eligibility to apply for PMP certification. The application cost is $555 for PMI non-members and $405 for members. Nevertheless, the price not only includes training, and exam fees but material costs, scheduling, and rescheduling costs as well as PMI membership costs. You can take two to three retakes by paying $275 and $375 respectively.

GreyCampus - PMP Certification Process
GreyCampus – PMP Certification Process

Follow the following steps to apply online for PMP certification:

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Confirm your registration
  3. Log in to your created account
  4. Fill your application form
  5. Reserve and schedule your spot
  6. Submit the project management experience proof and contact hours, and this will take roughly 5 days to process it
  7. Pay the examination fee

PMP Certification Cost in Pune

1 PMP Certification Online training Cost  in Pune INR 8,669 – INR 27,8322 PMP classroom training INR 6,299 – INR 12,9993 Membership cost for PMI Chapter in Pune $124 PMI Joining fee along with the Membership fee $1395 Membership for PMI renewal fee $129/year 6 PMI members for PMP Certification exam fee $405 7 PMI non-members for PMP Certification exam fee $555 8 PMI rescheduling fee for members $275 9 PMI rescheduling fee for non-members $375 10 PMBOK handbook member’s cost Free 11 PMBOK handbook non-member’s cost $50 on Amazon 12 Study resources and guides’ cost $40 – $100 13 Practice tests’ cost $60 – $100 14 PMP certification renewal cost for PMI members $60 15 PMP certification renewal cost for PMI non-members $150

PMP Certification benefits

Project Management Professional is the most valued and recognized certification for project managers. It’s one of the factors that influence project managers’ salaries. PMP projects are not geographically centered; they are found all over the world.

A project manager with PMP certification can work in any industry, and anywhere with any methodology. It is also an advantage when it comes to earning promotions at the workplace.

A PMP holder earns 20% higher on average than those without it and employers benefit as well. Projects are completed on time, on a budget, and meet the planned goals if one-third of the project managers are PMP-certified.

Having a PMP certification shows that you understand the global language of project management and it gives you connections with other professionals, experts, and organizations worldwide.

A person who has held a PMP for 5-10 years earns an average of $113,000 and one who has held it for 10-20 years earns an average of $120,000. Some of the best industries that pay well for project managers holding a PMP certification include consulting, natural resources, pharmaceuticals, IT, aerospace, and engineering.

Get a PMP certification in Pune and become a highly sought out project manager.

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