What is PMP Exam Prep?

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If anyone says about the Project Management Professional or PMP, then it is said that this is one of the most important industry-recognized certifications for all project managers. When it comes to the PMPs leading projects, it is said that it is present in almost all countries.

This certification is all about global recognition and with the help of PMP; you will get the advantage to work with any kind of industry as well as other methodologies or even inaction.

Advantages of PMP Certification!

When you for this course, you can find that PMP is all about providing all types of significant advantages when it comes to salary as well as other earning ways. It is seen that a PMP certification holder gets a high salary from a non-PMP certification.

With all these benefits from a single certification, so now it is seen that all want to have this certification. But to get this certificate in your name is not so easy. For this, you need to prepare for the exams excellently as this exam is very tough.

Tips About Preparation For The Exam

The cracking of the PMP exam is a great deal. This required a great deal of commitment as well as good preparation. To appear in this exam, it is seen that you don’t have to have some kind of experience or particular education.

So, the key to getting out of this exam with flying colors lies in the preparation that you have to do when you go to giving this exam. Here is the list of things that you need to follow when you are going to prepare for the exam.

1. Look At PMP Exam Content Outline

This is the very first for you before going for preparing for this exam. It is said to be very important to get through the PMP examination content outline documents. The guidelines are said to be published by the PMP itself, in which you can know about the breakup of questions and also about the tasks, skills as well as the knowledge required for this exam.

2. Can Get Enroll In The Formal Study Course Provided By R.E.P.S

R.E.P.s or Project Management Institute Registered Education Providers are said to be organized in an approved manner by PMI. They are said to help offer you project management training, and it accredits with the training providers, which helps in establishing a global network for quality education providers to help hundreds of thousands. You need to enroll in this program as it helps you in a great manner by tailor-made PMP study materials, practice papers, and other study-related things.

3. Go For A Good Study Plan

In preparation for the exam, it is said that the study plan plays an important role. If you want to get a PMP certification, then you need to go for a perfect study plan. To prepare a good study plan, you need to break the plans into small periods. In this period divide all the subjects equivalently as per the time.

4. Go For the Latest Guide And Other Self-Study Books

This is very important that when you are preparing for the PMP exams, you need to go for the best PMP guides and other study materials. When you are going to the market or any library to issue these books, you must keep in mind that the books and guide materials must be from well-known authors for PMP. This is because in these books you can get several things that are very helpful for giving PMP exams.

5. Go For a Group Study

Group study is one of the best kinds of studies for you, and it is very much helpful for you in preparation for PMP. The benefits that you get from this group study are mentioned below.

  • It helps in breaking the monotony of studying alone.
  • It helps you in solving all the problems and other doubts in which you are weak.
  • It motivates you to study hard and for more time.
  • In a group study, you can share your experience, and it can help you for the exam.

6. Practice Mock PMP Exam Test Papers

By going for the mock test papers, it is seen helps you in a great manner. These papers prepare you for facing the questions in the real PMP exams in a better manner. This is because by practicing them, you can see that the questions that come in the mock papers are similar to PMP exams. And you get a fair amount of ideas, and you can know-how is the preparation for the exam.

These are the top 6 things that you need to keep in mind when you are going to prepare for the PMP exams. You can follow this thing and can see how this can help you with getting better preparation for cracking the exam.

Type Of Questions Asked In The PMP Exam

How to tackle PMP Exam Questions
How to Tackle PMP Exam Questions

The main thing in any exam is that you need to understand the pattern and type of questions that are asked in the exams. Here is the type of question that generally comes in PMP exams. All of them are mentioned below.

  1. Situational-Based Questions: This type of question comes so that it can test the ability to identify the relevant content and ignore the irreverent content. These questions are lengthy, so you need to focus on the question while going through the questions.
  2. Formula-Based Questions: This question doesn’t come in exams to solve any median or any calculation of earned value. In the exam, you will get about 50 PMP formulas which range from simple averages to depreciation and probabilities.
  3. Interpretational Questions: This type of question comes in the exam so that it can test your ability to calculate a particular condition or situation.
  4. Knowledge-Based Question: This type of question lies in the knowledge area or the processes of the Inputs, tools, outputs, or even techniques.
  5. Specific Technique Questions: In this section of questions, it is seen that it has got all the important tools which include a network diagram. In this diagram, you will be asked to provide the diagram with the element which is inherent in this which includes forward pass or even backward pass.

So, these are the types of questions that you can get when you are going to appear for the PMP examinations. You can get a fair amount of ideas about all these questions and how to solve them by going through the mock papers and PMP guides.

If you are thinking to give PMP exam, then the very first thing that you need to keep in mind is this is one of the tricky and most difficult exams. To crack this exam, you need to go for some extraordinary preparation, need to go through the guides and mock exam questions.

Moreover, you need to study on a proper timetable and need to divide the subjects in it equally so that no subjects will be left behind. So, before going to give the exams, go through all the steps and tips that are mentioned for you. Give the exam with full confidence and crack it to have the best opportunity after getting the certificate.

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