Most Common Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Bringing in Any Customers

Turning One Thousand Customers into One Million

You have a new website and that’s amazing on its own. However, after a while, you start to notice that there are little to no conversions. Then you start to wonder why that is happening. But the reason is just out of your reach.

This is very common with new website owners. They love their website but they don’t know why their masterpiece isn’t making any conversions. Luckily, these problems are often easy to solve.

If you are still wondering what could be the cause of your failing site, take a look at some of these most common reasons why conversions are just not happening.

You don’t solve problems

One of the biggest reasons you have no conversions could be that you are not solving any problems. Users are looking for brands that can help them fix the issues they have and if your site is solely focused on you and how great you are, users are not going to stick around for long.

You should make the user the most important person on your site. How can you help them? Which problems do you solve? How do you plan on solving those problems?

This should be the main topic of your landing and home page, rather than just talking about how great you are or listing meaningless features.

Poor user experience

One of the biggest reasons websites fail is because they just don’t perform properly. For instance, they are slow and it’s a known fact that slow websites have extremely high bounce rates. Your site may be overcluttered – the sidebar could be full of meaningless information that just doesn’t do anything for you.

There may not be enough white space or visuals that help improve your message. The colors or fonts could clash and then the text becomes unreadable. So, you should do your best to improve that user experience.

Increase your loading speed, improve your design, make the navigation easier, don’t use videos that play on their own the minute someone lands on your site, declutter the sidebars. In essence, make your website easier to use and more appealing to an average user.

Features over benefits

Another big mistake websites make is making their home or landing page all about the specifications of the products. These mean nothing to the user – they are just facts that don’t illustrate what the product can do.

If you sell mobile devices, saying that your device has an octa core processor and that it has a battery of 3400 mAh means virtually nothing – just words on a paper. But if you say that the mobile device works smoothly, without any lags and that the battery could last a day even with maximum usage, that will mean something.

Wrong audience

Another reason you may be lacking in conversions is that you are aiming your product and marketing efforts at the wrong audience or that the wrong audience is visiting your website – so you see a lot of traffic but not a whole lot of conversions.

For instance, if you are selling elaborate software for B2B businesses but your main traffic is teenagers who don’t know how to use it. Adapt your content and your messaging to make your website attract all the right audiences.

Appear where your target audience appears. Talk to them in their tone. If you get your messaging wrong, no one will buy your products because they won’t be able to find them.

Beauty over functionality

Your website looks amazing – congratulations! The colors pop, the fonts look professional and everything is in place for the conversions to start flowing your way. However, this is not happening.

Why? Because you favored beauty over functionality. What’s the point of a good-looking website if the users cannot navigate to the right page? Think of functionality first and then adapt the beauty to it.

Your site is not responsive

If you are not on mobile, it’s as if you are not really there. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need an app but rather that you need to make your website responsive to mobile devices. Even Google is favoring sites that work seamlessly on smartphones and soon, this will be one of the biggest ranking factors.

Consider where the majority of your users are and focus on making this experience better for them.

Beating around the bush

If you are not direct with what it is you are offering to your visitors, they will likely get tired from searching for an answer and move on. Be direct, if you are selling smartphones, don’t tell them an elaborate story first and then mention what you do at the bottom of the page. The purpose of the website should be obvious from the get-go.

You are not providing useful content

The key to having a successful website is in providing useful information for your readers. No one will just stumble upon your ad and buy something. Gain their trust and get them to like you with thoughtful, helpful, educational content and social proof stories instead of being loud with promotions.

This is really helpful when it comes to marketing and it can get you many leads. Do you have a blog connected to your site? If you don’t, how about having one and sharing news, information, and useful pieces? Not only will you have a great way of engaging with your audience but you will also drive conversions.

Battling with a low number of conversions can be a daunting ordeal for many website and business owners. However, with some optimization to current values and customer expectations, you can expect to see a rise in those numbers. Take a hint from these experts and watch your numbers grow.

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