13 Resources to Learn Web Design Online

Resources and courses to learn webdesign online

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned designer, you’ll always need cheat sheets, and quick references, even after you learn the basics. You’ll also need to continually hone your web design skills to progress.

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Compared to traditional learning, self-learning has a lot of benefits:

  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • It’s cheaper than traditional learning.
  • Gives you a sense of satisfaction from mastering new skills.

You’ll find there are hundreds of websites, tutorials, ebooks, and online courses that will help you learn everything you need to become a great designer.

In this post, I’ve collected some great resources that will help you transform yourself into a front-end developer.

Free courses and references

Are you a beginner wanting to learn the basics of web design?


Are you looking for reliable quick reference guides to use when working on a client project?

In both cases, this section will help you. Here’s the list:


Codecademy is a community-powered interactive platform that offers coding classes in 12 different programming languages including Java, PHP, Python, and JavaScript, as well as markup languages such as HTML and CSS, free of charge.

Unlike traditional learning, Codecademy is gamified and transforms learning into addictive, bite-sized lessons that are easy to accomplish. With badges and streaks, keeping track of your progress is also easy.


If you’ve ever used Google to find answers relating to web design, you’ve probably found yourself on W3Schools.com at least once.

W3 Schools is the world’s largest web development learning site that teaches web technologies and markup languages with the help of tutorials, references, and examples. You’ll find tutorials for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, server-side languages, and more.

While the site is often critiqued for its outdated content, it’s still one of the most popular quick reference guides on the internet.

Mozilla Developer Network

Though W3Schools.com is one of the best quick reference guides and learning platforms for beginners, Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is the definitive learning resource with the most relevant and comprehensive information. In MDN, you’ll find useful resources to help you learn open web technologies such as HTML, and CSS, and APIs for websites and HTML5 apps.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a Q&A forum for web designers and programmers.

No matter how challenging your problem is, you’ll find the answer on Stack Overflow.

Chances are someone has already asked the question you’re looking for an answer to, so you just need to search for it using the right phrase. And if it’s not already answered, you can ask and get answers from like-minded people free of charge.


Web development tutorial is all about creating web pages into a website that has a home page and different web pages. Various skills are needed during the building of web pages such as design, development, scripting, and database configuration.

The tutorial explains the skills needed such as front-end and back-end scripting and HTML skills. Web development is the development of websites through the internet or intranet. This process has web design, web content development, client-side or server-side scripting, and security configuration of a network. A website can either be simple as a single-page application or complex with many pages in the application.

Here’s a collection of premium courses that can help you advance your web design skills. If you’re looking to become a professional web designer, you’ll want to take a close look at these courses.


Thinkful is a 1-on-1 mentorship program that guides you through advancing your expertise in web development, design, mobile apps, data science, and more. The site claims that 93% of its graduates land a job within 6 months of graduation.

Pricing starts at $300 per month. Best of all, every student who graduates from the Career Path is guaranteed a job or get 100% of their money back.

SitePoint Premium

SitePointPremium (formerly known as Learnable) has an extensive library offering everything you need to know about web development. The library includes both free and premium ebooks, courses, and screencasts. You can subscribe to SitePoint Premium for $99/year. They also offer a free account which gives you limited access to watch free videos, and download ebook samples, and screencasts.

LinkedIn Learning (Lynda)

Lynda is a one-stop hub for learning new skills online by taking video classes. Lynda has recently been acquired by LinkedIn.

Unlike most other sites featured in this article, Lynda is not limited to web design classes.

Lynda offers a wide variety of courses that are appropriate for all user levels. The basic learning plan starts at $19.99/month.


Treehouse lets you learn from over 1,000 videos created by experts in web design, coding, and business. Even if you’re an absolute newbie without any prior experience in web design, you can easily learn from their videos and get yourself a job.

You’ll find courses in 5 different categories such as websites, programming, business, iOS development, and Android development. Treehouse starts at $25/month.

Envato Tuts+

EnvatoTuts+offersonline courses and tutorials in a wide variety of topics including web design, development, and illustration. Their premium course is primarily targeted at those who have mastered the basics of web design and development.

With EnvatoTuts+, you can learn advanced concepts and techniques of web design. In addition, you’ll have full access to their premium ebook library.

Premium subscriptions start at $15/month.

Online magazines and blogs

Aside from learning the basics, you’ll need to stay up to date with the latest web design trends and useful tips. These online magazines and blogs help you stay ahead of the curve.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is an online magazine that publishes useful techniques, best practices, and useful resources such as ebooks. You’ll get articles on a variety of topics including coding, design, mobile, graphics, UX design, and WordPress.


DesignModo is a design-focused blog based in Moldova, founded by Andrian Valeanu. Designmodo publishes useful tricks, tips, and web design tutorials. They also publish round-up posts featuring useful web design tools and inspiration for your next web design project.

Design Bombs

Design Bombs offers in-depth resources including web design articles, tutorials, inspirational showcases, freebies, and other useful guides such as how to choose the right WordPress Hosting, how to start a blog, and more. They also keep a comprehensive deals page which is handy if you’re looking to get an exclusive deal on a hosting account, premium themes, or other premium tools.


Speckyboy Is Another Design Magazine Focused On Delivering Helpful Resources, Techniques, Tips, And Inspirational Posts For Web Designers, Developers, And Freelancers. If You’re Looking For A Quick Solution To A Development Problem or Inspiration For A Design, Chances Are You’ll Find It In Their Archives. You’ll Also Find Collections Of Themes, UI Kits, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, And More.


No matter if you’re an experienced designer or a beginner, there are always new skills to learn and old ones to polish. Self-learning is a great way to keep yourself up-to-date and competitive in a busy job market. If you find these resources helpful, why not share this list with your friends? They’ll appreciate it!

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