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16 SEO FAQs or Facts or Techniques

There are many different ways that people can improve the SEO of their site, many of which are pretty simple and include steps such as making sure the site has quality content and pictures, includes keywords a good meta description, and links.

However once a web developer has mastered these techniques, there are some more technical techniques that can help to improve SEO even further.

For these SEO tactics, the owner of a website may not be able to perform these themselves, and they may have to hire someone with more knowledge in the field. Technical SEO refers to any other type of SEO that is strictly not content-related and focuses purely on following the search engine requirements to get better at indexing coding.


This is the code that is used on websites that will help a search engine to provide the users of the site with more useful and informative results. As well as the website wanting to do well in search engines, the search engine itself also has a reputation to uphold and wants to be able to provide its users with the right results.

Website Speed

Many web developers don’t realize that website speed can have a big effect on where their site is placed in search engine results. Search engines don’t like a slow website because it results in a bad user experience and more often than not, the user will get bored and click off the website before it fully loads. There are many things that a website can do to improve its website speed which may involve making the site less complex.

JavaScript, CSS, and Image Files

This is to do with how the website is built itself and allows Google to check that a certain website is working properly. The better a website is built using a combination of these elements, the more Google will approve of it and consequently place it higher in search results. Building a website can take time and money, and investing in the right people to do the job can often be worth it to get an all-around well-built site.

Site Architecture

This is a combination of design, aesthetic, technical, and functional criteria of websites.

Having great SEO on a website doesn’t come cheaply, often websites have to spend a lot of money to ensure that their website either improves regarding rankings or stays where the company wants it to. Even if a site is doing well regarding SEO, if nothing is done with it for months, by no means is it going to stay there.

Maintaining search engine optimization is often just as hard work as moving up the rankings. Consequently, many businesses don’t have the knowledge or the time to be putting a lot of work into their website SEO, therefore they require an outside company to do it for them.

These services can be fairly pricey, with SEO companies charging anywhere between $1000 to $7500 per project, or on average $750 to $1500 per month. Usually, it is worth paying a little bit more for these services because the companies that offer services at a lower price will often use black hat techniques which can result in penalties, low traffic, and even spam.

There is no denying that search engine optimization can be time-consuming, costly, and confusing, but in this competitive world, it is a vital element in a successful website that will drive traffic and make more people visit your website, which is, of course, the desired outcome.

Know more about the other SEO techniques or facts that we still struggle to understand are well explained in the below infographic by SEOJury.

SEO Facts or Techniques or FAQs which we are still struggling to understand.
SEO Facts or Techniques or FAQs which we are still struggling to understand.
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