Why SEO Isn’t an Overnight Game

It is true that SEO can have dramatic and lasting effects on your site. However, many people misinterpret this and believe that they can get to the top of search engines overnight.

Well, it might be the ideal time to come to terms with reality. Search engine optimisation takes time to work. As such, it is important to exercise patience and appreciate everything that plays an important role in ideal SEO strategies.

Why is it that good SEO takes time to work?

You might have asked yourself this question several times. Well, we have the right answers lined up for you.

  • Google algorithms keep on changing

    Staying on top of the SEO game is a tall order for many businesses because search engine algorithms keep changing. You might have staged your site for one particular update but then fail on another. The fact that Google doesn’t publish the finer details of its updates makes it more difficult for companies to keep up with the SEO game. In effect, SEO experts and search marketers are left to speculate on the various ranking factors. Therefore, in order to benefit from SEO, business owners must ensure their sites stay updated in line with the most recent changes. It is not a one-time thing.

  • Your competitors want to stay on top

    Several businesses invest and do everything within their reach to ensure they grace the first few pages of search engine results. Ranking well means, running several audits and creating content that is more search engine friendly. This alone makes SEO complex. Any marketer that is out to achieve satisfactory results must also join the game, even if it means burning the midnight oil or hiring a reliable digital agency. In the end, one realizes that it takes more than just magic to oust your competitors and stay on top of Google search pages.

  • Interestingly complex

    It is good to admit that SEO isn’t as straightforward as everyone else might want to imagine. In order to rank well on SERPs, there are several things you must do. It is not a simple matter of focusing on one aspect then sitting back to wait for results. Currently, Google boasts of more than 200 ranking signals. In order to get it right, you need to be flexible and stay updated. At times, you might be forced to experiment in order to know what works and what doesn’t. Ideally, it is not something that is going to happen overnight.

Setting Up and Achieving Realistic SEO Goals

Having learnt why good SEO takes time,it might be the ideal time to know how you can make this work to your advantage. Lasting SEO outcomes emanate from slow and steady approaches. So what are these strategies and how best can you capitalize on them?

  • Invest in great Los Angeles SEO; to reap big from search engine optimisation, you will have to invest both time and other resources with the main aim of attaining long-term results. You should be prepared to work closely with a great SEO team. Ensure your team helps you to create realistic goals achievable within a specific period.
  • Consider regular strategy re-evaluation; SEO keeps on changing. Some people would best refer to it as a moving target. Search engines continue updating their algorithms consistently, thereby affecting individual ranking factors. What this means is that you cannot develop a plan and let it be rigid over years. It must be flexible to accommodate possible changes. If possible, carry out a quarterly SEO strategy evaluation. It is advisable to set solid goals at the beginning of each quarter before sitting down with your and evaluating their effectiveness over time.
  • Embrace transparency; if you engage a great SEO team, they will definitely let you know that they cannot achieve great results overnight. That open line of communication should be carried through. Be clear about your expectations, your views on the progress and possible recommendations where necessary. Great SEO requires cooperation and commitment from both sides; the clients and SEO expert. If you are able to maintain a good working relationship, dominating front pages of Google searches will no longer be a dream but a present-hour reality.


One fact that every marketer must admit is that SEO takes time to work. If you are setting your goals, they must be realistic, factoring in the aspect of time. Even more, it is important to acknowledge that several factors affect search engine. That means SEO goals must be tied to other aspects such as improving the navigability and friendliness of your site. Most importantly, you must promise to invest significantly in search engine optimisation in order to reap substantial gains, even if that is the last thing you do!

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James Porter works for a digital agency based in California. With more than ten years of experience in this field,he can be trusted to answer all questions on SEO and related marketing strategies.

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