Simple Points You Must Use to Avoid Taxi Scams

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There is nothing frustrating than being scammed by taxi drivers. It not only causes havoc but also lead to public distrust. I have been scammed many times but last time when I traveled by T2 Traslados, I followed simple points to make my traveling hassle-free. Here are some simple points you must follow to avoid taxi scams.

Set the Map on Your Mobile

The best way to avoid the scam is to set the map on your mobile phone. This helps you to track the route and the driver cannot disguise you by taking the long route. As he knows that you are tracking the travel route on your mobile, he will follow the right route. When the driver asks you that if it’s your first time then reply to him by saying no. In fact, when I traveled from T2 Traslados last time, the driver himself asked me to set the map for the journey.

Check the Meter

The first thing when you enter the taxi is to check if the meter is working in the proper condition or not. It is always better to pay the fare by meter rates. This helps in avoiding the problems of paying an outrageous amount at the end of the journey. Paying more money than the actual fare is always frustrating for the taxis. So avoid traveling from the taxi whose meter is broken or turned off or having no meter at all.

Ask Driver Not to Stop

Taxi Drivers in order to earn more money delay the trip by stopping the taxi at the gas station or for other reasons. So if they pretend or ask you that they are going to stop the taxi at the gas station. Then check the dashboard and don’t just trust their ideas to make you fool.

Check Driving License

The worst thing that any driver doesn’t want is to lose his driving license for a few dollars. So ask him to show his driving license before getting in the taxi. The first thing I did when I was traveling in T2 Traslados was I asked for the driver’s license and was impressed to see that he provided me with no objection. Remember to note his name and number to prevent any kind of scam. This helps in avoiding any kind of fraud as the driver knows that you know his details.

Don’t Give Extra Charges

Some cities permit luggage, toll fees, extra passengers but some cities don’t. So it is better to know the rules while traveling rather than being indulging in the scam by taxi drivers. Also, always be extra cautious to take the alternatives rather than being ripped off. If extra charges are really applicable then have small coins or change to avoid ending up with extra pay.

Don’t Believe If Driver Says “Hotel is Closed”

When you travel to a new city and looking for a hotel to stay, then don’t ask him about the stay. As he may have his commissions or can have his own profits by referring to the name. Also, if you have particular preferences for the names of the hotel, then don’t believe him if he says that “Hotel is Closed.” or the hotel is not good to stay. It’s better that you strictly asked him to drop you at that hotel only. Also, it is good to have a list of 2-3 options of hotels to avoid any kind of problems if the hotel is really closed or you don’t find it good to stay.

Avoid Taxi Bait or Switches

It’s very annoying that in the middle of the trip driver asks you to take another taxi as it makes the journey very havoc. Thus always book reliable services such as T2 Traslados to avoid any kind of scams and enjoy the worry-free journey. Taxi drivers always seek their profit as the top priority. So if they find that they would be on lose or get extra money, then they will try to do taxi bait or switching and never lose a chance to earn more.

Be Extra Cautious

Be extra cautious if you’re a female traveler. As there are many cases that occur frequently related to molestation. So try to book a reliable taxi which has a tracking facility. So that even if as a female traveler you’re traveling alone then your trip can be tracked by your near or dear ones. As a safety measure, set a map giving the direction for the destinations to avoid disguising the route. This helps in a comfortable and worry-free journey.

Final Thoughts

The list of scams is big but follow the simple points mentioned above to save yourself from the common scams. Your safety is in your hands so always be prepared and careful while traveling from taxis.

Share your comments on how you handle the scams if you faced any.

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