6 Cool Features That Create A Well-Trodden Path To Success For An Online Taxi App

Taxi Application Features

The immense success of the taxi giants such as Uber, Lyft, and Ola has tempted the new entrants to create a taxi booking software and take the business to the next level.

Most of the entrepreneurs who have attempted to cherish the success by chasing the road that taxi giants have taken they failed to gain the same level of popularity, ROI, and passengers. It’s upsetting, but perplexing at the same time.

Why are the new players not able to stand up to the par and compete with the taxi apps that are ruling the industry? What’s missing in the approach? Are they failed at taking the services to the passengers? It pops-up a lot of questions.

The taxi solutions failed or not earned optimal success are due to the herd mentality. They just followed what the Uber or Ola is offering in the basic taxi solution, including the search for the nearby driver, book a taxi, navigate the location on a map, and hassle-free payment. They don’t make efforts to create a distinctive niche with unique offerings.

Don’t just exist; do something meaningful.

Don’t just fit in; make it a point to brighten your corner.

Don’t just manage; go the extra mile and win your race.

Don’t just create; create to change, to improve, to increase, and to inspire.

Don’t just survive to make a living; survive to have an indelible footstep wherever you step. – Israelmore Ayivor.

It seems the quote has perfectly answered all the questions. Still, confused?

Well, to know the leak points, it requires us to dig deeper inside at what the established online taxi service providers did to stay ahead of the pack.

Let’s explore it with a story of Uber:

The Uber has revolutionized the taxi market when the first online taxi service launched. It has thrived the people as it was unimaginable at that time to have a taxi service which enables booking in a few clicks. Later, with the astronomical rise of mobile usage, Uber has extended its taxi service to the mobile app with additional features.

At the point, when Uber found a saturation level in the cab-hailing platform, it has ventured into a completely new line of services by providing customized industry-specific services analyzing the user’s needs and opportunities that are not tapped yet.

For instance, UberEats helps in locating the nearby restaurant and deliver the food at the doorstep, Uber airways helps in carrying passengers from home to airport and vice versa after the flight landing, Uber health for healthcare providers to provide easy and quick rides to the patients, and Uber trucking for the logistics industry.

It’s pretty clear how the Uber-like leading taxi service providers move up on the success ladder. They had written the success stories with the ink of ‘Focus on the dynamic needs of customers, market, and trends.’ What’s your thought? Do you want to land on the success landscape with innovative beginnings? If so, we have got your needs covered in the next section.

Here’re six unique features that help online taxi solution to break through the noise and make the services audible in the crowd:

Trip parameters

Presently, other than Uber, no taxi service provider is offering the services to the riders that allow the riders to make a special request for the rides such as a baby seat for parents when they are riding with the toddler, wheelchair for a physically handicapped person, and pretty more.

At the time of ride-booking, the passengers can place the special request and the request is dispatched to only those drivers who can meet such requests.

The special facility certainly delights the passengers, helps in winning the trust, and makes them prefer your taxi service for the next ride over other providers.

Preferred drivers

We have the freedom to choose our friends, then why not the passengers? Many times, the passengers find some drivers good at behavior and the services they offer, which impresses them. It’s possible that next time, they like to have a ride with the same driver. Making this option available can turn the passenger into a loyal passenger.

The taxi app can allow the passengers to mark any driver as the favorite with whom they want to take the next ride and when they book a ride, the booking request is sent to the driver as per his availability. If available, the request is dispatched to the same driver, else passed to other drivers.

Prime membership

The special privileges or additional services allure the customers and increase the sales as well. The same thing can experiment with online taxi solutions where exclusive features entice the passengers to use the app for booking the rides.

Under the prime membership feature, the users have to pay for the membership plan they choose and thereafter liable to enjoy the perks of the plans such as additional discounts for the trip, free rides to configured kilometers, a referral program to earn free rides, and pretty more. The configurable prime functionality would help in bringing a wide difference in the number of bookings.


The concept is gaining major traction in the taxi industry because the daily commuters and office-goers who are going to the same destination can share a ride with other riders that ultimately reduce the amount to half or less than that.

The taxi app can implement the cost-savvy feature where the intelligent algorithms match the rider’s request for ride-sharing who want to go to the nearly same place or their destination coming in the route of the final destination. It’s advantageous for both the taxi company and the passengers.

Advanced fare system

The cashless payment has already become a part and parcel of the taxi industry. However, the variations in the taxi fare are brought equilibrium in the supply demand equation, especially during peak hours, holiday seasons, and areas where a lot of rush is found.

To keep the drivers on the road and meet the increasing demands of the taxi, the owner can configure the fare system from the back-end according to time, place, and distance. The transparency won’t surprise the passengers at the time of payment.

Address outpost concerns

Sometimes, the passengers have to travel not from point A to point B in the same city, but from one city to another city. Here, the taxi app, including the outstation feature, gets a chance to serve the need of outstation customers and extend the services.

With a few taps, the users can book a taxi at a flat rate and get the convenience of traveling to another city with multiple stop-overs.

Also, if the outstation user unable to book the ride due to low or zero internet connectivity, they are facilitated to book the ride by calling to the head office where the admin will manually assign the trip to the driver on the behalf of the rider.


Make the next Uber clone worth the bundles’ investment by complementing the fundamental features with some wooing features. All the best!

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