Brand And Market Your Product With A Cool Free Logo

Brand and market your product with a cool logo

Are you struggling with brand strategy? In the competitive market, it’s not easy to make your product stand out and leave a good impression on a wide variety of clients.

Marketing strategy is the key to expanding your business and dominating the market. In regards to brand strategy, an iconic logo will, without question, help bring the brand & product to the next level. Such as, Starbucks logo, Marvel logo, and Nike logo are all amazing logos that are timeless, storytelling, and exquisite.

Usually, in logo design, the logo must be in accordance with its market and its represented product features.

Therefore, it’s necessary to do some study of competitors’ logos, especially those of the top brands in your category.

In the case studies, you will learn some common elements for such a logo in a specific field. Consider these elements in your logo design. Then, audiences will feel related to your logo, which will only be good for branding.

If you lack experience in finding those elements out and making a logo using some professional logo design software, i.e., Adobe Illustrator, then we find you a free alternative – DesignEvo. is super easy to search for a suitable logo idea and customize a professional logo idea to your own logo.

DesignEvo has updated its designer-designed logo templates from 3,000+ to 10,000+. Now, you have more logo DIY options. It only takes 5 steps to download your very own logo:

Step 1. Register a free account by entering an email address along with a random password on DesignEvo homepage.

Step 2. Hover over the button of [Make a Free Logo] on DesignEvo homepage. Give it a click.

Step 3. Search some logo inspirations by trying a keyword. For example, your logo is related to coffee, and your keyword shall be “coffee”, “coffee bean”, “green”, “brown”, etc.

Save a logo template to your favorite
How to save a logo template to your favourite in DesignEvo.


  • Use a simple word, since DesignEvo search engine tags only simple words. If entering one word reveals zero template, then trying another word, like color or other related things.
  • Also, when you’ve found a good logo template but wanted to keep reviewing other templates, you can take advantage of the favorite icon on the right corner of that logo template.
Customize a logo template
How to customize a logo template using DesignEvo

Step 4. Edit your logo by clicking and pasting the company name (and slogan). If you don’t want the slogan part in your logo design, then select it and keystroke [Delete].

Step 5. Preview and download your own logo. Usually going from step 1 to step 5, you can finish the logo design work within 2 min.

DesignEvo Major Update

The update reported is the biggest of DesignEvo – It expands logo templates to 10,000+. In addition, DesignEvo exceptionally allows you to curve any text on your logo design.

For those who like to change fonts or colours, you can easily find those options from the top functional bar when you select an element.

Its navigations have been optimized: What you need or want, you can find it within 3 clicks. Therefore, it’s much user-friendly for all-level users.

The only drawback of DesignEvo is that it doesn’t allow its users to upload their own pictures or previous logo design for modification. But for most users who just want a quality logo fast and for free, DesignEvo logo maker online is a satisfying product.

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