Does Social Gaming make you Anti-Social?

There definitely has been a recent surge of games including bingo going mobile. Of course this makes everything very convenient for people to access – but there has been discussion that this may not be the best way for people to be sociable or maintain relationships with friends.

Social Gaming making you Anti Social?
Social Gaming is making you Anti Social?

We thought we would take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of what the effects of mobile gaming are socially to see if we can get to the bottom of it!


People who aren’t socially aware or perhaps socially awkward may find it easier to communicate via a chat facility on a game on their phone.  It makes things more anonymous which can make people feel more comfortable in terms of interacting.

Mobile bingo sites (such as this site) have promotions such as Team Bingo on the go which encourages some social interaction as you perhaps need to come up with a funny team name or take part in chat games with the host.

As well as going mobile – there is also emphasis put on the social media aspect of gaming.  You can now join groups and communities via Facebook and take part in their competitions as well as enjoying the games from your mobile.

It could be the only avenue for people to communicate.  If for whatever reason you can’t leave the house or live to far away from anyone you would associate with – social bingo could be a haven for you to interact with people about similar interests.


People can become too engrossed in their mobile phones.  How often have you been at dinner or gone out for a few drinks to see someone endlessly on their phone?  This could only get worse if people enjoy mobile gaming.

You could get far too wrapped up in a virtual world.  If you find friends on your phone when playing these games – do you then neglect the existing relationships that you have with your friends and family?  It’s widely known that gambling itself can be addictive and even more so if it’s available to you everywhere.

Financial stress can be a drain on anyone and we all know if we aren’t feeling as relaxed as we normally are then you can be short or mistreat the people you care about the most.


After weighing everything up – there are of course advantages and disadvantages that could be argued.  A large part of it is all about self control and the knowledge that you have enough will power to perhaps just enjoy playing bingo or any other game on your mobile for a short time and don’t go overboard with it.  It’s probably a bad idea for someone with an addictive personality to get into – but if you just fancy a good game and a chat then that’s fine.  It’s the same with everything – you should do it in moderation!  You can read more about social bingo here.

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  1. Anti-social is really depend on the person. If you choose not to be with other people because you really enjoy online gaming this means you are contented being an anti-social. Sometime people should learn to balance their life in any ways for them to have a social life. This is really a matter of choice you made.

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