Trends in Social Media Marketing Veering Advertisements and Promotions of Companies

Time for Modern Social Media

Online marketing, especially social marketing is no longer recognizable as the meek and shy new kid on the block, who suddenly emerged around 2010. Social media marketing is the primary marketing strategy for most enterprises.

Even NGOs and indie productions are relying on social media marketing for reaching out to their target markets.

People are always connected

With every passing day, the needs and the demands of the people are increasing, so are the technologies that shape social media and social media marketing. Now, 12-year- old kids to 92-year- old grandparents, everyone uses social networking sites and accesses the web through smartphones.

Almost 77% of the people of the USA own at least one smartphone that they use for browsing the web. Therefore, using social media and harnessing its untapped potential to achieve prominence is not tricky at all.

Social media saves money!

Most companies are shifting towards digital marketing media because they are easy to control. Social media marketing does not involve a lot of capital investment. It does not call for new hardware installation, and essential promotions are easy even for fresh marketers.

Most start-ups and new small agencies go through a rough patch in terms of finances immediately after kickoff. Even more giant corporations are now facing the brunt of the new tax reforms and the new economy. Most of the smarter CEOs and marketing managers are opting for online marketing methods that involve a higher ROI and lower investment.

Many companies are opting for alternative campaign platforms including social media networks and channels. Debt consolidation and relief companies have recently seen a surge of businesses with despaired financial conditions. It usually stems from many failed traditional advertisement attempts, improper execution of product launches and unproductive activation ideas.

According to experts, companies can handle a lot of the financial hassle by merely working on their promotions and working better to study their target markets.

The onset of AR and VR

Let us be honest here. Technological trends like augmented reality or AR and virtual reality or VR are becoming popular every day. Ever kids are grabbing AR and VR gears to experience the virtual world of car racing, cliff diving, and paragliding while sitting at home. Therefore, there is a brilliant, high paying group of potential customers sitting right there behind Oculus Rifts and Google. You just need to find the right way to reach out to them.

AR adverts need high-end technology that allows 3D rendering. These cost money, but the practical effect ensures a sky-high ROI. Take for example, Modiface. This makeup company is already making the most of this rather uninhabited space to market their eyeshadows, contours, lipsticks, and bronzers. This makeup company is allowing users to try on their makeup products on a 3D realistic version of themselves. The effect is so lifelike and stunning that the company has experienced an incredible surge in sales and customer satisfaction levels.

The induction of IoT and wearables

IoT or the internet of things is wrapping the world in a web of gadgets, Wi-Fi, and SmartWare. Homes that operate on their own are soon going to be THE reality. Already, we can see the rise of self-operating ovens and intelligent washing machines that connect to smartphones. We can experience the bliss of auto-controlled lights that brighten up and dim down as per the homeowner’s or guest’s moods. We have the like of Echo helping us with household chores, smart, timely reminders, instant booking services, and a lot more.

Wearable technology simply starts with Apple Watches and FitBits. Almost all the other new wearables come with the option of mobile connectivity. Soon they will be a seamless part of your personal world of the Internet of Things. It will open a new market for people who love hyper-personalization.

Both these techs will generate a lot of actionable big data. When companies gather the necessary technology to harness them, they can easily access the databases and use the specific consumer data to craft adverts and promotions for particular devices and specific customers. It will include information on their past shopping experiences and their latest online searches.

Marketing automation

It is very much in reality right now. Most of the daily updates, push notifications, and emails we receive every day via our emails or on our smartphones are a result of marketing automation. The advent of new technology can help in the automation of many processes.

The primary task of these automation software programs includes scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, until now. If the technology evolves at the current rate, there will soon be a time when the software programs will be able to design targeted ads for specific customer groups on their own, without human intervention. The dawn of marketing automation has made social media marketing a lot more intuitive, logical, and innovative, and a lot less laborious and languid.

A very critical gift of big data and machine learning is gradually finding a pivotal role amidst leading marketing teams in the most significant corporations and conglomerates of the world. Predictive analysis is becoming a standard name inside conference rooms and at team meetings.

Although some consider predictive analytics to be “predictive” at best, it has shown impressive results in the recent past. Companies that took into account the results of predictive analytics based on their consumer data, while designing their social media marketing campaigns, showed much higher rates of success once they deployed their strategies.

Back to you folks!

Social media marketing is becoming a race for survival, and it is true that only the smartest will survive. Becoming the smartest is not as tricky even for the marketing newbie, thanks to all the different versions of paid and unpaid software programs, tools, and guide websites available right now.

Author Bio:
Marina Thomas is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as a content developer with many years of experience. She helps clients with long term wealth plans. She has previously covered an extensive range of topics in her posts, including business debt consolidation and start-ups.

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