5 Gadgets To Help Monitor Health And Stay Fit

Technology gadgets to monitor health

Effective training will help you spend not only the coach but one of these cool gadgets. The devices allow you to track your heart rate, and the number of steps passed per day, help you plan your time for jogging in advance, and find the perfect exercise schedule.

At No Fluff Tech, you will find the best and trending gadget reviews to monitor your health.

1. Heart Monitor Wahoo Fitness TICKR Run Heart Rate Strap

A heart monitor is a necessary device for those who play sports both professionally and at the amateur level. The device is mounted around the torso and does not interfere during training. The gadget is not just convenient, but also “informative”: thanks to his work, you can get data on heart rate.

Built-in accelerometer reads information about the style of your runs – this allows you to increase the effectiveness of training and reduce the risk of injury. Through the Wahoo mobile application, the user obtains the frequency of the steps. The portable heart monitor is compatible with fitness apps for Android and iOS.

2. Smart Scales XIAOMI Smart Scale

Xiaomi Smart Scale floor scales are convenient for the whole family – the application for the device remembers the data of each person and gives personal recommendations. A minimalist-style gadget perfectly fits into any interior.

Maximum weight – 150 kilograms. When installing the scales on a flat surface, they show the result with high accuracy – up to 100 grams. For many athletes, such subtleties matter.

Scales are synchronized with the Mi Fit application via Bluetooth (the floor gadget is compatible with iOS and Android platforms), and when connected, the program finds the device automatically. The developers took into account such detail as on / off, – after weighing in, the “smart” device goes into sleep mode.

3. Smart Helmet LIVALL BLING BH60

Helmet Livall Bling BH60 is equipped with useful features for single races and trips to the company. He will not only protect when falling from a bicycle, but he will also make a bicycle trip truly safe. Thanks to the built-in noise-canceling microphone, the helmet allows you not to be distracted by other sounds. And for the team races combines the functions of the radio and telephone.

A three-axis accelerometer detects unnatural acceleration and activates emergency light signals that indicate the need for emergency assistance to the cyclist in the event of a fall. The smartphone, which is connected to the helmet via Bluetooth, requires confirmation from the owner that everything is in order. It does not receive a positive response and sends an SOS signal to a predetermined list of contacts. This helmet function is guarantee quick help in case of injury.

The smart helmet takes over the player functions with the ability to switch tracks – the smartphone will become the source of your favorite music, and you can control the playlist with the help of a controller that is installed on the steering wheel and serves as a turn signal.

4. Fitness Tracker POLAR A360 M

Polar A360 M looks like a fashionable sports device – a stylish black device looks beautiful on your hand. At the same time, the touch screen is very bright and contrasty, plus it can be configured as conveniently as possible for the owner.

The device with gadgets on Android and iOS is “docked” and can track heart rate, and information about the intensity of training, which helps to make them as efficient as possible. The device counts how many calories are burned during a workout, based on individual owner data: gender, age, weight, and height. Polar A360 M controls sleep, and tracks indicators of its quality and time.

5. Fitness Tracker MYKRONOZ ZEFIT 3HR

Fitness tracker MyKronoz is a gadget with a full-color TFT screen, it retains clarity even in sunny weather. The tracker monitors the physical activity and quality of the owner’s rest, timely warns about calls, messages, and updates in social networks, and also reminds that the rest period was too long and the time for physical activity has come.

The device helps to find a smartphone if it is lost in the apartment. If the connection with the smartphone is interrupted, the tracker will give a loud beep, which will help prevent the theft of the smartphone. MyKronoz is a good gadget for hiking, it withstands temperature fluctuations, has short-term immersion in water, and keeps the battery for up to five days.

Latest Futuristic Technology Gadgets 2019 – Infographic Source: No Fluff Tech

Futuristic Technology Gadgets to Monitor Health.
Futuristic Technology Gadgets to Monitor Health.
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