StudioPress Review: The best WordPress themes right now?


Welcome to my StudioPress themes Review, where I will dig deeper into one of the most popular WordPress theme providers.

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WordPress websites have evolved over the years & have become the mainstay of Small & Medium Businesses. The primary reason for the WordPress website’s rising popularity is the availability of hundreds of top-quality themes & plugins.

Today, I will share my review of themes by StudioPress, one of the best WordPress theme providers. In this review, I will cover the best features of StudioPress themes, the benefits of using them, their Pros & Cons, & StudioPress Pricing. I will also share a list of the top StudioPress themes that I liked the most.

So let’s get started.

What is Studiopress?

StudioPress is a development agency that has developed Genesis Framework for WordPress websites. Genesis framework is arguably the most popular, most efficient & easy-to-use WordPress framework worldwide.

Created in 2010 by Brian Gardner, StudioPress is focused on creating & launching feather-light, attractive & highly efficient WordPress themes.

Since its inception, StudioPress has produced user-friendly, visually attractive & functional themes for all categories.

Studiopress Pro Themes
Studiopress Pro Themes

More than 500,000 websites around the globe are powered by StuidoPress themes, proof of their popularity. With 60+ templates to choose from & many plugins available, the StudioPress website is the hot-favorite destination for website developers on the hunt for great themes.

But what makes StudioPress themes so popular? StuidoPress themes come loaded with many features that make them a primary choice over other themes. Let’s look at some of the best StudioPress themes’ features.

What are the Best features of StudioPress?

What are the best features of Studiopress?
What are the best features of Studiopress?

StudioPress Themes are very popular amongst developers & website owners due for the following reasons:

1. Featherlight & Lightening Fast

No one wants to visit a sluggish & slow-loading website. Every visitor wants a website to load instantly. Imagine the consequences if your website takes an eternity (practically, more than just 4 seconds) to load. Your visitors will bounce off to your competitors. And you do not want that, right?

Enter websites designed using StudioPress themes. They are featherlight & hence, reduce your load time immensely. With simple & clutter-free codes, StuidoPress themes load within a few seconds. This converts your Website into a Lightening Fast website & stops visitors from bouncing off.

2. Mobile-friendly

A large portion of your website’s traffic comes from a mobile phone. In fact, mobile traffic accounts for almost 50% of the global web traffic. So it makes complete sense to have a mobile-friendly & responsive website.

StudioPress themes are designed specifically with this goal in mind. All of their themes are mobile-friendly & responsive. So no matter from what device your visitor accesses your Website, they will get a great User Experience. And the better User Experience means better conversion & better Growth.

3. SEO-optimized

StudioPress themes are based on the Genesis framework, which is clean, efficient & secure. Additionally, the lower load time & great user experience ensures that StudioPress themes can claim a higher ranking on Google (only if you follow other SEO guidelines strictly).

Ranking higher on Google is vital for Businesses & when you use SEO-optimized themes from StudioPress, your chances to rank higher improve. That’s one more reason to choose a StudioPress theme for your website.

4. Visually Attractive

Humans are attracted to clean, attractive & well-design products; it’s human nature. The same goes for your website. To grab a visitor’s attention, your website should be visually attractive. When you have such a stunning website, you obviously stand out from the crowd, compelling people to visit your website.

And this is where no other themes come close to the StudioPress website. Their massive collection of well-designed & highly attractive themes will blow your mind away. They have numerous options for each niche, giving you a lot of flexibility in design.

5. Customizable

When you are going with a website template instead of a customized one, you always worry about standing out. And this is a genuine concern. With so many people using the same theme, it’s possible to get lost in the crowd. But, StudioPress has well understood this problem & already comes up with the solution!

All the StudioPress themes are highly customizable. This means you can pick up any theme & customize it so much that it won’t look even remotely similar to other websites using the same theme. And all this can be done without the headache of complex coding, just with the help of Gutenberg Editor.

6. Added Security

The biggest concern of WordPress website owners is their website’s security. As the code is available to all, it is easy for hackers to take a backdoor entry & compromise your website’s security.

But with StudioPress themes along with Genesis Framework ensures almost impenetrable security. StudioPress pays a lot of attention to the security of its themes & releases updates regularly to keep websites secure. So if you have security concerns about StudioPress themes, ditch them. They are extremely secure.

7. Gutenberg-ready

You can say goodbye to the hectic, classic WordPress editor. All StudioPress themes are Gutenberg compatible. I am sure most of you are aware of Gutenberg. But for those who aren’t, Gutenberg is the latest WordPress editor. It’s a great tool for editing the latest websites with tons of visual content.

All StudioPress themes can be easily customized using Gutenberg & hence, website designing tasks can be wrapped up pretty quickly.

8. Easy Setup

Gone are the days when you had to go through the headache of installing a new theme manually & load the demo content in it. With StudioPress themes, it’s super-easy to install 7 configure them. With a one-click setup, you are ready to roll out your website with demo content within a few minutes.

But there is one thing that you must know not all StudioPress themes are one-click setup compatible. Do check whether the theme you select is compatible before and.

9. Widespread Community

StuidoPress Community consists of more than 10,000 web developers, designers & users who constantly work on their websites. Such a big community is of great help, especially when you are stuck somewhere.

You can easily reach out to them, communicate with them & get solutions to your problems. And if you are a website owner, you can get someone from the community to build you a great website. But I strongly recommend sticking to the curated list of developers prepared by StudioPress. They are reliable & trustworthy. You do not want to risk your website’s security & money, right?

10. Massive Tutorial Collection

Tutorials are very useful, especially for someone who is venturing for the first time into the waters of Web development! Sometimes even veterans need help. Thankfully, StudioPress offers a lot of material for each theme to ensure flawless development.

These tutorials cover almost every aspect of StudioPress themes, from installation & activation to customization, demo data import, & setting up the Website.

In short, with StudioPress themes, you can rest assured about the supporting documents.

11. After-sales Support

When you used to purchase any theme, you expect to get excellent support. And StudioPress doesn’t disappoint you here. Their team is excellent when it comes to support & offers multi-channel support.

So whenever you are stuck, you can always reach out to their support executives & they will offer you quick support.

What is StudioPress Pricing Structure?

StudioPress offers a varied pricing structure for its different plans. With every theme plan you purchase, you get Genesis for free, which is a prerequisite to running a StudioPress theme.

Here is the pricing structure of StudioPress themes:

  1. If you buy a StudioPress child theme, it will cost you $129.95 for a lifetime license
  2. If you buy just the Genesis Framework, it will cost you $59.95

This means buying a StudioPress theme instead of just a Genesis Framework is a better option. By doing so, you can get access to StudioPress’s best themes & can enjoy quality Genesis Framework.

What are the benefits of Studiopress Themes?

StudioPress themes are arguably the most efficient & attractive WordPress themes out there. With quality support & larger community buying, StudioPress is your best decision.

Here is the list of some benefits of choosing StudioPress Themes over others:

  • You get free access to the Genesis Framework, the best WordPress framework out there. StudioPress websites are extremely safe & secure.
  • It is designed with HTML5; hence, it is fully mobile-responsive
  • Sufficient flexibility for customization ensures your website stands out easily.
  • Bloat-free themes with minimalistic design & features
  • You become a part of the larger Genesis community, ensuring great support.
  • Clean & lightweight coding ensures your website loads quickly.
  • All StudioPress themes are Gutenberg Editor compatible.
  • StudioPress is owned by the WP Engine, which means you can rest assured about after-sales support.

What are the Cons of StudioPress themes?

  • Some website owners might find StudioPress themes a bit expensive
  • Although customization is available, different websites using the same theme might look somewhat similar
  • You’ll have to buy a lot of plugins for added features
  • Very few themes come equipped with a one-click setup.

These are just a few cons I have with using StudioPress themes. But I want to clarify that the benefits of using StudioPress themes easily outweigh the Cons.

StudioPress Themes Review: My Final Verdict

StudioPress theme is based on the Genesis framework, which is the most advanced WordPress framework. Moreover, now StudioPress is owned & managed by the WP Engine. So it enjoys robust after-sale support. Moreover, StudioPress regularly releases updates to ensure better website security based on their themes.

So, in my opinion, if you are looking for a reliable theme for your WordPress website and are ready to spend some money, StudioPress should be your primary choice. By choosing StudioPress themes, you can enjoy quality support, a super-fast Website & beautiful design.

In short, StudioPress Themes are a good choice.

Top 5 StudioPress themes

Top 5 Studiopress Themes
Top 5 Studiopress Themes

StudioPress offers a lot of theme options for websites for different niches. Here are the top 5 StudioPress themes that I liked the most:

1. Authority Pro:

This excellent StudioPress theme is very popular, especially for someone who promotes their expertise & skills.

Authority Pro Theme - Studiopress
Authority Pro Theme – Studiopress

2. Magazine Pro

This great news & magazine theme looks great for publishing photographs & news articles.

Magazine Pro Theme - Studiopress
Magazine Pro Theme – Studiopress

3. Infinity Pro

This beautiful & minimal theme can be a great choice for your business website. It looks elegant, timeless & effective.

Infinity Pro Theme - Studiopress
Infinity Pro Theme – Studiopress

4. Navigation Pro

This is a wonderful StudioPress theme designed specifically for the travel website. Its minimal design & wonderful blocks make it a good choice. 

Navigation Pro Theme - Studiopress
Navigation Pro Theme – Studiopress

5. Monochrome Pro theme

This theme can be a great choice for agencies & Businesses who want a substantial but minimal design. 

Monochrome Pro Theme - Studiopress
Monochrome Pro Theme – Studiopress

Closing Remarks

StudioPress themes are a wise choice to make if you want to grow your business with your WordPress website. Your Website reflects your business & hence, it must look impeccable. So I always prefer a good theme from a reliable developer.

I hope this StudioPress themes Review has given you a deep insight into the matter. If you are looking for more such reviews, visit our product reviews page. I am sure you will find something that will ignite some sparks!


Does StudioPress offer free themes?

No, StudioPress themes are premium; so you have to pay for it

Will I get the Genesis framework if I buy a StudioPress theme?

Yes, you will get Genesis for free.

Are StudioPress themes secure?

Yes, StudoPress themes are very secure & safe.

Can I use other themes in the Genesis framework?

Yes, but I will recommend sticking with StudioPress themes only.

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