Successful Online Business: Two Major Things Your Website Should Focus On

The main reason why you got your website was to promote your business. You want to be able to reach a wider audience, boost sales, attract new clients, and increase revenue. However, having a business website is insufficient. You also need to consider the design. The design is crucial as this is what your visitors will pass judgement on before making any purchase decisions.

The website designer should know that it goes beyond just choosing the right colour of matching templates for your brand. The web designer should prioritise user experience that will ensure that website visitors will respond to a call to action. Here are two reasons why choosing website design in Manchester by will ensure that your site is profitable to your business:


  • Content should be well-researched and placed. Your clients come to your site to look for information. If your web designer is sloppy in creating content then you can be assured that the visitors will cease coming to your website. You need to ensure that there is a well-written sales material to attract and retain customers.
  • Matching theme colours. Colours can invite or detract visitors. Your designer should have a good sense of blending colours that are neither too bright that they hurt the eyes, nor too dull and lousy to discourage customers from making a purchasing decision.
  • The Contact Page should be visible. This is very critical as it will help your business gain leads as well as future customers. The designer should make sure that it is active in capturing every lead. He/she should also make it very inviting as it is the key to increasing your sales.
  • Easy Navigation. The designer you choose should first create a blueprint of the site to help in better organisation of the landing pages and the site pages. The last thing you want is for visitors to get lost in your website. Each page should be in line with your content; this way your visitors will know that they are still in the same website and have not been moved to another website. In addition, your website should have minimal buttons (maximum 8) at the navigation bar which should be set in the upper fold.
  • Page load speed. If your website will have an e-commerce component, then it ought to have faster page load speeds, preferably 4 seconds or less. If your website is slow, you may as well part ways with your hard-earned traffic. Your web designer will ensure that he steers away from adding to the background, large and high quality images. He/she will also avoid using Flash as not all users will be utilising high speed internet connection. In addition, he/she will have a minimal number of videos, pictures, or auto-play music.


A website that cannot be reached easily by potential customers is one that cannot bring in tidy sales. Your designer should improve your web presence by using SEO services. When customers are able to find your website easily, they will trust it more. To achieve this, the website should have appropriate and correct Meta data including keywords, Meta description, and a Meta title that can be placed in the site’s HTML code.


If you lack the technical skills for designing a website, you can consult a reputable web design company to do the legwork for you. A poorly designed website will be more of a liability than an asset to your business. Therefore, ensure you hire the right professionals to design one for you.

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