Uber: A smart and reliable way to get from A to B

Uber is an application that can be installed on both Android and iOS operating systems. To travelers and passengers, it is an efficient way to move from one point to another, and, to drivers, it is all about a referral service.

This application connects taxi drivers and passengers using the apps, GPS navigation system. Through the application, the passenger is able to identify the closest driver, send them a message meanwhile the passenger can also keep track of when the driver will arrive through the navigation system.

Once the driver arrives, the passenger can also verify the driver’s identity. Normally charges are paid directly through the application, which has to be linked to a credit card, no cash required. The application deducts between 5 to 20 percent and then deposits the rest of the money to the driver’s bank account. The service is completely cashless.

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The man behind Uber

About five years ago, Travis Kalanick launched his Uber startup in the city of San Francisco.

Through time, he has grown the company and it has turned to be one of the most successful in Silicon Valley. Travis Kalanick Company operates in more than 300 cities around the world in more than 58 countries.

Forbes magazine has rated Travis Kalanick as one of the world’s billionaires with a net worth of more than $5.3 billion.

Have you heard of Uber angels and Uber kittens?

UberAngel is a service directed towards drunk drivers, in which they offer someone to drive your car home for you. With this service, you can contact an Uber driver to ensure that you arrive at your home safely.

Uber kittens are also one of Uber’s latest services. This service lets you order kittens for 30 dollars. You can either order them for a cuddling session where they will be returned back or even order them as a pet for yourself. This is perhaps a wake-up for all cat lovers who would like to have an adorable kitten beside them.

The inside story of Uber’s rebranding

Part of Uber’s rebranding involved changing the logo. Instead of the usual U-shaped logo, they introduced a hexagon-like symbol. Users found this change inconvenient, especially when they couldn’t find the U-shaped symbol only to find out that it no longer exists!

Changing the colors has been perhaps the biggest effect. The colors have been changed to reflect each and every country. If you are using the app in India the color is turquoise, in china the color is red, dark teal in the United States, and several other colors for various cities. Once the application is opened, it will welcome you with an animated design.

In this state of confusion, many Uber users have resulted on the Internet, more so on social media to vent their disapproval for the logo revamps. Now that the familiar U has been replaced by another icon, many users feel that it will be difficult to identify Uber. Nevertheless, the company has defended itself and claimed that this rebranding move was meant to cement the company’s reputation and also change the way people perceive it.

However, this defense has not stopped the negative chatter in social media. Many people have even opted to call this move the failure of the century.

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uber 02-02-2016 21.41 from Martin Strolka on Vimeo.

Bits and Atoms | Uber

Bits and Atoms | Uber from Uber on Vimeo.

Evidently, a brand should think twice before rebranding, because it involves transforming the entire brand’s image. Although this move might be beneficial for Uber’s long-term goals for global expansion, they should have reevaluated their rebranding strategy, by taking their customers, feedback into consideration.

When redesigning a brand it is crucial that the company accommodates its clientele’s needs. Furthermore, like all other corporations, Uber has a moral obligation towards their users and consumers, it is important to inform them of the company’s plans, and in this case, the changes the corporation underwent had a direct impact on the everyday user.

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