The 3 Best Websites for Interviewing With Your Next Employer

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According to data that Glassdoor compiled and Inc. Magazine reported, each white-collar job posting brings in around 250 applicants. With such stiff competition, you must research the companies and choose the ones that are the best fit for your personal work style and career goals.

There’s nothing worse than taking a new job only to discover you’re going to be miserable because you’re out of sync with the corporate culture. Take a look at the three best websites to research before interviewing with your next employer.

Get the Inside Scoop from Glassdoor

Data from Quantcast shows Glassdoor gets more than 18 million unique visitors per month, and the website is the 71st most popular in the U.S. It’s no wonder this site is a popular one.

It’s a gold mine of information from current and former employees who share a broad range of information, including anecdotes, salaries, and pros/cons. Also, users can choose to recommend a company based on their experience and can rate the organization’s prospects based on their knowledge.

Browse the Glassdoor information for Eastman Chemical Company, a Fortune 350 company with a global footprint. There are more than 1,000 reviews, nearly 650 salary reports, and 123 accounts of onsite interview experiences.

Not only does this website give you valuable information to help you decide whether to apply, but it also provides insights to help you succeed if you score an interview with the company.

Gain Quick Insights With Indeed

Indeed offers clear information and a star-based rating system to help you assess quickly whether a company is the kind of place you want to work. In addition to reviews from staff past and present, Indeed collects and provides information on pay levels.

If you check out the Assurant review page from Indeed, you’ll see a quick rating assessment that provides an overall score that’s also broken down to show you how many ratings Assurant has earned at each star level. There are also scores for important aspects such as corporate culture, job security, management, and work-life balance.

Learn if Company Will Make You Happy With Career Bliss

You can learn a great deal about a company by looking at how happy its employees are. Similar to Glassdoor and Indeed, Career Bliss is a website that amasses reviews and feedback on businesses. This site aims to differentiate itself by giving companies a Bliss Score, which comes from a company’s ratings on factors contributing to worker happiness.

Go to the page for IBM on Career Bliss, and you find ratings for workplace satisfaction factors such as rewards, co-workers, growth opportunities, and company culture. There are more than 2,200 reviews on this page. There’s a graphic at the top that shows you what percentage of reviewers awarded IBM five stars, four stars, and so on.

When you’re ready to look for your next job, be sure to use one of these popular employee review sites to get an insider perspective on companies that interest you. In the end, it may steer you away from firms that aren’t right for you.

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