The Art Of Living By Bob Proctor Book Review

The art of living by Bob Proctor book review

The Art Of Living is a game changer, it is a book that will tap into your essence as a human. It is definitely for the ones who are spiritually inclined or want to explore their true potential as spiritual beings.

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Proctor’s speeches are combined in harmony and topically to explain the various ways in which we can conquer our mindsets and understand the world for what it truly is. This book is liberating.

All the power in the universe is 100 percent evenly present in all places at the same time. You’ve got it! You’ve got all the knowledge.

Bob Proctor

The Art of Living Book Structure/Format

The Art of Living book is divided into 23 classes, each covering a topic, a concept, a mindset, or a practical method to follow. These chapters or classes are fairly short and quick to read. Proctor’s speeches are structured in a buildable manner, wherein he shares his own life story and how he navigated life through lessons and changes of perceptions he gathered along the way from people and books he read.

Each of these classes will motivate you to make a change, some of the titles include; ‘Whatever it is, you can get it’, ‘Our most powerful force’, ‘Money is a magnifier’, ‘Think dreams to reality’, ‘Our only source of supply’ and more.

In some of the chapters, we can read conversations Bob has had with his audience, the questions they asked him, and his reply to them. This book is not written in a one-sided knowledge parting way, it is written verbatim of his seminars and speeches and that makes it extra special for the reader.

Bob Proctor is known as the greatest prosperity teacher in America and this book will give you clear exposure to his ideology, he’s a living example of all his teachings put into action.

The preface and afterword of the book should not be missed, the book was written by his business partner Sandra Gallagher. The preface of the book is written by her and brings the book into context.

Notable Positive Features

The book is essentially verbatim picked from the many training seminars Bob Proctor has done. They’re compiled together and segmented under chapters. What makes the book incredibly easy to read is this style, it’s quick to read, easy to understand, and packs a lot of punch in each paragraph.

Readers can find a lot of substance in the book not only in the specific topics he’s discussing like wealth generation, or setting goals and achieving goals, but you can apply them to your life no matter what situation you’re in. 

Another great feature in the book is the various authors and books Proctor quotes, it brings his points home and also opens up new areas to explore for readers.

People don’t want to struggle. They’re struggling because they’re not aware of how to eliminate the struggle.

Bob Proctor

Negatives of the book

If you’re not someone who is spiritual at all and doesn’t believe in a higher being, then you will not be able to take anything from this book. It will seem weird, and illogical to you. Also, if you’re spiritual but not open to concepts of spirituality, or rigid in your thinking, it will be difficult to open your mind to what Proctor is discussing.

In case you are spiritual but definitive to only what your specific religion says, you may find it difficult to digest or would need to reset your ideas into your own religious beliefs to fully absorb them. Proctor quotes a lot of books, and shares wisdom from people he has met, at times the book looks more like him sharing something not original to them, even though it would work.


Bob Proctor brings together all his wisdom on how to live life fruitfully without any hesitation or restrictions. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to explore the world and how successful people become successful. Make sure you go, full nerd, while reading this one, sit with a pencil or highlighter, or simply bookmark pages you found inspiring.

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About the author

Bob Proctor was a Canada-based world-famous self-help author and lecturer. His story of being poor to become a millionaire is an inspiration for people across the globe. He has written several books over the course of his career and is best known for his New York Times best-selling book You Were Born Rich.

Apart from being an author, he also worked as a counselor, advisor, and public speaker. Bob Proctor’s training webinars are available online on his website.

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