Top 9 Virtual Assistant Service Providers Globally

Top virtual assistant services globally

Virtual Assistant firms have become a very significant part of the life of all businessmen in our current digital era.

A Virtual Assistant can help everyone, from entrepreneurs to small business owners and even professionals in executive positions. Your Virtual Assistant will carry out any tasks you don’t have time to complete, anything outside your expertise, or anything that keeps you away from core-business activities.

This allows you to devote all your time and energy to the tasks that actually need your time and attention, which only you can do.

Finding a skilled and qualified Virtual Assistant is the challenging part. With the overwhelming number of Virtual Assistant firms offering their services, it’s difficult to know where to hire your best Virtual Assistant. So, we’ve made a list of the best Virtual Assistant service providers that suit your needs and budget.

What exactly does a Virtual Assistant do?

A Virtual Assistant is an outsourced contractor who works remotely, sometimes from their home office or co-working space, depending on their preference and comfort. Clients can delegate work to their Virtual Assistant, saving them time and allowing them to focus on more important activities, whether in their professional or personal lives.

Working with a Virtual Assistant has various advantages. These advantages include much lower wages, flexible work hours and the opportunity to obtain support 24/7, the potential to work with global talent who are experts in their fields, and access to a diverse spectrum of skills you may not have.

A Virtual Assistant is a professional who relieves your workload by taking on more time-consuming or recurrent activities. Virtual Assistant providers have grown in popularity, especially in recent years, since remote work has become the norm and will continue to grow.

Virtual Assistants are more of an investment than an expense. With the appropriate Virtual Assistant, entrepreneurs can give their time to growth strategy and other core business duties, knowing that their routine tasks are in good hands.

Some of the tasks that you can assign to your Virtual Assistant include:

  • Managing your inbox
  • Scheduling your meetings
  • Co-ordinating with clients
  • Answer customer queries
  • Managing your calendar
  • Keeping your website updated
  • Taking care of social media marketing
  • Making your travel arrangements
  • Planning your itineraries when you’re travelling
  • Writing content
  • Conducting market research
  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Personal assistants can handle your tasks outside the office.

Best Virtual Assistant Service Providers


Wishup provides virtual assistant services where affordability meets quality. Wishup was launched with a mission to connect US-based entrepreneurs, executives, and small business owners to a pool of the most talented Virtual Assistants in the industry.

So how do they guarantee the best talent?

They personally hand-pick, vet, and hire the top 1% of applicants to ensure their clients receive top-quality services.

A client success manager is there to assist you right from the consultation stage. You can list your requirements during the call and get paired with the best Virtual Assistant in less than 24 hours. They primarily hire college graduates with relevant industry experience so that they can help start growing your business from day one.

There is also a 100% no-questions-asked replacement policy in the case your primary Virtual Assistant is unavailable to ensure that your work is not impacted.

Top features include:

  • Instant replacement policy.
  • Both Indian and US-based Virtual Assistants.
  • Virtual Assistants are trained in 70+ tools during their hiring process.
  • Daily updates and EOD reports to easily track work done by your Virtual Assistant.

Services they specialize in – Administrative tasks, social media marketing, bookkeeping, and software testing.

Plans start at – $12/hour.

Remote CoWorker

Based in Florida, Remote CoWorker is a Virtual Assistant company that lets small business owners, start-ups, and executives of all kinds operate with little expenditure while obtaining the opportunity to buy time.

You get the gift of time to concentrate on critical aspects of your business while the balance of your job is still being completed. This organization provides agents that can fit into many sectors and execute any work assigned to them.

Remote CoWorker has been helping businesses for close to a decade and, in those years, has built a solid network of talented Virtual Assistants. You can interview as many Virtual Assistants until you are matched with the one that suits your needs the most.

Throughout your association with the company’s services, you will be allotted an account manager to see if the work done by your Virtual Assistant is up to your standards and expectations.

Services they specialize in: – Bookkeeping, Real Estate related tasks, BPO.

Plans start at – $6.99/hour.


WoodBows provides dedicated Virtual Assistants based mainly in the Philippines or India. The company personally picks the Virtual Assistant applicants it receives and hires only college-educated candidates.

They constantly have high ratings from their clients and long-term partnerships with several big names, such as Edge Tech and Spicy Carnita. Chelini, Goldin U, and EasyTurf. In addition to their high ratings, they have an impressive client retention percentage of 98.9%.

Services they specialize in: – Bookkeeping, digital and social media marketing, real estate, software development, customer service, and content writing.

Plans start at – $7.49/hour.


Belay recruits world-class assistants and takes pride in equipping its clientele with experienced, U.S.-based, highly qualified Virtual Assistants, providing entry-level and top-level experts in their fields. Belay assigns each customer a Virtual Assistant carefully selected based on the client’s requirements to assure success and a mutually beneficial professional relationship. These requirements are discussed before allotment.

The contract is managed by a relationship manager who is there to make sure things are running smoothly. Though Belay is based in the United States, the company provides the best virtual personal assistant services in several languages. They also ensure that their Virtual Assistants are trained in all the tools you use in your business before they are allotted to you.

Based on the Virtual Assistant’s expertise, pricing is done on a quotation basis. Because they deal with highly qualified specialists, Belay is one of the more expensive Virtual Assistant service providers on this list.

Services they specialize in – website design, bookkeeping, social media marketing, and executive/personal virtual assistance.

Plans start at – $38/hour.


With a worldwide crew spanning Asia and Central America and headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Prialto offers Virtual Assistant services to top executives and entrepreneurs.

Prialto specializes in offering Virtual Assistants who are educated in several of the most popular software products commonly used in offices worldwide. If you use software they are unaware of, the company takes it upon themselves to train them, bearing all the costs themselves.

Instead of offering just a Virtual Assistant, Prialto provides customers with a dedicated team that includes a customer manager, a Virtual Assistant, and a team supervisor. There is even a backup assistant in case your primary assistant is unavailable.

Prialto’s Virtual Assistants operate in offices with security monitoring and other measures to ensure complete safety. In addition, all client interactions are tracked, so there is no room for miscommunication throughout the contract.

Services they specialize in – Prialto cater primarily to executives and offers assistance in sales, administration, and operations.

Plans start at $1350/month.


Upwork is a global gig platform where you can recruit Virtual Assistants to execute as-needed jobs without committing to a monthly plan. Other clients rate virtual assistants, so it’s advisable to carefully review ratings and comments before engaging with a Virtual Assistant for any work.

Because Virtual Assistants are located worldwide, you can access global talent from any region, fluent in whatever language you need. The disadvantage compared to other organizations is the absence of a client success manager.

If a Virtual Assistant is unable to perform the task on schedule or tries but fails to meet your expectations, you are responsible for finding a substitute. The training responsibility also falls on you. Upwork charges by the project or by the hour, depending on the Virtual Assistant you employ and your mutual agreement.

Services they specialize in – Upwork offer virtual assistants a wide range of services, i.e. design and animation, video editing marketing, and software testing.

Plans start at the pricing depending on the individual Virtual Assistant, but usually, the prices range between $15-30/hour.


Based in India, GetFriday Virtual Assistants considerably simplify business operations. The company provides businesses with Virtual Assistant services in India and other countries as well.

The company allows you to pay Virtual Assistants services either through a monthly contract or based on individual tasks. In addition, their staff has flexible work timings and is available 24/7 to answer any consumers’ questions.

You may reach out to your Virtual Assistant anytime by email, phone, or any other internal communication software your office uses. Your Virtual Assistants will stay in touch through all project stages and update you when the task is finished.

Services they specialize in: Secretarial duties, online research, travel planning, and personal tasks.

Plans start at $7/hour for their basic monthly plan.


Fancy Hands has founded its business on proactive engagement and quick delivery for quick but repetitive tasks that take up huge chunks of your day.

They provide personal and professional Virtual Assistants that can help you in and outside the office. Their prices are based on the number of services provided, rather than an hourly cost. Therefore, longer tasks may be priced higher.

They cater to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and executives and work with big teams to provide remote assistance. In addition, you can work with a new VA each time or establish a long-term partnership with one Virtual Assistant.

Services they specialize in – scheduling, inbox management, cold calling, research, and travel planning, among other administrative tasks.

Plans start at $17/month for their basic monthly plan.


MYVA360‘s Virtual Assistants are located worldwide and speak numerous languages. The agency will match you with a Virtual Assistant based on your industry and the specific tasks you require.

If your assigned Virtual Assistant is away or unable to make it to work, the firm will pair you with a trained substitute. Furthermore, you can even hire multiple Virtual Assistants if the workload is heavy. To see if you want to subscribe to their services, they have a 4-hour trial period you can use for a week.

You can pick a package put together by the company, or design your own plan if you have specific requirements. They have offices worldwide, including Vaughan, Miami, and London.

Services they specialize in: Graphic design, sales, social media and administrative tasks.

Plans start at $360/month.

Ready to grow your business with a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a trusty and reliable asset that will help you manage routine tasks and help you find time to focus on important tasks that will benefit your company in the long run.

Research is crucial as it helps you understand the industry and helps you make an informed decision. We hope you gained insight from this blog and will consider working with a Virtual Assistant to grow your business.

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