8 Reasons Your Startup Needs A Virtual Assistant Today

Hire a virtual assistant for your startup!

Ever wondered how the entrepreneurial giants are ruling the business landscape without breaking the bank?

Or, how are the solopreneurs managing piles of workload without spending their entire days sitting in the office?

Well, there’s no secret sauce to that.

There’s just one excellent solution.

Virtual assistance!

The traditional office setup has been replaced by remote work over the last few years, and business owners are starting to see the advantages of hiring remote workers. However, finding an employee who respects and understands what you are doing as a startup can take substantial time and effort for a startup owner.

Furthermore, hiring an employee means burdening your pockets and resources–with all the perks, medical benefits, insurance, and 401K benefits. So, of course, this is not the most dependable option to start with.

The solution here is to leverage outsourcing and hire a virtual assistant. There are multiple reasons why this is the most viable option for a startup, and this blog will discuss them all in depth.

If you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey, let’s take a minute to understand the role of a virtual assistant.

What is a virtual assistant’s role?

Top virtual assistant services globally
Top virtual assistant services globally.

Hiring a virtual assistant is the most practical option if you want someone with excellent time management skills and who can handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Virtual assistants work remotely while managing various tasks for companies and business owners.

Typically, VAs are in charge of mundane, recurring, and non-core tasks like making appointments, taking notes during meetings, managing emails, and taking phone calls.

Some virtual assistants are also skilled in managing more complex tasks like bookkeeping, executive assistance, etc. Small business owners and startups can save a ton of time by delegating these tasks to a virtual assistant.

You can also hire remote professionals for software testing and software development through virtual assistance agencies such as Wishup.

Why should you hire a virtual assistant for your startup?

Virtual assistants come with a wide range of skill sets and experience, which can be instrumental in the growth of your business. When it comes to start-ups, hiring a virtual assistant makes immense sense for the following reasons:

Increasing better business performance demands by investors and associates can increase the stress levels of start-up owners and lead to lower morale and productivity. In stressful situations, the need of the hour is to approach all your projects and tasks in an organized and efficient manner for better results.

Hiring a virtual assistant can help you improve your productivity. Moreover, you can also delegate tasks to them which don’t require your direct intervention. That can lead to substantial time savings for you, which can be used to grow the business.

As your tasks get better managed and work productivity improves, there will be less pressure on the team to achieve their goals, leading to lower stress levels and better productivity.

Saves you tons of money

As an entrepreneur and start-up owner, your time is much more valuable and needs to be spent on growing the business rather than checking emails and scheduling meetings.

Moreover, hiring virtual assistants will substantially reduce your overhead costs as you don’t need to invest in office space, equipment, office supplies, etc. In addition to being significantly less expensive than hiring a full-time domestic employee, hiring the right virtual assistant also has lower management, development, and training costs.

Moreover, when you hire a virtual assistant, you don’t have to worry about any tax payments, medical benefits, etc., leading to substantial savings for your organization.

Adds hours to your day

Time is the most valuable resource for every entrepreneur, as they have multiple things to attend to daily. However, if you don’t spend time to think strategically, form strategic partnerships, and develop innovative ideas, then you won’t be able to grow your business to the levels you want.

The majority of business owners, however, end up spending their days buried in menial tasks like email management and scheduling meetings. Hiring a virtual assistant will add more productive time to your day and help you focus on things that can help you scale your business.

Better work-life balance

A healthy mindset is one of the most critical components of entrepreneurial success, and it can only be attained through a healthy work-life balance. Always remember that your company’s success depends on you being mentally alert and full of energy.

Studies have shown that people who enjoy a better work-life balance are more successful, so make the right move and start prioritizing your work goals.

So here’s some advice: if you’re getting a little too swamped with piled-up tasks or to-do lists, causing you to become disorganized and accomplish less – a virtual assistant can help! You can simply assign them daily tasks while focusing on your work and personal life.

Flexible timings

A regular employee follows a set work schedule. But sometimes, when a task needs to be completed quickly, you may need them after regular business hours. This could lead to high overtime costs, which could prove expensive in the long run for your business.

Here, a VA might come in handy. 

Virtual assistants can set their schedules as per your business requirements. So you can count on them whenever necessary. Secondly, some of them live in a different time zone from yours, so you can use the time zone advantage to assign tasks at the end of your day and get them completed and ready to review the next working day.

Enhances your services/products

Understanding your customer’s needs and keeping an eye on your market are aspects of running a successful business. VAs can serve as the ears and eyes of your target market and help enhance your services.

Additionally, virtual assistants can keep an eye on your competition, monitor social media conversations, and solicit feedback from your current clientele. A VA can present this data in an easy-to-understand report format, which will help you enhance customer service and business operations.

They can also add your product catalogs on e-commerce websites and update them regularly to increase your sales.

The best talent available

As we have discussed above, virtual assistants bring a plethora of advantages to the table.

But what’s the best part?

Being able to access professionals from across the globe.

Remote working has opened the door to a global pool of professionals within your budget by simply removing the geographical boundaries and the traditional office setup. You can hire qualified and experienced professionals from your locale.

Moreover, virtual assistants have global exposure and work with different industries. The knowledge they have of local markets can be used to your advantage for launching in those markets and growing your business across the globe.

Easy to scale

To put it mildly, a startup operates in an unstable environment. Its fortunes can change quickly. Hiring and retaining a good team can be challenging in such a scenario. In times of downturn, you may need to fire some, while at the same time, you may not be able to hire the best talent quickly in case your business starts to grow.

Having employees who can be quickly onboarded to meet unexpected changes in demand sounds like a good idea if your startup always operates in a constantly evolving environment. Compared to how long it would take to hire an employee through the standard channels, virtual assistants can be selected and onboarded much more quickly.

Since virtual assistants are also trained in different skill sets, you do not need to spend time training them. Just look for virtual assistants with the skill sets you need and get them onboard to start growing your business.

Virtual assistants can improve your business!

Starting a business is challenging. If startup owners really want to see their unique venture survive the brutal startup economy, they must be in “game-on mode” since the beginning.

Hiring a virtual assistant can positively impact your business and help you be more productive. It can be the quickest path to removing a burden from your shoulders and preventing burnout while increasing the efficiency of your organization.

If you are worried about whether a virtual assistant can add value to your business, then just look for Wishup. As one of the pioneers in virtual assistant services, Wishup offers a no questions asked refund/replacement policy, just in case you are not satisfied with the skills/services of the virtual assistant assigned to your organization.

Wishup also offers a 7-day trial period, wherein you can evaluate the effectiveness of the virtual assistant in managing your day-to-day tasks and other specialized skill sets.

As a growing startup, you need all the support you can get. Hiring a virtual assistant will be one of the best investments you can make toward achieving your business goals.

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