The Smart Way to Buy Gold Pendants!

Anyone who has ever adorned a gold chain must have felt the itch to buy a pendant, at some time or the other. What makes gold pendants so irresistible is the fact that they are so diverse.

Big, small, traditional, funky, plain, jewel-encrusted, engraved, or plain – the variety is enough to make your head turn. Gold pendants make excellent gifts, particularly for women. So, whether it’s a wedding anniversary, a birthday, or Valentine’s, you can find just the right pendant to gift someone you love.

Whether you want to purchase a gold cross pendant for someone else or for yourself, it pays to have some idea about what you’re going to buy. With gold becoming dearer by the day, it is quite easy to fall for scams and frauds. Here are a few tips that will help you buy gold pendants, the smart way!

The first thing you have to understand when you decide to buy gold pendants is that pendants are not the same as charms, though the terms are used interchangeably. A charm is smaller in size and is designed to hang from a bracelet or a chain. On the other hand, pendants are larger and are designed to hang from chains or necklaces. A more important difference is this: charms are generally used for luck; pendants do not really have any such significance.

You have two choices – your local store or the e-store. Both have their advantages. With the local store, you can be 100% sure of the quality. When you shop for jewelry sets online, the risks are more unless you choose very carefully. However, the great advantage of online shopping is the fantastic price discounts you can avail of. Online shops offer you the same quality at hefty discounts – sometimes up to 65% off. And you don’t even have to step out of your house to make your purchase.

If you’re buying gold, you need to know your karats. 24k is pure gold and you won’t be buying 24k gold pendants because 24K gold is malleable and soft. 14k is the most popular variety of gold sold in the US. Gold that is designated as 14k contains approximately 59% gold. The rest is an added alloy, which helps to make the jewelry durable and strong.

Gold comes in white color too! This is because manufacturers add palladium or nickel to it. White gold pendants are stunning and look wonderful when they are encrusted with diamonds or pearls.

The price of gold pendants for men depends on two things: the rate of gold and artistic value. On most websites, the total cost is listed per item. However, at times, you may also find the cost per gram. In that case, you will have to add the cost of the total weight of gold and the cost of design/cutting to get the total cost of the pendant. In this regard, please keep in mind that some finished items may have an artistic value that is greater than the cost of gold in them!

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