4 tips that will help you choose a nursing home for your loved one

Tips to choose the right nursing home

It goes without saying that you have your loved ones’ best interests at heart. You always want what’s best for them and you’ll do anything to help them enjoy a fulfilled and happy life for as long as possible.

Sadly, that sometimes means making the painful decision to reach out to residential care and having your loved one live in a nursing home setting.

It’s a difficult moment for any family, but you can also take solace and comfort from placing your loved one in a facility that takes pride in helping people lead happy, fulfilled lives.

Choosing a nursing home isn’t easy. With so much to consider, it’s normal to feel a little daunted. So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered 4 tips that will help you choose a nursing home for your loved one.

Reviews are important

The best way to gauge if the nursing home is right for your loved one is by speaking with residents, their families, and checking out online reviews. Find out if they’ve ever had any allegations of abuse brought against them (in which case it is best to get in touch with a nursing home injury lawyer).

You’re sure to find more honest and straightforward reviews about the nursing home and their services online, rather than asking the staff directly.

Consider care specialisms

What kind of assistance does your loved one need? Do they need specific care? Of course, all of the staff will be qualified to administer basic care, but you’ll need to look for a team who have a specific set of qualifications, so if they need something in particular such as dementia care or mental health issues they will be catered to. Make sure you do plenty of research into their qualifications and experience.

Consider what the facility has to offer

Even if your loved one isn’t mobile and needs round-the-clock care, they shouldn’t be just confined to a room. Large gardens where they can enjoy fresh air, regular activities, and stimulation, as well as the opportunity to meet new people and make friends are all vital for a happy and fulfilled life.

Watch the staff

When you go to visit a nursing home, watch the staff and how they interact with the residents. Are they patient? Efficient in their roles, yet kind and caring? Do they speak to residents with respect? Do they knock before entering the rooms of the residents? All of these little indicators will help you know if this is the right nursing home for your loved one.

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