How To Drive Your Classic Car in Winter

Driving Classic Car in Winter

With the perfect vehicle at your command and the ideal custom accessories, there’s no stopping you. When you have it all, the big questions in life are already answered, or maybe they just don’t seem so important when you’re cruising in your classic car.

Whether it’s a 1961 Jaguar E-Type, a 1969 Boss 429 Mustang, or the classic car of your choice, you know what it’s like to cruise in style. You also know that the right accessories, such as a tailor-made car cover or a custom sun shade for car protection, increase your enjoyment and safeguard your impressive vehicle from sun, hail, debris, and more.

Extend Cruising Season

Summer is a great time to take your vehicle out for a spin, but that might not be enough for some drivers. Although winter cruising might seem like a radical concept, it’s doable with a little forethought. Follow these tips for keeping your car safe during winter driving:

  • Check the battery to make sure it has enough juice to handle the cold
  • Keep an eye out for distracted, crummy drivers
  • Pick a nice day when the snow isn’t flying
  • Switch to winter tires to maneuver on slippery surfaces
  • Drive at slow speeds to let the engine warm-up
  • Add some corrosion protection to protect the paint job

When you’re done for the day, spend a little extra tender care of your baby before tucking it in for the night. Wipe off accumulated moisture and grit with a soft cloth and pay special attention to the undercarriage. Wipe off wheel wells and be sure to dry afterward to prevent ice formation.

When you’re all done, slip on your choice of best outdoor car covers for some added protection and warmth. The perfect car cover provides water resistance and UV protection.

The best covers can be used indoors, too, and are made of soft, durable, and breathable materials. They are washer safe, easy to store, and come with soft linings that caress your car’s paint job.

Increase Your Options

Your car is one-of-a-kind so it makes perfect sense to look for custom outdoor car covers. These will fit your car like a glove, as they come in over 100,000 patterns, so yours will be made for your year/make/model.

It will come with superior dust, pollutant, and moisture protection while remaining highly breathable. Rain runs off the cover and dries in roughly 10 minutes. The best car covers are designed to stand up to tough weather such as intense sun fields and coastal zones with wind and salt spray.

While a car cover is essential to protect your classic car, other accessories are available to make things interesting. Quality steering wheel covers and floor mats and liners dress up the interior, while mirrors, deflectors, and bike racks add style and functionality to your auto.

Car care and detailing products put the gleam back on your headlights, mirrors, and glass surfaces. You and your car deserve the best, so shop at a place that offers a large inventory of great products at low prices.

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