Top Oracle Certifications And Courses In Demand?

The demand for Oracle professionals in the job market is too high these days. As per the data available more than 1.9 million Oracle certified professionals are working in different parts of the world and handling extremely important data management systems in different industries. You can become a part of this big movement through a proper Oracle certification.

Oracle certification: An investment towards future

Oracle Certification is a great way to boost up your career. It takes strong in depth knowledge and your hard work to pass the certification of the Oracle. Some benefits of the Oracle certifications are as follows:

  • Help you in getting the extensive technical knowledge of Database management, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Solaris, Oracle Security System
  • Enhances your expertise in implementing, developing and administering critical systems.
  • Motivates you and enhance your technical skills as well as knowledge
  • Helps you to gain much better position in your present organization

Top Oracle courses on demand

Oracle courses can be differentiated in different categories like the following ones:

  • Oracle Middleware
  • Oracle Golden Gate
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Oracle Database Security
  • Oracle Solaris 10
  • Oracle Solaris 11
  • Oracle Solaris Cloud
  • Oracle Data Administration
  • Oracle Linux
  • Programming and Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Integration
  • Oracle Apex
  • Oracle Virtualization Management
  • Big data and Hadoop with Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Oracle E-business
  • My SQL Developer Training
  • Java EE

Some of the best courses in these large categories of certification are as follows:

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Install and Upgrade: This course is meant for getting skill on how to perform a new single server installation and then employ add host and add functionality to discover the targets on a host.
  • Oracle Database 11g: Security DBA Release 2 Training Course: This course and certification develop the skill to choose the best security solution for Oracle database, audit database users, and privileges, audit DML statements, and application of proxy authentication, etc.
  • Oracle GoldenGate Director 11g essential training course: This course and certification help to develop a strong skill and practical knowledge on GoldenGate Architecture, install GoldenGate director client, access GoldenGate Director Administrator, manage data source, and many more.
  • Oracle Database 12c: OCA DBA Certification: It is meant for building and managing storage structure, installing Oracle grid infrastructure, monitoring and trouble database system, configuring the network, and many more.
  • Oracle e Business Asset Management Training Course: This course and corresponding certification develop skills in various facets of Oracle Asset Management, Asset Control Set up, Manual asset addition, set up depreciation, set up taxation, and many more.

Besides, Oracle E Business Suite courses on Financial subjects, and Oracle E Business Suite Courses on SCM, Oracle E Business Suite on Human Capital Management, MySQL Developer Training Certificate Training Course are also popular among the experienced professionals and new entrants in IT industry.

How to go for a training and certification?

Students and professionals willing to get Oracle certification must look for the best training providers who offers a comprehensive training program in the chosen fields. The examinations for the certifications are quite lengthy and challenging. For appearing in any of these examinations, trainees need to complete the corresponding course and follow the instructions of the experienced trainers.

So, once you have decided the certification you want to opt, you must choose a reputed Oracle training company that can provide a comprehensive training on your chosen certification. Working with Oracle is always exciting and challenging for an IT professional. A certification helps to build a strong career in this field.

Published by Michael Warne

Michael Warne is a tech blogger and an expert in Oracle certification training. He has an experience of 5 years in the Oracle certified professionals industry, and has worked as a certified for top-notch IT companies.

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