Travel Tech for All-Over Connectivity

Connectivity while travelling

Critical to your continued business growth and profit, you must remain connected while you travel. With a long list of apps and tools available to facilitate connection to your home office, you don’t have to treat travel as a necessary evil anymore. Now you can travel and work at the same time.

Here are a few of the hottest international business tools available in 2015.

Connect Anywhere

If you are constantly on the go, you are likely familiar with the inconvenience of unreliable Internet connectivity, restrictions, regulations, and mandates in the various locations you visit. Eliminate the stress of finding your nearest hotspot by trying Iridium Go!, a device designed to allow you to create a hotspot anywhere on the planet.

No need to hunt far and wide for a nearby cell tower; pack this portable device with you on your next trip, and you’ll be able to attend meetings, access documents, and cruise the information highway with no pesky interruptions. Not only will your productivity benefit, but so will your peace of mind.

Communicate Effectively

Invest in a method of communication that allows you to continue the flow of discussion beyond your office. If you make it possible to communicate globally, you let your employees know how much you care and value their input. This sends the message that even if they cannot be at the office, they can still engage in meetings and discussions.

To this end, consider Skype for business, a collaborative tool that allows you to chat, conference call, and send documents through its interface and make sure to have internet service while traveling. By making communication easy, you make staying in touch and communicating across your enterprise a priority.

Keep the Books in Check

Track your expenses so that you are able to accurately update your books and stay within your budget. Be aware of your travel costs so you can determine how much value you bring to your organization. If you pay attention, you may realize that the cost of travel is not as beneficial as organizing a call from your home office and allowing your clients or partners to connect remotely.

You can’t go wrong by making smart investments for your time and money. To help you keep travel costs at the forefront of your mind, check out Expensify, a smartphone app that can track your expenses, create invoices, and process requests for travel without the burden of manually inputting each item. Not only will it make your life easier, but your finance department will appreciate how convenient it is to obtain data, with just the click of a button.

Insider Knowledge of Any City

You will need to find a place to stay, eat, and perhaps, even play in the city you are visiting. It can be intimidating to learn to navigate an unfamiliar city. Where should you order lunch for a client? Don’t embarrass yourself by being ill-prepared. Check out MyCityWay, an app that provides information about nearby restaurants, hotels, and airports.

It will also provide weather and news updates, parking information, pricing for the best gas, movie times, and local happenings. With this app, you can appear to be in the know about an unfamiliar city, which is sure to impress whoever you meet and make your stay a little easier.

2015 is a new and exciting time for businesses across the globe. Be sure to take your business to the next level by using newer, better, technology to conduct your work.

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