How Can a US 1-800 Number Benefit my Small Business?

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A US 1-800 number is one of the most sought-after entities in the world of business communications. That’s because it’s more than just a number. It’s a sign of prosperity and determines where your company stands in the market.

As a result, a US 1-800 number isn’t just difficult to acquire, but it also costs a lot to own one. In fact, it’s the never-ending demand that has made 1-800 numbers more expensive than 1-833 numbers.

However, despite its price tag, businesses are still very much entranced by the toll-free 1-800 number because the benefits that it brings to your business apparently triumphs its high cost!

So, let’s find out how a US 1-800 number benefits your business. However, before we begin, we must first dabble with the types of 1-800 numbers available on the market:

A Toll-Free 1-800 Number

Toll-free refers to a number that your callers can call you on free of charge. It’s a special combination of digits that allows the system to charge you for all incoming calls so your customers can call you without worrying about the call charges.

A Vanity 1-800 Number

A vanity 1-800 number is also toll-free; however, it spells out an acronym, which makes it easier to remember. This acronym or word can be representative of your business or the service that you provide.

As a result, it gives you an edge over your competitors because your customers are more likely to remember a business that has its name and contact information in the same number.

The Benefits of a US 1-800 Number to Your Business

It’s a Marketing Strategy:

One of the prime reasons why companies acquire 1-800 vanity numbers is that the number itself works as a marketing tool, which allows businesses to showcase their brand and services in their contact information.

For instance, if you’re a dog walking service provider and you purchase a US 1-800 number, you can choose your number to read 1-800-DOG-WALK. This way your prime services will be highlighted in your number and it’ll also be striking for customers.

A 1-800 vanity number can contribute to building your brand image. Take FedEx as an example. Their global toll-free number is 1-800-GO-FEDEX. Not only is this number memorable, but it has also helped the company establish FedEx as one of the leading courier companies in the world.

It’s just like running a million-dollar marketing campaign, only it’s more impactful!

It Increases Sales:

It’s simple math. When a customer is given a choice between dialing a toll-free number and a number that could cost them money, they’d definitely go for the toll-free number. As a result, businesses that offer a 1-800 number will have an edge over their competitors because the customer will always call the toll-free number first.

Moreover, if you’re able to hold the customer’s interest and they end up liking your services, you’ll ultimately retain the customer, making them loyal to your brand. And because the number is easy to remember, there’s a good chance they’ll only ever call you for their consumer needs. This will drastically increase your sales because not only will you make a mark with new, potential customers but you’ll also have them coming back and adding to your revenue.

It Improves Your Business’s Credibility:

Some of the biggest industry giants across the world support a US 1-800 number. By those standards, if your company also offered a 1-800 number, it would create the illusion that yours is an internationally recognized and credible business, even if you’re just a start-up. As a consequence, your customers won’t hesitate to call you and have more faith in your business and services than otherwise.

It Gives Your Business A National (sometimes Global) Presence:

Online businesses can benefit greatly from a US 1-800 number because even if you don’t have a proper office space, just having a US 1-800 number can establish your company as a nationwide trader. In fact, you can also develop a global reach for your business because toll-free numbers are easily recognized around the globe even if they vary by country.

Can You Get a ‘Budget-Friendly’ US 1-800 Number for Your Business?

Although the benefits of having a 1-800 number for your business sound appealing, they might not be enough to counteract its cost, especially if yours is a small business. But does that mean that you don’t get to enjoy the perks of a US 1-800 number, just because you can’t afford it?

Definitely not!

In fact, there’s a smarter way to acquire a US 1-800 number, which is reliable, faster, and most importantly, cheaper! That’s right! We’re talking about the new-age technology of VoIP and its incredible communication solutions.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol is a communications tool that uses your existing internet connection to allow communication solutions from one end to another. Unlike traditional landline that uses a PBX (Public Branch Exchange) to transmit calls from one end to another, VoIP services break down your voice messages into tiny data packets with the help of SIP Trunking to deliver your data over the World Wide Web.

Even though the technology has been around for decades, there are still many people who’re unaware of the incredible services and features of VoIP.

Unique Features of VoIP

Along with offering communication solutions that traditional landline does, VoIP goes above and beyond by offering innovative features like video calling, conference calling, virtual receptionist, online faxing, cheaper international calls, and affordable US 1-800 numbers!

That’s right! Not only do VoIP service providers offer a remarkable range of communication solutions that make your business dealings easier and improve your productivity but the best VoIP service providers can also hook you up with a US 1-800 number of your choice and that too at incredibly cheap rates!

This blog was written by experts at Top5 Business VoIP. The website is an online VoIP treasury that features information regarding the top VoIP service providers in the market. From comprehensive reviews to VoIP guides, Top5 Business VoIP helps individuals and businesses choose the best VoIP service for their communication needs.

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