SMEs: 6 Key Factors to Look For In Your Tech Support Firm

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This article presents key factors business owners should look for in their tech support provider to evaluate how well the IT team will be able to assist them.

Tech support providers offer many services, but how they deliver their services to your business will influence how effective and useful their support services are when most needed.


‘Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything’

George Bernard Shaw

Amid the current Covid-19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes have had to reconsider their strategies for growth and development; but, more importantly, they have been forced to come up with new solutions just to survive and continue operations. The changes brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic are unlike any other economic circumstance businesses have tackled in the past.

Entire industries have had to radically change the way they operate, as prescribed precautionary measures and safety protocols for the pandemic have left them with the options to either

  1. cease operations completely or
  2. adapt drastically.

Companies that previously did not need to have a digital presence are now rapidly moving towards social media and online spaces to find new clients and show existing clients they still exist.

For this reason, firms of all sizes are investing heavily in learning how they can effectively use their digital presence. Everyone knows social media is the new main market, but such a significant shift can be tricky without the right knowledge and understanding.

There are multiple key skills businesses must have to be competitive in online markets, and if they don’t have the necessary experts on board, they will need third party services to help them in this regard.

The current circumstances are such that businesses need to have more than just a digital presence. They inevitably need to be available in digital markets, but, more importantly, their internal operations need to be performed remotely and through virtual collaborations.

This is why not only online marketing and digital selling experts, but also technical support experts, are required. A good tech support partner can develop the groundwork, which will be the base of all digital solutions.

If you need further advice on choosing an IT partner that fits your SME’s needs, How to Select the Best Tech Support for Your Startup Company | Computers In The City offers a great list of tips to put you on the right track when hiring an external firm.

The Right Setup

Expert tech support providers are experienced in working with a variety of clients from multiple industries. Startups and SMEs who are creating a digital infrastructure for themselves can receive useful guidance from their experience.

Tech support providers know which equipment, software, and services are essential to get the ball rolling. Moreover, they know which vendors and suppliers are going to be the best choice to source products and services.

Through an IT team’s network and experience, businesses can save significant time and money which would otherwise be spent searching for the kind of hardware and equipment they need.

By relying on their IT experts’ advice rather than flying blind, they will bypass the entire learning curve that they would otherwise have to undergo themselves. With a tested infrastructure in place, they will have a better understanding of potential problems that can arise and will be ready to handle possible issues.

Smooth Sailing

Infrastructure, whether it is physical or digital, will need maintenance. Tech support can help in keeping everything up to date and ensure processes are running the way they should be. Business owners and staff can help keep an eye on things and sort out minor problems, but thorough system maintenance and performance checks are best left to the experts.

Tech experts are more knowledgeable about what the latest trends are, what technology is becoming outdated, and what steps to take to make a setup ready for the future.


Digital markets are not governed by the same rules that apply to brick and mortar setups. They do not close or have weekends off; they are always live, and traffic can be expected at any time. Moreover, because they cater to a global audience, the possibilities of clients coming through at the most unexpected time are more likely.

Firms need tech support which is available round the clock and can quickly manage any problem. Businesses need to analyze their situation and evaluate how available they need their support to be.

A comprehensive support provider should be able to provide you with a fallback plan in case support is delayed from their side.


Server performance monitoring
Monitor Server Performance

Digital systems and computers don’t often make computational errors, but humans do. Sometimes there are bugs and problems in the software or hardware, but more often it is human error which causes a problem.

Good tech support is always monitoring setup and trying to find problems before they happen. Having a competent tech team monitoring your setup ensures things run according to plan and, if an issue arises, it can be accurately diagnosed and managed.


Any system a business employs will have to be run by the organization members themselves. Tech staff is there to ensure the system does what it should in the best possible way, but day-to-day activities and operations of the system will be in the hands of in-house staff.

Utilizing training via an expert tech support team is a great way to educate staff members. They will learn how to most effectively use the system and how to troubleshoot problems. IT infrastructure is a major resource of any business and using it appropriately and efficiently is vital to:

  1. gain value from it and
  2. to create value for the business.


While every business owner has a budget within which they want to accomplish their goals, it is more important to meet requirements rather than save money. Investing intelligently in a good support team will safeguard any business from future problems.

Paying a little extra will help save significantly more in case things go wrong, and quality operations will create more money for the business than what is spent on technical support.

By taking these six factors into consideration when hiring your IT firm, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect IT support firm for your SME.

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