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Whereas most marketing tactics go in and out of style and evolve with digital advancement & change in consumer behavior, promotional marketing never becomes outdated.

Most people perceive promotional merchandising as an old marketing tactic. It is old but still relevant. They think that modern marketing tactics that work effectively are 100 percent digital. However, that’s not true. Various studies reveal that product marketing has a bright future, just like its golden past. 

If you’re one of those people who don’t believe in the power of promotional merchandising, read this blog to understand how you can strategize for effective product marketing. 

Enlisted below are some modern marketing tips on how you can consolidate promotional merchandising with modern ones to achieve the desired brand awareness. 

Let’s begin!

Reach Out To The Right Influencers

Have you ever heard about Influencer marketing? Obviously, you have, as almost all millennials and generation Z are following some of the other influencers on social media. 

Influencers on social platforms are highly effective in clouting the buying decisions of their followers, and hence social media influencers are the future of online advertising. 

As per the report by The State of Influencer Marketing in 2018 (study by Linqia), 86% of marketers used influencer marketing in 2017, 92% of whom found it highly effective. 

The number of these influencers (micro and macro) is continually growing, further unfolding unique ways to substantial social media opportunities for utilizing promotional merchandising. 

So, why can’t you partner with the right influencer for your business for paid or in-kind sponsorship? They can post pictures of your promotional merchandise or even wear it (if it’s a T-shirt) and write a few words about the brand and promote your social media handles. With this, you can quickly seed brand advertising to all the followers of that influencer.

Personalized Branding

Do you remember the bottle campaign of Coca-Cola! It was a clubbed marketing tactic of personalization and internet advertising. Customization in the marketing tactic, be it online or offline, is poised for even more significant success in the coming years. 

Consumers are more likely to engage with any brand that personalizes their experience. If their interaction with the brand is directly tied with the promotional merchandise, it’s going to impact remarkably.

Go Pro And Premium

In a world where digital marketing is acing over other forms of marketing, if you seriously aim at converting leads, you must hire a company that specializes in SEO in Frederick, MD.

SEO experts are highly skilled and experienced at analyzing your current marketing strategies, identify loopholes, and building effective plans to drive more traffic to the site. They are also well-versed in conversion rate optimization. 

For converting more traffic through merchandising products, you must increase your budget and pick some premium products, as they have proven to be far more effective amongst consumers. 

With premium promotional products, you can legitimately demonstrate your customers’ value proportionately with the right merchandise release.

Use Social Media For Measuring Promo Success

Similar to any other marketing campaign, measuring success is of utmost importance. You must ensure your promotional products do hit core KPIs to determine their effectiveness. 

Utilizing methods such as split testing and incorporating CTAs such as QR codes or a hashtag campaign are few ways that can help you track the success of your promotional merchandising. Your business merchandising supplier can easily integrate all such measuring methods into your product.

Final Thoughts

Product marketing is relevant and alive in 2020. But it doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. So make sure you curate your product marketing strategy around your target audience. 

.To help you with the same, we discussed modern approaches to incorporate digital marketing tactics with your promotional products, and bring success to your business.

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