When to Bring in an Human Resources Consultant

The reality for small and medium size businesses is that they have limited time and resources to effectively develop and implement human resource strategies. In the competitive business world, this can put them at a considerable disadvantage. This is because these strategies are necessary to succeed in accomplishing business goals and objectives.

Human Resource Consultant
Human Resource Consultant

Even though it may not always be feasible for smaller companies to employ full time human resource managers, it does not mean that a company is left without options. A company can succeed even without a full-time human resource department. This is where human resource consultants come in. These are experts, typically with their human resources masters degree, that can be brought in from time to time. They can help with the development and implementation of crucial business strategies. Even if your company does employ a human resource manager, there may be situations where an outside expert could be beneficial.

When should your company consider bringing in a human resource consultant? Situations would include the following:

  • Policy Development
  • Interviewing and Recruiting
  • Developing Retention Strategies
  • Leadership Development
  • Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Policies Development
  • Develop an effective Outplacement policy

We will now consider each of these areas one at a time.

Human Resource Policy Development

A human resource consultant can help develop effective policies on the following:

Clear policies which are in accord with legal requirements can prevent unnecessary and costly legal issues. It also reduces the chance of costly and time consuming tribunals.

Interviewing and Recruiting

A human resource consultant would also be an individual who would have experience in overseeing the interviewing and recruiting process. Knowing how to ask the right questions would help your company find the right individuals.

The recruiting process also includes the performing of background checks and behavioral development. Using a human resource consultant can help assist with this time consuming process. Your company would greatly benefit from the expertise of a professional who knows what to look for in prospective job candidates.

Development of Retention Strategies

A human resource consultant will help in the development of an effective game plan when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent for your company. They will work with your company to help figure out which concepts will best fit in with your unique company culture. This will greatly reduce the considerable costs associated with a high rate of employee turnover.

Leadership Development

A human resource consultant can also help conduct internal seminars and workshops. They also can provide one on one coaching for those in management positions. This will help provide valuable training to your company managers. This training will in turn have a positive trickle down effect on your company employees.

Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Policies Development

A human resource consultant can help to analyze potential health & safety risks. With the help of an expert you can enhance and strengthen your health and safety policies and procedures. This will reduce the costs associated with loss of work time. It will also eliminate unnecessary legal issues. A healthy and safe workforce is also a productive one.

Develop an Effective Outplacement Policy

At times massive layoffs are a reality of running a business. When faced with that prospect a human resource consultant can help with providing Outplacement services. This will help ease the transitions of your employees as they prepare to enter the next phase of their career.

The following six points that we just considered is just a small sampling of situations when it would be wise to consider bringing in a human resource consultant. This will help even small and medium size businesses succeed in the competitive business world.

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