With The Upsurge of Mobile Apps; MCommerce Momentum Only Continues To Grow

E-commerce Mobile Friendly Solution

2019 is a year of significant technical progress and innovation in mobile app development. And being a businessperson, you must take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

With the advent of a new paradigm for online communication, terms like E-commerce and M-commerce seem to have become the undisputed foundation of the digital age.

More than ever, the significance of connected devices, smartphones, tablets, and others has expanded its reach exceptionally. Businesses are going all guns to reap the online shopping space’s benefits by creating a mobile e-commerce app for their existing brick and mortar store.

The changing phase: ECommerce to MCommerce

Consumer behavior has been evolving at an exponential rate, all thanks to the emerging digitalization. Mobile apps are no longer a thing of the past; it has become a necessity these days. Everyone from businesses to individuals relies upon them, whether it’s for shopping, streamlining business, booking flights, ordering food, and much more. In a layman’s language, we can say that apps dominate the market right now and will continue to do so shortly.

In this multi-device world, e-commerce and m-commerce are gaining popularity. No matter if they sound similar, but they are way different in implementation. E-commerce brings the best possible consumer insights so that you can offer the best solutions, whereas MCommerce offers stores mobility. It is location specific and emphasizes on providing more personalized offerings. Real-time solutions, store-user relationship, speed are some of the core benefits offered by eCommerce.

At present, an unusual shift has been observed where businesses are transforming from e-commerce to M-Commerce. And the reason is pretty obvious- more and more people are found using e-commerce platforms via their mobile devices. Portability, accessibility, and connectivity are unique characteristics that can make you go viral in no time.

How to Create the Best M-Commerce App for Your Store?

Like it or not- many apps suck! And you will come across hundreds, not thousands of mobile applications sitting unnoticed in the doldrums of app stores like iOS and Google Play. To make sure that your app doesn’t fit in the category, consider these below-mentioned pointers. The following post acts as a full-fledged guide on how to make sure you get the most bang for your buck.

1. Get the right features integrated

Ever since the introduction of mobile apps, businesses are found tapping this opportunity to stay ahead of competitors and better engage with their customers. But at the same time, things might get worse as you may not know where to begin with, or you may come up with something that doesn’t rank well in regards to performance.

Successful apps do have certain quality features, and all you require doing is to prove the relevance of the app. Core features that must be incorporated in your eCommerce app are:

  1. Intuitive user experience – First and foremost thing that your mobile app needs to be smooth. Lagging and slow load times are certain issues that can hinder intuitive experiences, avoid as much as you can! Make features easily accessible, concise, and to-the-point.
  2. Easy to use – On a fundamental level, adding simplicity can increase the app relevancy. Incorporating lots and lots of features can increase load time and decrease relevancy, so never do that! “Less is more”- stick to that! Your app might seem fresh from the outside, but it will soon be trashed if it isn’t functional.
  3. Integrate Social Media – Social media sign-ins have become one of the most popular ways to attract users. Moreover, it smoothens the registration process against those conventional never-ending forms. Add a quick and easy social media-enabled sign-in that is faster and more convenient.
  4. Comprehensiveness – Can you think of covering all products and services through your catalog without clogging it? If so, nobody can stop you from creating a successful app. From making product images of optimal sizes to smart filtering, a robust back-end to an aesthetically appealing front-end, speed are some of the mobile app must-haves.

2. Highly secured m-commerce app

Another major concern is security; any such breach can break your e-commerce store app and compel end users to abandon it for a lifetime without giving a second thought. However, one cannot stop hackers from doing such illegal activities, but specific measures can be taken to secure your app. Applications like Jewlot and M2R are some of the best examples that can fit here. Apart from this, have firm cryptography so that the algorithms can keep the malicious parties away from the application.

Now one cannot ensure the app’s security by authenticating user information only once. So what can be done is? Try doing this every time, especially when a user is making a change in the profile or taking action that involves monetary transactions or changes in personal data.

3. Keep it Updated

Do you think the app-building process is a one-off job? No! Operating systems can change on a rapid basis, and updating might mean your app no longer functions as it did or that there’s a better way to do something your application does. Devices can change too, and you will find hundreds of devices running the Android operating system with loads of different technical features and specifications. I mean, you will come across several different iPhones on the market with various specs and screen sizes, and new devices come out with improved hardware or different screen sizes constantly. If you’re not on top of your updates, your app can date quickly.


In simple words, we cannot put our phones down, especially after checking 150 times per day for checking email, browsing the web, going for a new high score, or just unlocking their screen for no reason at all. With the people making the transition from face-to-face and even desktops to mobile, your digital presence has to accommodate it, or they’ll take their business elsewhere.

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