September 2011

Doctor Deficiency in the United States of America

Medical Science! Something on which the entire human race depends for its very existence cannot be ignored at any cost! But there is a place in this world where the scarcity of doctors is making its place. It is shocking news that the United States which claims to be one of the most developed countries

Getting your passport “Re-Issued” in Tatkal at Hyderabad?

So ya, my passport was about to expire and given my “situation” I needed to get the passport “re-issued” in Tatkal. Yes, it is not a “renew” but called a re-issue if you have an expiring/expired passport and plan to get a new passport. I researched all over the net trying to find information on

Save your Heart with a Chocolate!

The lifestyle of urban dwellers increases the risk of a variety of diseases, an unhealthy heart being the primary one. The level of stress, the amount of work, and the increasing number of problems to be solved indicate a deteriorating heart of man. in such situations, we are often advised to let go of some

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