September 2012

Body Modification: Bagel forehead – a scary new trend in Japan!

Human beings by nature are a restless species, we are never satisfied with what we’ve got and the grass is always greener on the other side. Throughout history, we have seen various people from different cultures modify their bodies with tattoos, piercings, or a range of accessories like the Kayan tribe in Thailand.

5 Most Crazy and Unusual Jobs!

The real-world careers are boring to you? Then it would help if you explored crazy and Unusual jobs that exist in the world today. This is not only fun, but it will also make lot of money

Career in Focus: Ethical Hacking

Someone who hacks computer systems and websites is definitely breaking the laws. But if you possess an interest in the field, you can make your living out of it legally. Become an ethical hacker!

Top 5 Fashion Trends to Follow!

Personally, I feel one should wear the right outfit at the right time in order to make a fashion statement otherwise it would only be a fashion faux pas!

Busting Business myths: Being Rich essential for Success

“You have so many great ideas, why don’t you start your own business”, said innocently a friend to another friend, ‘unfortunately I was not born with a golden spoon’ was the only thing running in his head. Many of us have been in these situations, believing that a load of cash is the only way

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