June 2018

5 Tips to Improve WordPress for SEO and the UX

SEO on the other hand is a cocktail of a few other online presence tricks. But where do these two meet in the best circumstances for your WordPress website? Here are five tips to improve your WordPress for SEO and UX.

5 Ways to Keep Your iPhone Running Perfectly

Poor performance is seriously frustrating. Whether you use your iPhone for work or socialising, slow loading speeds and performance issues can be irritating, especially if you are months away from your upgrade window.

6 Steps to Take When You’re Injured at Work

Workplace injuries are frightening, but they’re easier to handle if you’re prepared ahead of time. In many cases, what you do immediately after the incident will ensure that you recover more swiftly, both physically and mentally.

6 Things That Make Staying Sober More Difficult

Staying sober, particularly during the initial stage, is a huge challenge. Besides the powerful urge to drink, environmental factors such as negative thinking and strong emotions can make it difficult to attain the person you wish to be.

10 Tips to Minimize Allergy Symptoms

Allergy season is torture when you suffer from serious, chronic allergies. It isn’t easy to find a treatment that helps, and you often can’t help the allergens you come into contact with.

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