B2C And B2B Portal Design trends: Strategies In 2021

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Technology has changed all sectors in today’s era. The website plays a vital role in recent times. Many companies use different methods to create the website easily and well-suited to target the audience.

The business-to-business and business-to-consumer website is one of these methods.

Both the B2B and B2C portal are designed to drive measurable results. The website design succeeds with the B2B audience of different B2C consumers. First of all, you find the difference between the B2B and B2C website development services.

B2B portal is ineffective because many B2B businesses fail to identify the need for various design approaches to their portal. Instead, they try to repeat effective techniques if B2C website designs concentrate on B2B audience needs.

When it comes to creating the Business to Business website for your company, you can hire the best b2b eCommerce website design service provider. The expert provides you clever tips on creating the B2B eCommerce portal.

Take a quick look at these things you should consider

If you create the website for your business, deliver excellent website security and responsive design. The process differs from B2C to B2B in prototyping, project milestones, wire-framing, and others. B2B Company wants the sales portal to reach an extensive range of customers using the Smartphone. The followings are some things that you should keep in mind while designing the B2B and B2C portal:

Design of website

  • The relationship of the B2B supplier to the buyer depends on the professionalism. The customer on the B2B portal is looking for more information. They trust the portal completely before adapting. Having the right design is essential for the B2B website. The design must be focused on the information, content, and others. Make sure that the customers stay informed in the journey on the B2B website.
  • B2C business markets to the customer directly; they concentrate on excellent design and image. It helps to attract the viewer into impulse purchase by making the design of the website. The customer might purchase the same product on different portals, and Your B2C website design should stand out in the crowd. The user experience must be updated continuously and offer an excellent checkout process.

Target audience

When designing the website, you should keep the end customer in mind. Determining the target audience of the client will aid you in creating the voice tone and image which appeals to the right customer.

  • You will speak to an extensive range of skilled professionals with the B2B portal. The expert has the skill of their service. The designer put more effort into convincing the B2B buyers that they make the correct decision. It is true while you are selling some products that need long-term investment.
  • When the B2B audience makes the right decision depends on the benefits, information, and logic. B2C customers are subjective by the emotion that needs an instant solution to their issues and the chance to buy an item from the leading brands that understand them. It highlights sales and addresses the worry consumers may have about the cost of the product. Create the b2c eCommerce with bright colors and genuine photos that attract more customers.

Portal’s homepage

B2B portal’s homepage mainly focuses on educating the customer about their product. It blends with the CTA to develop a new relationship that would lead to sales. B2B website development services help to target retailers by displaying the right product and simple-to-approach vibe.

The homepage concentrates on keeping the audience stay for a more extended period in the B2C portal. With the help of the algorithm, you see what the customer is interested in and offer various suggestions to guarantee they don’t lose the buyer’s interest.

  • Three-dimensional elements: The 3D element tends to grab the attention of website visitors. It makes them need to stay longer on the portal. 3D imagery can make the business break in the background noise if it is designed effectively.
  • Micro-interaction: The brand uses micro-interaction to show the customer on the website and to develop the emotional effect. Thus, they prevent the errors of the audience that increase the UX. It uses UX design, short text, and white space to focus on the marketing message instead of a hint of the website design.
  • Chatbots: Nowadays, many companies use chatbots on their website. It is the perfect way for the company to communicate with its audience. Chatbots are available around the clock for often asked questions. The customer can contact the expert whenever they need, whether day or night.
  • Voice user interface: Voice user interface is a popular website design trend in modern times. It lets the audience interact with B2B and B2C websites via voice command. Moreover, it increases the user experience and satisfaction by offering immediate answers.
  • Increase content quality: Craft B2B buyers are educated and required to educate about why your product is the perfect choice. Content marketing is essential that helps to influence the audience to buy your product. It provides the landing page for the customer who finds the product you are selling through social media portals like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
  • Animated images: If you need to boost visitor engagement, then you can use GIF images. When compared to the usual image, the animated image grabs the attention of targeted customers. The animated image is entertainment and eye-catching that increases your website traffic.


With the b2c eCommerce portal design strategy 2021, you can create an attractive website for your business. You can also get in touch with the web designer. They can provide you with the advice you want to create the B2B or B2C portal.

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