What are live chat software tools, and which are the best ones?

Live chat software support for your business

It’s pretty much mandatory these days to have a live chat feature on your website. Many people intuitively expect a live chat function if they have any need for your help.

There are a number of organizations providing Live chat tools and choosing the best live chat software for your website might be overwhelming particularly if you do not have an idea regarding these things. 

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In this article, we present you with a list of 20 reputed live chat software and their important details so that you can now make an informed decision as to which tool is perfect for your needs. So, let us begin.

Here are the Top 20 picks for live chat software for your website:


JivoChat is one messaging platform where you can communicate with your customer through various media, including our present interest – live chats. The best thing about Jivochat is that it offers unlimited chats and websites on all of its pricing plans, even for the free plan! On higher plans, you can get much more sophisticated data about your viewers and also have proactive messages! 

Jivochat supports well over 25 languages and integrates easily and seamlessly with a wide range of services and tools. The Live chat widget is also extremely portable as well!

Jivochat pricing starts at $13 per agent per month.

Fresh Chat

Freshchat is a messaging solution that is suitable for enterprise-level requirements as well as small requirements. Just as you expect from a good live chat application, it has plenty of integration support over a wide range of channels. Your customers can interact with AI-powered chatbots that are constantly present 24/7 to assist.

Freshchat supports over 33 languages. It’s a team collaboration and comprehensive report analytics capabilities are well useful. Freshchat has a free plan that includes unlimited contacts and 10000 MUV per account. Its pricing starts from around $14 and goes up to $69 per month.

Zendesk LiveChat

Zendesk live chat is available in the Zendesk suite and provides a lot of capabilities that help you to provide rich UX for customers across a multitude of platforms. This live chat tool can be automated and the conversations it carries can be tailored to suit business rules and needs.

In the live chat, you have a rich set of options to express information, including typing indicators, emojis, GIFs, forms, carousels, and more!

They have a large set of pricing plans that are divided into sales and service categories and numerous other subcategories. The basic sales plan starts at $19 and the basic service plan starts at $49.


Purechat is a dependable live chat tool that has all the basic features you need? It is highly preferable for small and mid-sized businesses and one of the cool things regarding the tool is that they not only have a web interface but also native Android and iOS apps!

They offer unlimited chats and customizable widgets using which you can manipulate the look and feel of it. It has a powerful dashboard and admin tools that allow you to set various roles for the live chat application. 

Its pricing plans start at $39 per month and the pro plan costs you $79 per month. You can try the pro plan for free for 30 days!

Zoho Desk

ZohoDesk’s live chat widget is embeddable almost anywhere you want and helps you to provide a rich live chat experience that is ultimately helpful for your customers. Through that, your customers can reach out to your agents and can solve their problems. You can create dedicated chat widgets for each brand of yours, along with their own knowledge bases and communities.

However, if the problem is not solved at that time, Zoho Desk’s live chat software would turn that issue into a ticket and save all the context without any additional effort!

Zoho Desk has a free plan that supports 3 agents and the paid plan starts at $15 per agent per month.


LiveChat can be a one-stop solution for all of your live chat needs? It is a very versatile tool and has multi-channel and in-app support. It also has support for online surveys, measuring net promoter scores, and lets you track your KPIs to monitor the effectiveness of your service. 

In addition to them, it has automatic ticket generation and automatic agent routing.

Above all, supports over 170 integrations!

You can try LiveChat for free for 2 weeks and pricing starts at $16 per month per agent.


Like other tools in this list, ClickDesk also is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for a live chat that also supports video conferencing. ClickDesk is a hosted software and thus no installation is required from your end.

It has a good amount of admin features that let you specify roles, create departments, and a lot more. Its robust system of statistics and reporting would provide you with all the information that helps further analysis.

If you are okay with basic yet useful features, ClickDesk has a free plan for you with 10 agents. Priced plans start from $15 per month and go up to $40 per month.


LiveAgent has all the features that make it a great live chat application. It has a native live chat widget that is highly customizable and has a robust set of reporting capabilities. It also supports multiple languages, so localization would be easy.

As you would expect from any good live chat application, LiveAgent offers integration support for a lot of tools and services. A unique feature here is its Message sneak peek feature, which allows your agents to view what your visitors are typing before they hit the send button. This allows your agents to reply faster!


SmartSupp provides you with a rich toolset for incorporating live chat on your website and getting metrics regarding your user’s experience with it. It has multi-channel support where you can answer all of your customers’ requests from different places in one single place.

SmartSupp has a free plan that gives you many of the needed basic features. However, if you want to scale up the tool, you can get a higher plan costing you just $10 per month per agent. There is also a pro plan for $19.


Intercom is a live chat application that truly offers features that are useful for generating more leads and converting users. Aside from the essential features it gives for chat, it also provides sophisticated data and statistics regarding the users which you can certainly put to use for giving better service.

Coming to the pricing of Intercom, their basic plan starts at $59 per month and has plans that are directed by your use of the software, whether you use the chat for marketing or support. They also have an offer for startups as they are willing to let you use the advanced features of this application for just $65 if you are eligible!


Acquire live chat would be perfect for those who want advanced features in their live chat application. Their live chat tool comes with a lot of support out of the box for multichannel and highly personalized interaction with customers.

Their AI-based chatbot would be able to automate conversions well up to your needs and you can use all the details of this tool in a single place effectively. The features for the chat also include file uploading, screen sharing, and also video chatting!

Their pricing starts at $90 per user per month.


If you want a live chat application and cannot determine the amount of chat volume, Olark would be good for you. With Olark, you can have millions of chats and in the end, still, pay the same price as you would for a small volume.

Olark offers a good set of integrations of various popular tools and provides a variety of capabilities such as customized forms, real-time metrics, automation tools, and a lot more.

You can try Olark free for two weeks and their starter plan is priced at $16 per agent per month.


Tidio is a well-suited solution for eCommerce businesses and it has good integration support for Customer Relation Management tools, help desk software, and others. Tidio’s pricing structure is highly welcoming for small businesses as they have a free plan and the other plans are affordable too.

Tidio also provides you with real-time metrics and in-depth customization tools. The Android and iOS mobile apps allow you to be accessible to your customers all the time!

Tidio – Grow your sales effortlessly

A live chat software that caters to all the needs of its users.

Tidio logo


Chatra is a powerful and extremely easy-to-use live chat application. By providing live chat support with a lot of features, you can effectively use it as a tool for improving conversions. Chatra too provides you with the feature of a Message sneak peek, which reveals what your customers are typing before they send the message.

Chatra tools can be integrated with a lot of other platforms and used over there. Proactive Conversations are also supported. Chatra has a free plan with basic features and its paid plan starts at $15 per month per agent.


Tawk.to is a fast and reliable live chat application that you can embed on your website. With more than 25 languages and emoji support in chat windows, it is arguably one of the best free live chat applications.

It offers plenty of chat customizations along with a lot of integration support. There are also certain advanced features like credit card masking, IP-based restrictions for access, tagging chats, and lots more.

While they give much of all the features for free, there might be a bit of branding of Tawk. If you want to remove that, you can pay as little as $9!

ProProfs Chat

A remarkable thing about ProProfs live chat is the ease of use it offers along with the powerful features. Just as you expect for a dependable live chat application, there is integration support for a wide range of platforms, proactive chats, sneak peek features, portability, and lots more.

What’s more, it’s easy for your support agents to send chat invites so that they could engage customers and guide them! They have a free plan with limited features and the pricing starts at $10 for essentials.

Happyfox Chat

Though Happyfox Chat’s features look like it is completely made for enterprises (It is!) its pricing is so modest that even small-scale businesses could afford and get the best value out of it.

Happyfox Chat’s main points are its simplicity and ease to use.

Integrating Happyfox chat with a lot of other applications is easy and you can get it running in no time. It runs very fast too so that you can send personalized messages and retrieve all the information easily. It also includes a private channel where all of your agents can discuss – how to improve customer experience!

The basic plan for Happyfox starts at $29 per month.

Bold 360

Bold 360 is a completely AI-driven live chat software that can engage with your visitors right from entering the website till their work is done. Though it might seem complicated, Bold 360 is one of the simplest live chat software around.

Saying that Bold 360 is AI-driven doesn’t necessarily mean that it does not involve humans. In reality, it also provides many additional tools and information that help your agents to work smart and solve problems easily. It also provides high customization tools.

There are no standard pricing plans for the Software and businesses need to request quotes from them to get pricing that suits their needs.


There are many social media apps out there on the internet. Customers may use any of them based on their interests. Comm100 provides a platform where customers can use any of those platforms and reach your business. This removes the necessity to use specific applications, thus improving your communication and reach to more people.

Live chat, Omni Channel, and Bots & Automation are the three platforms to choose from based on your business needs. The live chat plan costs about $29 per month per agent and the Omnichannel plan costs about $49 per month per agent. Enterprise plans are customizable and features differ based on plans. Check the official website for in-detail feature lists.


Live chat, Chatbot, Analytics, and Integrations are the four main features of Botstar. Live chat is a free tool. The chatbot uses AI and helps in resolving customer issues to a maximum extent. Analytics help in analyzing your audience, thereby improving the strategies to attract even more customers.

Botstar has three plans which are beginner, Pro, and enterprise plans. The beginner plan is free to use and features are limited. The pro plan is $15 per month and the enterprise plan is customizable based on the project.


Those were our top 20 picks for the best live chat tools that you can use for improving the customer user experience of your website. There are tools that are expensive but provide great features and some that are available for low cost but cover all essential necessities.

Based on your budget and your needs, pick the perfect tool and get the benefits of a live chat! By the way, if you are using WordPress and have not yet switched to a managed hosting platform, we recommend you switch now!

Managed WordPress Hosting platforms provide a range of benefits that bring down a lot of hassle from you. Kinsta is the best-managed WordPress hosting platform that gives the best value for the price you pay for it!

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