Tidio Review: Is it the best Chatbot tool?

Tidio Review 2022: Is it the best Chatbot tool?

Explore the Features, Pricing Pros & Cons of Tidio, a WordPress plugin, in this detailed Tidio Review.

Delivering exceptional customer support & top-rated experience is vital if you want to build a compelling Brand. The better help your customer gets, the better impression you leave. This will ensure your customer keeps coming back to you.

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Now the question is how to offer exceptional customer support. Well, one of the most convenient & popular ways is to provide live chat support on your website. As your website is the first point of contact between 90% of your customers & you, it’s the best place to offer support. A robust chat support structure will ensure you can deliver an excellent first impression.

Now there is a lot of software available for creating a live chat support system for your WordPress website. But not all of them are efficient.

Enter Tidio. Touted as one of the best live chat support for WordPress websites by many industry specialists, Tidio is rapidly making its presence felt in the market. If you are looking for a perfect Tidio Review, you are in the right place.

But is Tidio worth your money? Is it the best live chat & support software ever? What are Tidio’s Pros & Cons? I will answer all these questions in this hands-on Tidio Chat Review.

So, let’s get started.

What is Tidio?

Tidio is an all-powerful, one-stop software to offer excellent Customer Support Services. It’s arguably the quickest & easiest way to integrate chatbots & live chat with your prospects. In simpler terms, Tidio can be described as a customer relation-builder tool with some useful CRM functionalities.

Tidio helps users to reach out to more potential customers, engage them smartly, offer more conversions & solve specific issues by providing chat support. It has received numerous accolades from the likes of Forbes & HubSpot. It’s compatible with multiple website platforms, including Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce & WordPress.

The best part is that it does not require any unique technical know-how. In short, Tidio is an easy-to-use, efficient & powerful Customer Support Software.

What are the key features of Tidio?

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Now, let’s take a look at some of the critical features of Tidio. These features are designed to assist you in offering the ultimate customer experience.

Let’s dive in

1. Live Chat

Of course, this one comes at the top of the list. This feature allows you to connect with your potential customers & offer them support on your website. It’s super easy to set up & customize. You can use numerous other features of Live Chat for the ultimate customer experience.

Live Chat for Customer Experience

Live Preview:

When some visitor is interested in your services or product, you do not want to miss an opportunity to connect with them. And Tidio offers the ultimate way to do so. In their Live Preview section, you can view contact information & other details of that particular visitor. The best part is you can also view the last page they have visited to offer a personalized user experience.

Once visitors initiate the Live Chat with your website, their details will be saved. So they do not have to introduce themselves every time.

Customer Profile:

With Tidio, you can create an individual customer profile for your potential customers. This information includes their contact details, the last pages they have visited, & other additional information.

If you are running an online store, you can integrate Tidio with your store. This will enable you to know what your customers are interested in & what they are looking for. A detailed customer profile helps you better understand your customers. Equipped with this information, you can market the products they are looking for.

Shared Inbox:

Offering support across multiple platforms is a great way to deliver a great user experience. But this makes it difficult for support agents to locate old messages from old customers. Thankful; Tidio is here to assist you. With Tidio, you get access to one shared inbox. This shared inbox syncs all the messages from different customer support channels, including Emails, Instagram, & Facebook Messenger.

Such detailed information ensures you can offer better support to your customers.

What are the benefits of the Tidio Live Chat feature?

Visitor Tracking: You can easily track your website, visitors, how much time they are spending on your website & conversion rate

Smart Trigger: Tidio notifies your support staff about a returning customer so that they can offer your customer a personalized support

Chat routing: Tidio offers an efficient chat routing facility. This means when one of your agents gets too much inbound traffic, they can transfer it to the free agent.

Canned Response: This is a set of pre-fabricated responses. E.g., “Hello, How may I assist you” or “Thank you for choosing us?” These messages allow quicker response by your support staff.

2. Chatbot

Another excellent feature of Tidio is its chatbot. It’s a great way to engage & serve your customer, even when no support agent is available. Chatbots also take off a lot of load from your support executives for some common & Frequently Asked Questions.

Tidio offers 35+ Chatbot templates for automating your support process. But if unsatisfied with the templates, you can fully customize your Chatbot.

With Tidio, you can automate specific standard solutions like tracking your order, return processing, return policies & others. During the conversations, Tidio collects all this vital information & passes it on to your customer support staff.

In addition, Tidio also offers a Customer Segmentation facility. Using this service, you can send them customized messages. Such custom messages provide a personal touch to your potential buyers.

E.g., if your old buyer is returning to your online store to search for something. You can share a personalized welcome message. This will establish a great start to your customer’s buying journey.

Customer Buying Journey.

Here is the list of template elements that you can edit in a chatbot.

  • Order Placement
  • Automatic Discounts
  • Recommendation for Products
  • Up sales
  • Recovery of Abandoned Cart
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

In short, Tidio can offer highly customizable & intuitive Chatbot services. Using this tool will help you deliver a memorable user experience.

What are the benefits of Tidio Chatbot?

Lead Generation: Chatbot automatically collects the contact information when a visitor reaches out to you. This gives you a massive collection of leads.

Order Placement: You can integrate the order placement button into the chat widget. So the customer can order directly from the chat, delivering a great buying experience.

Automate Responses: You can automate many support actions like return processing or shipment tracking. This reduces the burden on your support staff.

Reduce the burden on Customer Support: You can save a lot of resources by automating multiple FAQs via Chatbot.

3. Reporting & Analytics

In this section, you can easily access various metrics like website visitors, lead generations, & the number of messages you receive. You also get access to the data about each operator, how many customers they have talked with, their response time, & how many messages they have sent.

Conversations started by visitors.

This detailed reporting can be of great assistance as using it; you can focus on the operators that are not performing well & boost their efficacy.

But to be frank, this could have been better. The reporting offers basic details instead of great insight.

Reporting Analytics.

What are the benefits of reporting & analysis?

Better Transparency: You can easily keep an eye on how each one of your operators is performing, resulting in better transparency

Improved efficacy: Tidio helps you monitor each operator’s performance & hence, you can improve their effectiveness.

Better strategies: Based on the lead generation & conversion reports, you can create better plans for the future

Tidio Review: Third-Party Integration

Tidio offers a wide range of Third-Party tools integration to boost performance. These tools are categorized as Customer Relationship Management, Email Marketing, Help-Desk & E-commerce.

The primary & most useful integrated tools include Mailchimp, Zappier, WordPress, Hub Spot, Google Analytics, & Shopify.

The seamless integration of these tools ensures improved customer experience, better lead generation & higher conversions.

Zapier – Tidio Integrations

Tidio Review: Why should you choose Tidio over competitors?

There are thousands of chatbots & Live chat tools available out there. So why should you choose Tidio? Well, there are numerous reasons to select Tidio & a lot of them have been answered in this Tidio Review.

The primary one is Tidio bags with 4.6/5 Ratings on G2 and 4.8/5 Ratings on Capterra. And for good reasons. It offers a clutter-free & clean user interface. This guarantees your visitors will not find it hard to use Tidio for any support. Even managing Tidio from the backend is also effortless.

Tidio offers a lot of customizable templates for chatbots. So no matter what business you are running, you can easily customize your Tidio Chatbot. This makes Tidio more flexible.

Additionally, Tidio saves you and your support team a lot of time as you can easily automate a variety of repetitive tasks & FAQs.

Tidio also ensures your visitors & customers can get solutions to their problems, even when your support team is unavailable. Such quick responses ensure your customers enjoy buying from you & keep coming back to you.

Tidio Review: Pricing

This is where Tidio gives another blow to the competitors. Tidio offers a wide variety of Plans & one of them is free. The best part is that even the free plan comes with basic live chat, chatbot & email marketing features! This makes Tidio a better choice than others.

In my Tidio Live Chat Review, I found that the paid Chatbot plans start at $39 per month. It comes with unlimited active chatbots, chatbot templates, and Zapier integration. And if you bill it annually, you can get this plan for $390 a month.

My Tidio Review found that the communicator plan will set you back $15 a month. It includes features like Live Pricing, Permissions, Notes, Live Visitor’s list, and 1-40 operator seat operators.

Tidio Pricing

For detailed pricing, you can check out their Pricing page.

Now in this Tidio Review, let’s check out some pros & cons of it.

Tidio Review: Pros & Cons

Finally, let’s check out some pros & cons of Tidio in this detailed Tidio Review


  • Clutter-free & clean interface
  • Flexible pricing plans depending on your needs.
  • Great free plan for the starters
  • Automation helps you save a  lot of time
  • You can use a wide range of third-party integrations


  • Reporting and Analytic tool of Tidio is quite basic
  • A lot of users complain about delayed notifications, which can be a significant issue for the support team
  • The number of marketing tools with Tidio is limited  & basic
  • Tidio suffers from a lack of control

Final verdict on Tidio Review: Should you buy it?

After going through this detailed Tidio Review & helping you understand its features & drawbacks, I hope I have cleared a lot of air on Tidio.

There is no doubt Tidio is an excellent customer support tool that can help you automate many tasks and boost your efficacy. But just like other tools, it does have some limitations too.

If you are a small or growing business & need the best support tool without spending too much money, Tidio could be your choice.

I hope this detailed Tidio Review will help you make the right decision if you want to explore similar tools. You will find a lot of insightful reviews on various devices.


Does Tidio offer a free plan?

Yes, the basic plan of Tidio is free.

Can I automate replies using Tidio?

Yes, Tidio offers automated reply facilities that you can use to automate responses for many repetitive tasks.

Can I integrate Mailchimp with Tidio?

Yes, apart from Mailchimp, you can integrate hundreds of other tools too.

Is Tidio worth the money?

It offers excellent services as compared to its pricing. But first, I would recommend using its free plan to get a better idea.

Tidio Review: Unbiased Analysis of the Best Chatbot Tool
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Planning to choose Tidio for customer support? Read our detailed Tidio Review to make an informed decision. Expert analysis & insights.

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  • A free trial is available.
  • Unlimited live chat options.
  • Automated outreach.
  • 24*7 customer support agents.
  • Easy to use.


  • Short free-trial period.

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