Boost Your Conversion Rate: How 3D Design Prove Saviour

3D Design conversion rate optimization

One of the biggest challenges for products in the market is communicating the features, functions, and value. The use of CGI video and 3D models in marketing is one of the perfect tools to increase the conversion rate.

Most people spend more time online; this affects the decision-making process on where and what to buy in transitioning to digital space. Wondering how to use 3D design to improve your conversion rate, how it is beneficial, and more right in this article.

3D effects undoubtedly a memorable impression, making the website vivid, distinct, and bright. The use of three-dimensional animation and images has increased because it’s become trendy in the last few years. 3D gives opportunities and benefits that can’t be achieved through two-dimensional graphics. This makes 3D design promising and popular these days.

What is a 3D Model?

Developing the process of a mathematical representation of any objects in three-dimension through specialized software is known as 3D modeling. A 3D model can easily be created from scratch by any artist or engineer. Furthermore, it can be automatically or manually reverse-engineered from a current object. Models are often separated into two different categories; these include:

Solid models – represent the object volume.

Surface models – define the boundaries of an object and many times have no thickness or hollow inside.

Are you unaware of opportunities offered by 3D visualization? You can choose the features that enhance the project in terms of looks, accessibility, and functionality, leading to a higher conversion rate.

Wondering what 3D is capable of and how it is helpful in the eCommerce industry? Check a few practical ways right here.

3D Photography

It enables you to photograph the product from multiple angles as many times as you want; these images later can be combined into a single 3D image.

3D Animation

Get complete three-dimensional product visualization based on a preliminary product model.

3D Graphics

3D graphics can be used to implement out-of-the-box design solutions and build virtual services.

3D design and modeling services come to the forefront of technology and are widely used to create video games, movies, animations, and more. Those who have a love for art and technology can start a career in 3D designing and modeling, as it enables flexibility in where and when to work.

Those who have garnered experience as 3D designers are in high demand, and you might find it easier to get work compared to others.

An average median income of a freelancer 3D modeler is around $63,000, making it a desirable career choice for aspiring professionals. Check the average pay of 3D designers on Indeed and Glassdoor as follows.

3D designer salary in United States - Indeed
3D designer salary in the United States – Source: Indeed
3D Designer Salaries - Glassdoor
3D Designer Salaries – Image source: Glassdoor

Top Ways to Increase Conversion Rates with 3D Designing

Internet penetration rates in Europe and North America sit at around 92%. Internet traffic in North America is growing at a sluggish rate of 0.1%. Today’s marketers or advertisers are dealing with an over-saturated digital space.

They can no longer rely on users shopping online, especially when generating a return on digital marketing spending. They need to deliver a strong reason for people to stop scrolling. They can start with an emergency of essential trends.

Global internet penetration rate 3033 by region - Statista
Global internet penetration rate 3033 by region – Image source: Statista

Customers start trusting the Internet for valuable purchases such as jewelry, cars, luxury goods, and more; hence, it becomes vital for companies to design impressive and tangible marketing materials for an improved shopping experience. Brands need to create a connection between the offline and online worlds.

Rendered Video Animation

Video is a commonly used format for marketing, overtaking infographics and blogs. A recent report on video streaming business statistics represents that brands that use video get around 66% of leads per year.

Today, most engineers, tech companies, architects, and manufacturers present their products by utilizing video content. More than 83% of video marketers accept that video helps them to generate leads.

In many cases, videos are fully or partially rendered in 3D. Almost every fashion, electronics or other company is investing in a video streaming website and app to meet the growing demand of people. They use video ads at one or another point.

Rendering video animation generates opportunities for businesses to stand out from the competition; however, many competitors are doing the same thing. Have a look at the example to know how it can be created and boost the conversion rate:

Heineken ‘Galaxies’ 3D IMAX Commercial – Directors Cut

Embedded 3D Models

Designer with improved designing skills can help you build 3D design; once you complete it, you can choose to use an open-source library such as Three.js, or paid solutions like Modelo, Vectary, Sketchfab, Emersya, or any other, to display the 3D model on your website.

All these solutions enable users to manipulate the model and get familiar with your product. Embedded 3D models work amazingly on desktops, whereas they might face troubles on mobile devices. Similarly, maneuverability, browser incompatibility, and loading speed on a small-screen device can be problematic.

Rendered Images

Photorealistic rendering can simplify your process, especially when you are looking to sell on the internet or when you need to visualize a product in the packaging. If you want to showcase your product on the web or advertising campaign, 3D modeling as a marketing tool holds excellent advantages. However, ensure that images you optimized to improve SEO and speed.

Why is 3D Design a Perfect Option When it Comes to Conversion Rate?

Photorealistic content and interactive 3D apps address the issues of tangibility. Instead of guessing how things will look in a specific environment or imagining how a piece of furniture will look in your living room, customers can easily stream high-fidelity models directly to their tablets, mobile devices, and laptops while conducting product research.

Intuitive Trust

A website that utilizes 3D images has the benefit of presenting users with something tangible and real-looking. It is an illusion, but the human visual system “considers” the object as 3 dimensional, and the brain is misled into perceiving it as something that exists in the world.

All this takes place within a fraction of a second, and it’s in this precious split second that users form an impression of whether the website is favorable or not. Virtual 3D objects have volume, shading, and depth as they obey the laws of physics. For the brain, it is accurate which makes them worthy of attention.

360º View in 3D

Having a 360º view of the object is getting popular nowadays; users enjoy zooming in and rotating the object; this enables them to examine it in a better manner. This means developing a 3D model of an object, setting the scene, and designating materials and textures.

The object is then rotated to the desired degree and is rendered. Now you have frames for website animation, which are then stitched together in JS to build a rotatable and viewable object. It is not possible or viable to have a 3D revolution of the website every time. Hence, an online store can choose to create simple rotating gif animations for the product using advanced software.

Project Presentation

The highest conversion rates on websites are those where customers can view the product they would love in real life. In simple words, check it from all sides to know the details, zoom in and out the same. 3D visualization allows you to create naturalistic objects, examine them, and rotate them to view them from every angle.

3D designing makes it easier for you to showcase the product in the best possible manner. It helps improve the visual product presentation online and shows some features that aren’t evident, like assembly, inner workings, and more.

Trinity Animation Project | 3D Triathlon Bike Commercial – High Tech Animated Marketing Video

Sometimes it becomes crucial for you to show the product before it has even been manufactured. This is where 3D designing and visualization get the spotlight. It makes it easier for you to examine an unbuilt house or have a virtual tour of tourist attractions. Improved ability to do the same has a huge effect on the user’s decision to perform necessary action.

Great Video Of Small Apartment 3D Walkthrough Ever

Inside View of Object

Some processes and things can’t be photographed. 3D animation and graphics can show the internal organs of the human body, the inner workings of machinery, internal bacteria, cells, atoms, molecules, and more. The object size and speed of process do not matter; they can be comprehensively and easily visualized in 3D, no matter if it’s the structure of DNA or the movement of galaxies.

Virtually technological construction and production employ 3D modeling. 3D visualization in the medical field is indispensable in treatment procedures, materials, and surgeries.

Encourage Community Building and Engagement

Product configurations provide an admiringly interactive way for marketers to use interactive 3D streaming technology. For high-value purchases, such as expensive running shoes, cars, and other products, consumers have the option to build and share with family, friends, or members of that specific brand community.

Brands that want to empower consumers to personalize their products can introduce gamification to their brand marketing. By integrating gaming features like badges, rewards, ratings, and leaderboards to improve engagement, companies can build customer loyalty and encourage healthy competition.

Make their needs a persuasive reason to participate in the gamified experience, to begin with. For example, an athletic attire brand trying to build a community of users on its platform can attract a higher number of participants by enabling a 3D configurator that recreates more like a game and permits shoe fanatics to create and order a custom shoe.

Ending Note

Customers spend a greater time in the thinking and decision stage before switching to paying customers. They prefer to visit more websites before making a purchase decision. Instead of diving deeper into product offerings, an absence of a “sticky” experience encourages them to end their buying journey with you.

However, you can improve the average length of user sessions through interactive 3D experiences with ultra-realistic products and environments. The number goes up as features are added to the 3D app.

However, conversion rates are higher when customers have access to 3D product configurations. Brands utilizing 3D design and modeling can experience a higher jump in the conversion rate than traditional online methods.

Image source: Freepik Premium

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