Perfect Ideas Of Learning Games to Educate and Entertain Your Kids At Home

Best educational apps for kids

Learning is a crucial phase of life. It is also considered a primary step towards further growth. However, the process of making your kids learn can be very complicated and challenging and sometimes boring as well.

But what if I tell you there is an easy and fun way to make your children learn even faster without putting in much effort? Sounds interesting?

Well, there are many amazing apps that are both entertaining and aid in natural learning. Moreover, these apps are available for free! That’s what you call the perfect icing on the cake. So, stay tuned and find more about what are these learning games for kids, their benefits, etc.

The Concept of Educational Apps

Before getting to the names, it is necessary to deal with the concept of these kids’ education apps. These apps are the most convenient way to make your kids learn at home.

They are equipped with a plethora of exciting games that include mathematical calculations, interesting science quiz interactions, language puzzles and many more.

Furthermore, these apps can be downloaded easily for free from Google Play Store or Apple Store on your mobile, tablet or computer devices.

Fun-Fact: Since the year 2012, Google informed there were more than 20 million users of educational apps. Keeping the growth and users of electronic devices, it is safe to assume that by now, the number of users for learning apps must have surpassed at least 150 million users.

Byju’s for kids

It is an all-rounder app covering all the crucial details of educational concepts for children. This app is very colourful with interactive videos that can increase the engagement level and make the experience fun. 


  • Everything is available from grammar to maths, fractions, shapes, and so on. 
  • Interactive games, including Disney characters’ involvement, are present on the app to make the learning experience more fun. 
  • This app has a rating of 4.6 stars and is downloaded by more than 1 million people.


  • It has a vast number of advertisements showing up from time to time that can sometimes be a little annoying.

LingoKids – The play learning app in English

Lingokids is a fun and easy-to-use app with lots of interesting learning games for kids. This app focuses on the English language and helps children learn letters and new words, alongside grammar.


  • This app is a great way to enrich your child’s English vocabulary with fun games. 
  • Moreover, it also keeps a record of how much the child has learned
  • there are two separate modes, “kids mode” and “parent’s mode” to use the app. 
  • More than 10 million people have downloaded this app, and the rating is 4.6 stars. 


  • It limits the activities a child can perform
  • In order to have unlimited access; you will have to keep playing. 
  • Moreover, this app is only for English learning and doesn’t deal with other subjects.

Educational Games for kids

This app is another amazing app for making the learning of kids fun. It is perfect for children below the age of 5 as it focuses on enhancing their learning ability using images.


  • This app has a rating of 4.4 stars and more than 5 million people have downloaded it. 
  • This app has numerous kids’ educational games that deal with letters, shapes, numbers, colours, months, animals and so on.
  • There are interactive images also available for the word being taught that make it easier for the child to memorize the concept.


  • It is only meant for toddlers and not for school going kids as it deals with the very basic concepts.

Quick Maths Exercise for Kids

This app is the ultimate way to increase the mathematics skills of children. It includes many exercises and tests of mathematics that increase the competition level in children. 


  • It is excellent for learning the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  • Multiplication tables are also available on this app.
  • This app has a rating of 4.1 stars and 10k plus downloads.


  • The time limit provided to solve the tests is sometimes not enough for children. 
  • Also, this app is only for children between the age of 6 to 12 years old.

Play and Learn Science

This app is perfect for children to ace the science subject. The app comes with a variety of learning games for kids that are both entertaining and informative. 


  • This app is available in English and Spanish as well.
  • Fun games like water games, ramp and roll, weather control, shadow play and many more are available on this app. 
  • More than 100k people have downloaded it, and the ratings are 4.1 stars.


  • This app is not for children above 6 or 7 years and deals with science only.

Flow Free

Flow free is a perfect educational app for kids that focuses on their reasoning and concentration level. This app does not target any subject in particular but helps in the overall increase of intelligence and sharpness of the mind of a child with the help of the fun, interactive and mind involving games it has.


  • This app has more than 100 million downloads and has a rating of 4.4 stars. 
  • Moreover, it comes with multiplayer functionality in it so you can play along with your child.
  • There are no age limits, and thus, adults can play it as well.


  • No particular subject is directly targeted in this app, but it deals with overall mind growth.

Trivia Questions and Answers – Quiz games – Quiz Land

This kids education app is excellent for increasing the knowledge of a child regarding anything that goes around the world. This app has interactive and engaging quiz games with the answers as well so that children can correct themselves quickly. 


  • This app has levels of difficulty that you can set on your own.
  • If children get their answers right, then as a reward, they wouldn’t have to see advertisements. 
  • This app has 4.8 stars and more than 10 million downloads.


No specific demerit


Chess is a fantastic game to develop the overall mind and brain skills of a child. This game can increase the thinking power and the reasoning level of a child and can also be helpful in the cognitive processes of the child. 


  • By playing chess games, a child opens up to a broader view of reasoning and concentration as well. 
  • The chess app has more than 10 million downloads and has a rating of 4.2 stars. 
  • This app is ideal for a child to develop his strategies and techniques and use his or her brain more.


  • The app doesn’t deal with any particular educational subject.


Duolingo is an educational app for learning languages. A considerable number of languages are available on this app, and the learning ways are also fun. There are tests based on how much learning has been completed. 


  • From basics to grammar, everything is available on Duolingo for almost every widely spoken and official language around the world. 
  • More than 100 million people have downloaded this app and have given it a rating of 4.7 stars. 
  • Moreover, this app sends notifications from time to time in case you miss anything or any lesson. 
  • Different themes are also available for learning, which makes the learning experience more fun, and exciting phrases are continuously used for better retention and recognition.


  • Some of the features cannot be availed without paying. 
  • Also, it is hard to trace the mistakes that have been made to tests, as Duolingo does not keep a separate record for errors made.

YouTube kids

YouTube Kids is an exclusive version of YouTube, which is only for children. The contents available on this app are beneficial in terms of educating children and making their learning experience fun. Children can watch various videos that are all family-friendly and the best part is that everything is free.


  • You can modify the video suggestions according to age. 
  • A screen timer can be added to limit the screen time.
  • All the videos are family-friendly and are just for kids. 
  • You can subscribe to certain channels you want and lock them in the settings so that only videos from those channels will be displayed.
  • Over 100 million downloads, with a rating of 4.3 stars


  • Notifications for new videos do not show up.
  • No screen lock while watching videos.

Spelling Game

Spelling Game, as the name suggests, is an app for improving spelling related learning in the English language for children with the help of fun and interactive kids educational games.


  • Suitable for all children between the age of 6-12.
  • Very colourful and engaging with images that help in better retention and recognition.
  • More than 1 million downloads with a rating of 4 stars.
  • The difficulty level can also be chosen for playing the games.
  • Easy to navigate and user friendly.


  • Bottom advertisements pop up from time to time.
  • Works slow, and glitches occur sometime.

Word Wizard

Word Wizard for kids is a reading and spelling learning app. This app has plenty of games that involve English terms and their spellings and how to pronounce them. From quizzes to jumble words, all sorts of English vocabulary activities to improve reading and spelling are available.


  • A considerable number of games and activities are available to make the learning process more engaging.
  • Very colourful, with incredible outlooks and graphics that catch and maintain the attention of children.
  • Children can keep records and create their lists of spellings.
  • More than 10 thousand downloads with a 4-star rating. 


  • Some activities/games need to be purchased

The authentic way of learning v/s educational apps

Both the authentic and educational methods of learning are great and have their pros and cons. The two methods opt for different techniques and, therefore, are useful in different ways.

The authentic way of learning focuses only on knowledge and is followed totally in a study environment. It can be beneficial, especially when the teaching is done between various students together, like in the cases of classrooms. Classroom education calls for the students to learn together and have the feeling of competition among themselves.

However, the demerit is that it is difficult for one teacher to focus on so many students at the same time. Moreover, children get distracted easily, and the formula of only learning can lead to boredom for them, causing them to lose interest.

On the other hand, educational apps that involve kids’ educational games always maintain the interest of children and keep them engaged because of the exciting games and other activities that also help the child to learn even more.

Moreover, there is no such problem with management as these games are usually played by one child on one device, and can also be switched to multiplayer on demand. The only demerit these apps can have is that too much engagement with electronic devices can be harmful to health, especially to the eyes.

Therefore, parents must keep a check on how long the child is using the electronic device. Other than that, everything about these education apps is great, and the games for kids involved in such apps are indeed useful and efficient for learning.

Final Note

So this was all about educational apps, their benefits, and shortcomings. It’s time to check these apps mentioned above that can be used for entertainment as well as learning for kids too.

Therefore, make sure to install these apps on your device for free and let your child enjoy and have a fun and entertaining experience of learning.

Top learning games for kids
Top online educational apps for the kids of today

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