Become a Math Wizard by Following These Simple Steps

Mathematics on board

Mathematics is a scary subject for many students and the fear becomes much greater during exams. But, maths isn’t that fearsome and there are ways you can make this gentle giant work for you.

Moreover, if you are wishing to pursue higher studies in science, you have to be good at this subject.

Maths plays a critical role in your day-to-day life. The steps you take to reach your office, the notes you give to the bus conductor, the number of chapattis you will take for your dinner are all based on numbers.

So, you can’t ignore this subject. The fear of maths has been instilled by the fear of scoring in the examination. Make maths to your friends and it will welcome you with open arms. 

In the next section, you will be looking at some simple to follow tricks that will make you a maths genius in no time. So, put your reading glasses on and through this list and be the talk of your class.

Try to Decipher the Logic

Most of us don’t try to understand the steps involved in a solution, but live in a fear psychosis about the steps that you have to crack. You can’t beat Maths by memorizing the formulas. You need to understand the sequence which is involved in every problem.

Once you have mastered the underlying theories of this subject, it will be a far easier road to travel. So, don’t just try to solve your problems, be inquisitive about the problem itself.

Don’t Look at Answers beforehand and pre-plan

Most students, in their readiness to finish off themselves, tend to look at the answers to the problems given at the end of each section of the book. This is a bad practice as you tend to draw up conclusions about the problems. 

Instead, practice your steps one by one and try to deduce the conclusion. It is better to be slow with this subject at the beginning that jumping to conclusions like you is driving on a supersonic jet.

Improve Your Weak Areas

Most students try to avoid their weak areas in maths and brush them up under the carpet. It is a wrong time because during exam time, your weaknesses magnify and hide your strengths. Once you master your weak links, it will be an easier road to building a healthy relationship with this subject.

Chalk out a plan to practice regularly on your weaknesses and this will help you to build your strength in mathematics. You will become a math wizard in no time if you follow this simple process.

Take Part in Mental Games

Mental games boost your memory and give you exemplary numeric powers. Numerous mental games are available online that help you to achieve outstanding mental discipline. You can also try scrabble and build your numbers game to get a better grip about mathematics.

A leading Ed-tech Vedantu ncert solutions for class 10 maths will help you with the examinations and in a few months, you might be the class topper. You can also practice the numerical ability and psychometric sections from competitive exam papers, which are also effective in building your core strength in the subject.

Always Stay Rooted with Your Basics

You might be appearing for your board exams, but the core of mathematics lies at the roots. So, it’s essential never to lose touch with your basics and keep them in memory.

Do you remember those multiplications that you enjoyed during your growing-up years? Can you still recollect those diagrams that helped you to remember the number from 0 to 9? 

Well, those were your foundation days that paved the way for higher mathematics. If you remember your foundations, then half of your work is done.

Practice and Practice More

This is a golden rule that nobody can replace. Practice your skills regularly and forget about bad days. Don’t be nervous and put extra pressure that you are doing badly. Remember to stay positive despite repeated failures. 

One day, you will build your castle and reinstate your pride. So, keep on revising from suggestions and practice regularly to become a true wizard of mathematics. 

The fear of mathematics is also a social psychosis that has been instilled upon us from early childhood. You need to get rid of your fears and come off as a winner. There are numerous websites that can help you to lace up the horse. So, follow these tips and become the envy of your class in double-quickTime.

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