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Entering the era of digitalization, it has been easier to share your skills and teach them to people. Online courses are one of the best ways to generate revenue. To ease your process, the market offers course automation software/ tools like Teachable to launch your educational content.

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Teachable – Create and sell online courses

Teachable helps to customize your courses, link your website to teachable and get leads on your website, integrate it with different tools, and do everything you require setting up eLearning courses.

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You only need to record the videos and create your content.

Further, the launching, tracking, payments, and all the other aspects are looked after by these tools.

Let’s go through some of the best Teachable courses launched, to know more about the tool:

1. Hand lettering by Lauren Hom – Free and Paid online courses

Art of lettering online course
The Art of Lovely & Legible Lettering online course by Hom Sweet Hom.

Lauren Hom is a hand lettering artist who delivers hand-lettered cards, letters, notes, and much more to clients. She also offers online mentorship for her skills. So, if you wish to choose hand lettering as your freelancing niche or a hobby, you can go through her courses.

Her “Mural painting course” especially for the designers is absolutely free. However, the other courses range from $97 to $397 based on the complexity. All of these courses are self-paced with lifetime access to the content to the customers. 

When you jump to the enrollment page, you will find that she has beautifully described her courses with a small guide on what you can expect and who is eligible for the course. All of her courses viz. “Passion to Paid,” “The Art of Lovely and Legible lettering,” “The Creative workshop launch kit,” and “The Mural painting for designers” cover everything right from the fundamentals to practical skills related to hand lettering, creatives, and illustrations.

You can also build a course for online mentorship of your arts using various features offered by Teachable. It also enables you to customize your courses based on your requirement. Further, you can also set up assignments for your students as the basis for their certification.

2. Got to Grow-virtual summit 2021 – Free live summit/ webinar on diet and Canadian agriculture

This was 2.5 hours of the live summit where experts from Canada gathered to discuss the relationship between diet and Canadian agriculture on March 23rd, 2021. It had 5 experienced speakers and all the attendees were awarded a free certificate for continuing education.

The summit highlighted some of the trending issues related to food choices like non-GMO, organic, zero pesticides, etc. It focused on sustainable farming. The replay or recorded version of this valuable discussion is also available on Teachable for free. Anyone can complete listening to the same and gain the certificate.

Thus, you can also use the live streaming feature by Teachable to provide live courses/summit to your viewers. It is possible to integrate your Teachable account or tool with Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, or any online meeting platform for live streaming of your content.

Can you conduct a live session on Teachable for free? There are no free plans offered by the tool. However, the basic plan starts from as low as $29 per month. You can avail of it and cancel it whenever you wish to.

3. Strategies for nutritional counseling – Online course for professionals

Strategies for nutrition counselling - Nutrition Academy
Strategies for nutrition counselling – Nutrition Academy

Susan Watson, an RD, and intuitive eating counsellor are providing this course for nutrition professionals. The course covers the fundamentals of nutritional counselling and is specially curated for the experts as a part of their continuing education.

The course consists of pre-recorded videos as well as webinars. All the webinars are recorded and available to the student for reference. Students can play the webinars at their convenience. Being a self-paced course, there are no restrictions on the completion. Every student receives a certificate of training at the end of the course. 

This course costs $67 with unlimited access to the content. Is it possible for the user to share their courses with their colleagues? All the courses created by teachable have single-user access. None of them allows sharing the course with fellow learners. 

Using teachable, you can easily record your live events and webinars and convert them into such courses. This opens the doors of learning and you can also monetize your content simultaneously!

4. 60-minute Physics: Self-paced online course with 60 Physics lessons

This course by Henry Reich is a bunch of 60 lessons distributed among seven categories. It also offers a free preview of 2-3 lessons. You can watch them before getting the entire course. All the videos for this course are pre-recorded. 

If you find the preview lessons interesting, you can unlock the 60 lessons by paying the fees whenever the course is open for enrollment. The structure of this course is excellent over anything. Every lesson is short, crisp, and informative at the same time.

You can also add some preview chapters to your course using Teachable features for locking and unlocking the content. This will help your audience judge your course better and drive more audiences to purchase the same. 

How are such courses beneficial over YouTube videos? The structure of such courses is highly organized which saves your time to gather scattered content. Further, you can also track your progress and get to know about the pending as well as completed tasks. They actually help you learn faster!

5. Shoemaking – Online coaching for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skills

I can make shoes - Shoemaking online course
I can make shoes – Shoemaking online course

Amanda Overs, the lady who dreamt of teaching the art of shoemaking has developed this umbrella of courses. She offers 5+ courses for shoemaking, boot making, shoe patterns, shoe brands, and much more. You can also get free downloads and handouts for the fundamentals of this skill.

Every course is self-paced with a variety of modules. Amanda also conducts live webinars along with some shoemaking experts for providing better directions. The recordings of these events are also available on the website in the form of certification courses. 

If you wish to develop multiple courses using teachable and put them up on your website, you can definitely do it using the tool. It provides you with customized themes, course trackers, safer payment gateway integration, and many such features to enhance the quality of your online course.

6. Language courses by Coffee break academy – Short, self-paced courses

The coffee break has come up with a unique concept where its mini-courses help people learn over 30 languages during their breaks. The length of content is so short that it fits in your break time making it more productive. These self-paced language courses are available on the Coffee Break website.

You can also find some recorded and live podcasts on languages on their websites. They charge subscription fees for giving access to this highly informative content. The languages range from English, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Sweden, and much more. Their introductory language sessions are worth trying!

Similarly, if you have an idea to launch such mini-courses and podcasts, Teachable offers all the features to meet your requirements. You can record your live podcasts and monetize them on your website. Tracking your progress is also a cakewalk with the tool as it provides automated analysis for the sales and response to your courses.

7. IO Music Academy – Livestreams, online courses, recorded course bundles

IO Music Academy - Livestream courses
IO Music Academy – Livestream courses

IO music academy offers a wide range of e-learning opportunities in the field of music. They have live streams regularly for music lovers and enthusiasts. You can also pay for their online courses and gain unlimited access to the content.

The Academy has prepared many bundles of courses with different modules and courses in each bundle. You can research them and choose the one that suits you the best. The Livestream courses are highly engaging with various tips and tricks for music shared by the experts.

Do you have such an idea where you wish to deliver courses and live streams through your websites? You can do it using the courses and coaching features of Teachable. It also helps you market your courses using Email and Social Media integrations.

They also provide an option for flexing your payments based on different currencies. Thus, your course can reach a global audience and help them avail the benefits of your content!

8. The awesome marketing vault by Edward Zia, E-mentorship course

Edward Zia is the mentor/ coach for this course on marketing. It has several modules with live sessions for mentorships. The course is one of the best examples of membership courses that have been curated using Teachable in 2021.

The testimonials for this mentorship depict success stories of sales and marketing managers after taking up the course. It is a self-paced course with one-to-one mentorship offered by Edward Zia for a limited period of time. You can visit the website to get an idea about the course pricing.

The course has gained popularity due to its success stories, modules, and mentor guidance. Designing and organizing such a course is quite complex. However, various features by Teachable automate the tasks for better management. The tool allows to create success stories out of the testimonials and present them in an engaging manner.

Can you design a membership course that is compatible with mobile, PC, and laptop devices? Of course! Teachable enables you to design courses for all the devices for the ease of your students/ learners.

9. Photoshop training by Dave Cross – Self-paced online mentorship

Photoshop training - Learn photoshop by Dave Cross
Photoshop training – Learn photoshop by Dave Cross

This online training is an excellent gift of Dave Cross, and his team developed using Teachable. They offer free courses and paid subscriptions. The paid subscriptions offer values like in-depth videos, weekly live streaming, weekly content delivery, doubt solving sessions, etc.

The students can easily track their progress during the courses using the in-built tracking system. There are features for submitting and grading the assignments in the course. Dave Cross and his team bring in Photoshop experts around the world to teach the students.

The subscription for this mentorship starts from $15.75 per month (if billed yearly) to $19 per month (when billed monthly).

Thus, the tracking feature of Teachable enables you to manage the course subscriptions and students’ records for course completion.

10. Digital Marketing by getting Response – Online Certification Course

Get a response is a company that offers a self-paced digital marketing online certification course for sales, and marketing experts. They sell this course to a global audience making enough revenue for the company while imparting knowledge.

They offer 6 different certification courses. Among them, the marketing automation certificate course is absolutely free. However, courses like email marketing, content marketing, etc. are paid online training offered by the company.

The networking and marketing features of Teachable are strong enough to generate leads from the global audience. You can use them for any course that you create on Teachable.

11. Looking for Career or Trade Certifications Instead?

While the above examples are great for learning all kinds of interesting things, if you’re looking for certification training for a particular career in healthcare or IT, then you may want to look at some different platforms.

For example, many healthcare careers like an EKG technician or Clinical Nurse Assistant pay very well according to the BLS and only need a certification to enter the field.  For these types of careers, you’ll need to go through a university or college program that provides the appropriate training program and then take your certification exam.  Just try to find courses that are online, self-paced, and through an accredited institution.

You can also explore online education platforms catering to IT careers for targeted training. Webflow stands out, offering extensive resources for aspiring web developers and designers. This platform serves as a valuable tool to master website creation. You can learn to blog on Webflow, create landing pages, and even e-commerce websites.


Thus, Teachable has been used to create online self-paced, pre-recorded, as well as live stream/ webinar courses in 2021. All the courses have multiple success stories attached to them.

The features like customization, automated tracking, network, marketing, etc. by Teachable have saved the time and efforts of course providers in this digital era. So, don’t you wish to launch your course now and monetize your skills? Visit Teachable to get started!

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