How To Use Technology To Help Your Kid Study

Modern technology kids study

With the advent of technology, things that were once considered tedious have now become fun. The scenario is similar when it comes to learning; it makes the process more exciting for kids.

Incorporating technological methods into your child’s study sessions will pique their interest and make them technologically aware.

Armed with all the modern facilities and your support, your kid will gain more confidence in their academic ventures. Here’s how you can help them:

Help in accessing online research material

Apart from textbooks and workbooks, there is a plethora of other materials that your kid can choose to study from. Most schools and colleges give out a reading list. It is not feasible for a person to buy all the books or notes. Studying online comes to the rescue here.

You can download pdf of books, sign up at educational websites for notes, read essays online, et cetera. All of this can be done for free. Furthermore, if you can look deep enough, you will also find more obscure writings. This will help your kid’s answers stand out from the crowd, helping them score more marks.

Let kids grow at their own rate

One of the major advantages of studying online is the fact that you can pace yourself. It is different from a classroom atmosphere that forces you to assimilate the lecture along with everyone else. Every child is unique; they all learn at different rates. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that we should not rush a child’s progress.

Online studying helps with that. The learning experience is very personal and not subject to external pressure from peers, teachers, tutors, etc. Your kid can figure out their studying pattern and time themself accordingly.

Help them connect with other children with similar interests

The internet is a scary place at times, but it can also be entertaining and informative if you use it correctly. Children are endlessly curious; there can be no two ways about it. As a parent, you can feed into and grow their curiosity by helping them connect with other children with similar interests.

That will boost their social skills through interaction with people from different countries and cultures. They will also gain more confidence in real-life interactions. If your child is introverted by nature and dislikes going out or meeting new people, they will really appreciate their online pals.

They will also learn things from another child’s perspective as opposed to an adult’s point of view, which might be boring for them. Children are also more likely to open up emotionally to other children and make friends with them.

Help them in joining different forums and groups

There are myriads of online forums on the internet for every kind of hobby or interest. Help your kids access them by signing them up for a group of their choice. Apps like Quora and Reddit are great if they want to ask any relevant online community questions. The fast and interactive nature of these platforms is sure to keep them interested.

Other apps like Pinterest and Tumblr will let them make mood boards, save quotations and pictures, give them 10 book report ideas, explore poetry and art, et cetera. Basically, they have everything under the earth that a kid could be fascinated by.

However, some of these apps can only be used by adults. In that case, you can open accounts for yourself and show them to your kid if you encounter relevant information.

Regulate their online activity

Technology can be fun as long as it is used safely and judiciously. No matter how secure you think the app or site is, no one can guarantee a hundred percent safety. Your kid’s online activities, like interacting with strangers or uploading their personal information, can be disastrous and unsafe if not supervised properly.

There is also a large portion of internet data that cannot be accessed without special tools called the dark web. It is a very dangerous place where illegal and heinous activities take place. It is your duty as a parent to make your children stay away from that as it can potentially endanger their life.

Allow learning through playing​​

If your kid is fairly young, they might not be able to follow classes or understand written information clearly. Even if they do, their memorizing power is pretty low. That is why you can find out games, puzzles, or other activities that will allow them to enjoy studying.

It is scientifically proven that children learn more and retain it better when they learn through videos or interactive activities. Maybe consider making videos of their lessons or downloading audiobooks that interest them.

This will also help you engage with them better and, in turn, make them open up to you more. If kids see that their parents are taking an active interest in their education, they are more likely to do well.

Help them make online calendars and checklists

One of the boons of technology is that you do not need to do tedious and complex work manually. That saves time and energy, but it is also more accurate than anything you are likely to do by hand. If your kid is old enough to own personal gadgets, consider buying them a smartwatch. All their information will be stored in a handy place without you having to fret about lost documents.

Help them in getting their voice heard

Whatever interest your child may have, they can showcase it on the internet. You can find platforms for publishing literary works, posting dance or music videos, online elocution or debating competitions, and many other things. You can even find cooking and baking classes.

If your child suffers from stage fright or anxiety disorders, it will be easier for them to perform online rather than in a room full of people.

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