5 Colleges That Are Veteran Friendly

Best colleges for veterans

Although many veterans return home after service with all their ducks in a row, others struggle to get back on their feet. They may have physical or mental injuries that make it difficult for them to get a job or return to college.

In many cases, disabled veterans will be eligible for filing a lawsuit with a reputable attorney in order to help them gain the disability compensation they need to survive.

Whether or not a veteran files a disability claim, they’re likely looking to better themselves and develop a self-reliant lifestyle in which they can care for themselves and/or their family. Going back to school online is a great way to start out on the right foot.

As a veteran, you’re eligible for a variety of benefits, including great college programs. Oftentimes, these programs are online so that you can enjoy school despite a disability or other challenges.

“A military-friendly college is one that says veterans are welcome here, that they can thrive here, be supported here, and that we’re aware of the issues and concerns they face in navigating higher education,” Ray Plaza, director of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion at Santa Clara University in California told U.S. News.

You should also consider the financial support options, health and wellness resources, a sense of belonging on campus, resources to help you succeed academically, and other institutional support that will help you graduate.

As you look around for the right school, consider these veteran-friendly colleges.

Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU is an up and coming online college that’s recently gained nationwide attention for offering top-notch college classes at an affordable price. The degree programs are highly flexible, and they offer more than 200 online programs for their students.

SNHU also has great VA benefits, including up to 30 percent off tuition for both veterans and their spouses. They also accept Tuition Assistance, VA education benefits, and military scholarships.

The University of Florida

This four-year institution based in Gainesville, FL has long been a leader in the military-friendly realm of colleges both online and on-campus. The cost is low compared to other Florida colleges, and it boasts a graduation rate of around 85 percent, 25 percent above the national average.

There are three full departments dedicated to helping veterans succeed, including the Collegiate Veterans Success Center, the Office of Student Veteran Services, and the Collegiate Veterans Society. They also waive out-of-state tuition fees and offer up to 100 percent federal tuition assistance with the right to grant applications.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University offers online and campus-based classes, perfect for returning service members. This college not only features top-ranked education but also a huge network of more than 3,000 employers worldwide who love to hire from the pool of Northeastern graduates.

This Boston-based private school has been working to help veterans succeed in getting a college education since World War I. A few years ago, they opened the Advancement of Veterans and Servicemembers that help veterans find employment after college.

Thanks to the assistance of these programs, the institution boasts a 90 percent employment or graduate school admission rate for those with a military background. It’s not a cheap educational institution, but they accept Tuition Assistance and federal grants for military personnel.

Santa Clara University

Santa Clara University in California is one of the top regional colleges in the state. They offer great programs both online and on-campus for both traditional and non-traditional students at an affordable price relative to other colleges in the state.

The university has been helping military service men and women since 1856 with their Military Science program, Veterans Support Coordination team, and Yellow Ribbon programs. They offer education and counseling, as well as tuition reduction benefits for veterans.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M has been supporting veterans since 1919, and now they offer a variety of well-regarded online courses for military personnel. They have two dedicated departments for helping veterans, including the Veteran Resource & Support Center and the Military Admissions Office. These departments help veterans create competitive applications and transition into the A&M community.

There are also a variety of tuition and financial aid benefits targeted for veterans. They specifically offer the Hazelwood Exemption, which means that any out-of-state veteran can access in-state tuition rates and 150 credit hours of tuition exemptions.

As a veteran, you have options for bettering your circumstances. Inquire at any of these colleges to learn about your opportunities for a better career in the future.

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